Nicks Pizzeria & Bar (Boca Raton)

Posted on August 4th, 2011 · Boca Raton Italian Pizza


***** Nicks Pizzeria & Bar, 2240 Northwest 19th Street, Boca Raton, Florida 33431, (561) 368-2900.

As I’ve done numerous times in the past…let me tell you about a terrific joint that “basically” nobody else in South Florida knows about. Say hello to Nicks Pizzeria & Bar, which opened 2-days ago in Boca Raton. This restaurant is soooo-new, that a few days ago, its owners were still tinkering with its name…finally deciding on Nicks Pizzeria & Bar instead of the “original” handle—Nick’s New Haven-Style Pizzeria & Bar.

Here’s the story…Last night I had dinner at this “coal fired” pizza joint–and I gotta tell you, it absolutely blew me away. First of all, for a joint opened only 2- days, the service was right on. The decor is dynamite, with a dark wood 1940s-1950s theme. There are inside booths/tables–outdoor tables. The joint has a full bar area/handful of flat screen tvs and a completly open kitchen. The piped in music, features doo wop, 1950’s-1960’s oldies…though I did hear a couple of Green Eyed Peas’ numbers in the mix.


Let’s talk food…all kinds of- appetizers, salads, wraps, subs (they call them grinders), pizza flats, pastas, desserts. You can do a GOOGLE on what “New Haven Style” pizza is all about…basically, crust-tomato sauce-romano cheese-oregano. NOTICE! there is no mozzarella cheese in the mix. Just so you know, in addition to “this” New Haven stuff, Nicks has “regular” coal oven pizzas, so you (us) New Yooorkers and other purists can get pizza that doesn’t “confuse.”

Last night I had dinner at Nicks. I “sampled” pan-fried mozzarella, steak & cheese grinder, New Haven Style plain pizza, margarita pizza (let’s call this one- New York Style), white clam-bacon-garlic pizza, parmesean fries, rigatoni bolognese…everything and I do mean everything was delicious. For dessert, I “tried” 4 of the 8 gelatos on the menu (I know- someone’s gotta do it!) milk chocolate, pistachio, lemon and coconut—this stuff alone, was worth the price of admission.

Another beautiful thing about Nicks is that it is located right next door– and I do mean right next door to a Weight Watcher Center. Just thought you point-counters would like that info.

Let me wrap this one up by simple saying…I loved Nicks. By the way, you can check menu/prices at

Nicks is open 7 days a week 11am-to late.

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  1. Jason says...

    Was not impressed at all. There are better pizza joints a stones throw away. For the life of me, I don’t get how you invest the money you do and come with sub-par service and just average pizza.

  2. Linda Beltron says...

    Pizza is good.
    Subs are very good.
    Salads are fair.
    They need to add chicken wings.
    The menu is not big enough and a lot of people can’t find what to eat on it.

  3. Chuck says...

    Pizza isnt sweet enough. The sauce is very bland.
    Tried that chicken parm sub and it was delicious.
    I agree with others here that they need more choices on the menu.

  4. Theo says...

    Clam pizza delicious.

  5. mr. kramer says...

    pizza is good. fun place. need bigger menu/

  6. CB says...

    I Loved the pizza my wife thought pizza and salad were just fair.

  7. TYRONE says...

    Great clam chowder.

  8. stayman says...

    pizza is very good.
    you guys need a bigger menu.
    add wings!!!!!

  9. EK (Boca Raton) says...

    Ate there last night.
    The whole family, wife and two kids enjoyed the pizza and salads. The chicken parm hoagie was delicious.
    Will definitely be back.

  10. DK1212 says...

    By far and away one of the best pizza places.
    Great looking restaurant and busy bar.

  11. billyc says...

    not exactly new haven’s peppy’s but a good copy,

  12. Lolly says...

    Ate there this evening. Pizza was good but burnt too much. Tucci’s in boca makes better pizza. Also had chicken scarpariello. Good but for 18 a bit too expensive for what you get. No bread or side comes with it. Nick’s is a fun restaurant but food and pricing need a bit more tweaking.

  13. KSR says...

    I have eaten at Nicks 3 timesThe pizza is just fair because every time it is burned. I like the subs and other food and the bar scene. But the pizza needs work.

  14. Rhoda K says...

    Ate there last night. Pizza was delicious and the burnt bottom and crust added to the delicious flavor. Nice hip place with a young crowd.

  15. RAST says...

    Nick’s is a lively vibrant restaurant. On a good Saturday night it’s very loud and some may find it not all that enjoyable.
    The pizza is ok but not great. The 3x times I was there the sauce wasn’t sweet enough and the pizza was too burnt. The last time I was there I had the chicken scarp. It was good but not great and for $18 it should have come with a pasta side and some garlic bread. At $18 it comes with nothing so it’s not a cheap dish. The service is good and the crowd is fun but the food needs some serious work. My friends enjoy the bar so I join the group but Nick’s wouldn’t be my first choice for food alone.

  16. Sara Ritzler says...

    From: Sara Ritzler
    Subject: Nick”s New Haven-Style Pizzeria’s Sunday Special

    Message Body:
    Hi Jeff,

    I’m writing to you from Nick’s New Haven-Style Pizzeria & Bar. We recently introduced a new item to our menu on Sunday’s only. For years Nick has been making a Coal Fired Breakfast pizza for friends and family. The pizza features eggs, cheeses, garlic andd your choice of bacon or sausage. We decided that now was the time to share this special treat with our loyal customers. On Sundays the Specialty Breakfast Pizza is available between noon and 4pm. In addition, we’re serving up $4 House Bloody Marys. We hope you’ll consider joining us one Sunday to try the latest and greatest from Nick’s.


    Nick’s New Haven

  17. ellers says...

    jeff, great looking place. problem is pizza isnt great and menu is very narrow. they should have chicken wings and othe items. menu is too limited.

  18. YouLikeMe says...

    Ate there tonight. Good pizza but a drop too burnt.
    I love the look and vibe. A really happening place. Nick!!! Stop burning the pizza.

  19. LCPM says...

    This is definitely my favorite pizza place in Boca.
    Delicious pizza and great looking place.
    Bar is always jumping.

  20. Gregg L. Friedman MD says...

    Nick’s has the best Pizza in Boca Raton. It is always a real treat to eat there. By Gregg L. Friedman MD, Psychiatrist, Hallandale Beach, FL

  21. Happy The Dog says...

    Pizza was terrific. Great looking pizza place.

  22. RRA says...

    Jeff, tookout a large plain pizza. It was fair, nothing great.

  23. PapaJohn says...

    Pizza is nothing special.

  24. Tom Stetson says...

    Pizza is tasteless. Thin but no taste whatsoever.

  25. Glenn says...

    4 of us went there last nite for dinner. the check was for over $100, and we didn’t have any hard drinks, just soft drinks. the all white specialty pizza only came with mozzeralla (mootz). if you wanted a second white cheese, it was $3.50 extra. any other place that you go to, you get either 3 or 4 white cheeses on a white pizza, not one. menu was limited. when we ordered, we were told that it would take over 30 minutes for our pizza’s, and we should order some appitizers. that is a good ploy for them to make extra money on overpriced appitizers and soups.

  26. lou goldman says...

    i love their pizzas.
    also love their chicken parm sub.

  27. RAZOR says...

    Pizza is just okay. There are better ones in the area.

    • Ralph43 says...

      I think that Nick’s pizza is amazing.

  28. johnnie c says...

    definitely one of the best pizzas in s fl.

  29. Sipper says...

    Love this pizza joint. Food, service and decor all top shelf.

  30. TW8756 says...

    What a great find.
    Pizza and house salad were delicious.
    The large moots pizza for 18 bucks could easily feed 4 people.

  31. Alan W says...

    Nick’s is a terrific restaurant. The pizza is amazing. I live in Coral Springs and get to Nick’s every month or so. I am excited that Nick’s is coming yo Coral Springs. That way I’ll be a more frequent customer.

  32. Randy K says...

    Great pizza. Love this joint.

  33. Klein says...

    Love the pizza there.
    Great decor and always a lively crowd.

  34. Big Fans says...

    I and my husband have been eating at Nick’s since it first opened and I have to tell you that it is one of our favorite Italian restaurants in a Florida. Personally I would match its pizza against all the players including Anthony’s.
    We love Nick’s salads, subs and entrees and its gelatos and desserts are excellent. The restaurant is hip and draws a crowd of all ages. Just sign us Big Fans

  35. BigGuy says...

    Disppointed with the pizza. Burned to a crisp and unintelligible. Ordered three pizzas – plain, veggie special, calamari with olives. They all looked line they used coal dust instead of flour. My veggies were tasteless. Calamari appetized was so small which is fortunate since it also was bland. Our two salads were ok – gorgonzola with apples, and calamari. Dark restaurant with burned food makes for an unappetizing dinner. Simply stated, I wont be back since South Florida has a great number of pizza restaurants to choose from.

  36. Aaron D says...

    I have lived in Boca Raton for over 50 years. I’m 79 and the other 29 years I lived in Queens.

    Over the past 79 years I’ve eaten a ton of pizza and Nicks is right up there with the worst pizzas I’ve eaten.

  37. Ron Bowman says...

    Mismanaged restaurant.

    Pizza stinks.

  38. Barbara Cohan says...

    If you like coal oven made pizza, Don’t and I repeat Don’t eat here. The pizza is disgusting.

  39. Nat W says...


    Lousy pizza.

    The worst coal oven pizza Ive ever eaten.

    I can’t begin to tell you how bad it was.

  40. Ira Itzler says...

    Use to live in Boca Raton and was a huge fan of Nicks.

    Hadn’t been to Nicks in 7 years. Ate there this evening and the pizza was bad news. I don’t even think that it was coal fired.

    As for service, the bartender was fooling around with a group of friends and they were screaming which made eating at a nearby table impossible.

    What a disaster.

  41. HGT says...

    Tried Nicks for the first time last night with my wife and our two adult children.

    Although we have lived in Boca Raton for nearly 8 years, we had never eaten at Nicks before.

    Right off the bat, let me tell you that the restaurant is poorly managed. People milling around the bar, not drinking, but laughing and playing around with each other. A waiter who delivered shared dishes without serving spoons/forks or ever checked on the table until he delivered a check.

    As for food, some of the worse coal fired pizza we have ever eaten. To be perfectly honest, if you didn’t tell us it was coal fired we would have bet our lives that the pizza had come directly out of a PapaJohn box. Mediocre salad, pasta dishes.

    This restaurant is an absolute disgrace.

  42. Ruth Ellis says...


  43. Jeff,

    This use to be my favorite coal oven pizza joint in South Florida.

    From the day it opened I rated its pizza right up there with the best in the area.

    What happened here?

    Hadn’t been at Nicks for something like 2 years. Covid etc.

    Last week, my wife and I and a couple of friends ordered 2 pizzas, 2 salads, wings and a pasta dish and the food really disappointed. The salads, wings and pasta were passable, but the pizza was so bad that it was basically inedible. I see where another reader mentioned Papa John’s and I have to agree, the pizzas didn’t look like or taste like coal oven pies.

  44. Carmen Giordano says...


  45. Lou Gravenites says...

    My wife and I lived in Boca Raton for 21 years.
    We moved to Sarasota a in 2013
    Nick’s opened in 2011 and until the very day we moved, we loved its food and service.

    Last week, we were in Boca Raton for a family reunion. We hadn’t been to Nick’s since our move and decided to hit Nick’s for some delicious coal fired pizza.

    Both my wife and I couldn’t believe how run down Nick’s interior had become and how amateurish the staff was. What shocked us altogether was that the pizza was lousy. I’m not talking lousy I’m talking LOUSY!

    Sorry to see a great pizza joint had turned into a dump.

  46. Jim C says...


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