***** Kenny Vance & The Planotones *****

Posted on August 22nd, 2011 · Music/Events/Other Sunrise


***** Kenny Vance & The Planotones *****

If you are a fan of 1950’s-1960’s doo wop/rock n’ roll music…there is a concert scheduled for Saturday Night, August 27, 2011 at the Parker Playhouse in Sunrise that you do not and should not miss…Kenny Vance & The Planotones.

Suffice it to say, that Kenny Vance in a former-lifetime was an original memember of Jay & The Americans, television’s “Saturday Night Live” and films- American Hot Wax, Eddie & The Cruisers and Hairspray musical director.

Over the years, I have seen Kenny Vance & The Planotones in action something like 5-times. Each time, I was amazed at Vance’s vocal range. As many of you may know, Jay Black was the “voice” associated with Jay & The Americans. I am telling you, Kenny Vance’s voice is as good if not better than Mr. Black’s. For you guys who do get to this show, Vance’s songlist often includes Jay & The Americans hits like ‘Cara Mia’ and ‘Only In America’…the show highlights the group’s ‘Looking For An Echo’ from the American Hot Wax film.

Like I said before, if 1950’s-1960’s doo wop/rock n’ roll music is your game…you will really enjoy this Act.

I just checked the Parker Playhouse site and there are some real good seats still available. They range in price from $30.50-$50.50 and every seat is just-fine in that this is a small 1,100 seat venue. Just so you know, at the Parker Playhouse site, there is a video of Kenny Vance & The Planotones–if you want to check this group out before buying tickets.

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  1. Aaron Stevenson says...


    I have seen the Planotones twice. They are a great and put on a tremendous show.

  2. HerbK says...

    Kenny is great and has been around for almost 50 years. I remember seeing Jay and the Americans singing “She Cried” at a Murry the K show in the Brooklyn Fox in the early 60’s, with the original Jay, Jay Traynor, singing lead. Jay Black had to agree to change his name from David Black to Jay Black when he took over for Traynor. I guess that was easy for him because he had already changed his last name from Blatt to Black. Vance’s real last name is Rosenberg.

  3. ggold says...

    I love your site, and my wife and I look forward to reading it everyday, or whenever you have a new or updated restaurant to review.
    On several occasions I have noticed a heads up from you about a concert or a musical group that you believe your readers will enjoy. I think it’s great that you share this info with your readers. However, being that this is Jeff eats and the basis of your site is food review, I think it would be appreciated for you to include the name and review of a restaurant or several in the vacinity of the show you are mentioning. Just my 2 cents.
    Keep up the good work.

    B.T.W. going to Philippe Chows in Boca tonight for the pre Grand opening.
    Official opening is Wed. the 24th.
    They claim their prices will be about 25% less than their other locations.

  4. Harry Klein says...

    Bought 2 tkts online last night.
    The Planotones are right up there with the best “oldie” acts around and I know that they really aren’t an oldies act but are more like Sha Na Na who covered the great hits of the past.

  5. Alan Resnick says...

    jeff, never heard of this group before your story. checked them out and loved their video.
    just bought on line so we’ll see how they do in person.

  6. bonnie says...

    caught the show saturday night.
    kenny vance and his entire group have terrific voices and put on great show.
    if doo wop music is your taste catch them the next time they are in florida.

  7. ELBER says...

    jeff, i was at thi show.
    vance and company can really sing.
    only problem i had was song choice.
    too much slow tunes for my taste.
    in addition, a number of songs werent huge hits in their days and didnt really catch the audience’s fancy from what i could tell.
    vance and his group seem to be playing more for themselves than the audience.

  8. joe says...

    i find them boring.

  9. mr. kramer says...

    i also found them boring.

  10. Ed Leiberman says...

    Saw them at Parker.
    They were okay but not as good as I expected.

  11. billyc says...

    boring show.
    kenny is full of himself

  12. cheryl c. says...

    i heard that all of their recent upcoming shows were cancelled. heard kenny is very sick. jeff you know anything about this?

    • Andrea says...

      I feel so embrassed as I was inquiring to Lar when next concert would be in Long Island. Their response “he is getting better”. I was out of the country and then to Georgia for a funeral – had no idea. We love them and sincerely hope he will recuperate and be back doing his thing. His voice is remarkable and irreplaceable.

  13. joe konsevitch says...

    get well soon enjoyed music you guys do keep sliding along for many years to come.seen you in hauppague h.s. a few yrs.ago you had your son fill in for a song does he ever give thought to a doo-wop life style? get well waiting to groupperform again/

  14. Gordon Chesney says...

    My wife and I have seen Kenny perform many time in Pittsburgh and I will agree with some earlier comments concerning his unbelievable voice. WE Have enjoyed his appearances in the Pittsburgh and hope that one day he will return. After the last concert that we saw him in Pittsburgh I approached Kenny at a nearby hotel and asked him if he would allow me take a picture of him with my wife. He was very cordial to me and allowed me to take his picture with my wife. It surely ended the concert with a great thrill for both my wife and myself. Hoping for a return visit to Pittsburgh so I can approach him with the picture and get his autograph for my wife. Without a doubt, Kenny is the King Of Doowop now and always will be in our eyes.

    Thank you Kenny for wonderful memories.

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