Luca Bella (Aventura)

Posted on July 22nd, 2011 · Italian

Luca Bella, 19088 Northeast 29th Avenue, Aventura, Florida 33180.

Got a heads up for you guys…sometime in late August–early September, 2011 a new Southern Italian “family-style” joint is going to open in Aventura in the 4,000 sq.ft. which was the “home” of the famous Chef Allen’s.

Luca Bella is the “brain child” of Mickey Maltese–who in another life- owned Matteo’s Italian Restaurant in Hallandale…which by the way, was/is- one of my favorite Italian restaurants, of all time.

The bet here…if Mickey is involved, Luca Bella is a “home-run” in the making.

I’ll keep you updated on this one…

Here’s a copy of the “official” Luca Bella press release…

Concorde Plaza will soon be the new home of Luca Bella, a family-style Italian restaurant formerly occupied by Chef Allen. The new restaurant, situated just off of US 1 or Biscayne Boulevard, will feature primarily Southern Italian dishes, fresh seafood, Northern traditional dishes, as well as a full bar and extensive wine list.

Concorde Plaza, located on the north side of Loehmann’s Fashion Island, houses a number of family-oriented businesses and medical offices, including several retail stores. It is just the right place for new owner Mickey Maltese to call home.

“I am excited to open up a restaurant where my concept of family can truly be encompassed,” Maltese said. “The vitality and family nature of the plaza enables me to feel right at home, and I’m sure the clientele will agree.”

Maltese, previous owner of Matteo’s Italian Restaurant in Hallandale, has industry experience spanning over fifteen years. With family originally from Naples, Maltese was born in Brooklyn and raised in Cedarhurst, Long Island, New York. Living in South Florida for the past six years with his wife Gabriela and two children, Marcelo Luca and Isabella, he has established a great rapport with customers and looks forward to continually serving them and others in the area.

“My dedicated loyal staff and I like to create what we call Italian comfort food, family style portions of the more popular Italian-American and some traditional Southern Italian dishes as well,” Maltese said. “Some of my favorites will be the little neck baked clams or clams casino, pan fried veal chops layered with prosciutto and mozzarella and topped with a marsala mushroom sauce, prime New York strip steaks and double cut pork chops smothered with sautéed cherry peppers and onions cooked on our wood fired grill. We will also be serving a variety of fresh seafood, including whole lobsters, scallops, snapper, salmon, sea bass and mussels, as well as a variety of pasta dishes like gnocci, tortellini and ravioli.”

With the opening of Luca Bella, Maltese plans to showcase what he likes to call a “modern twist to an authentic, Italian eatery.”

“I’m excited to take on this new venture,” Maltese said. “I’ve always wanted to expand my horizons, yet still maintain a charming and relaxing family atmosphere.”

Luca Bella has begun transforming the space and is scheduled to open in September 2011. The 4,000 square foot facility will offer accommodations of up to 200 persons, boasts an outside patio for dining, a private party room, a 20 person bar and several large flat screen televisions. The average dish will run anywhere from $11.95-42.95.

Luca Bella, Aventura
David Mittler, 305-450 8655
Michael Maltese, 516-567-3904

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  1. ed richards says...

    jeff, like you i am a huge matteo’s fan. love both the hallandale and boca restaurants. they really know how to cook and serve people. never had a bad meal in over 10 years.
    not sure what the deal with mickey is all about, but that hallandale location was his baby. he really took care of people and made you feel right at home.
    i agree with you, his new venture is going to be a winner. he knows what to do and knows how to execute.
    will be looking to try luca bella.

  2. bobby b says...

    if julio could do it, mickey is a shoe in with this deal.

  3. chris says...

    From: chris
    Subject: best resturant you need to try

    Message Body:
    there is a family owned resturant in coral springs and it has really great food starting with breakfast the eggs benny is outstanding and for lunch you can try the worlds best gyro and i mean the best they say the sauce is home made and then if you go for dinner there is alot to choose but my faviorate is anyone of the greek dishes they have they also have this house dressing that is so good you could drink it i hope you get a chance to try it some day and tell all your friends

  4. JeffEats says...


    Just had a chance to read your post.

    What’s the name of the Coral Springs’ restaurant?

    Thanks for reading…

  5. sherryl silberman
    Subject: planning a rehearsal dinner

    Message Body:
    Hi Jeff. Do you have a suggestion for a reasonably priced restaurant with a private room or section, that could hold 60 guests, for a rehearsal dinner, in or near Boca Raton? Any suggestion would be welcome. I’m from out of town. The bride and groom live here, but they don’t have a clue!! Thanks.

    • JeffEats says...

      sherryl silberman:

      Just had a chance to read your post.

      Check with Matteo’s to see if they can handle the size crowd that you mentioned?

      I would also contact the Woodfield Country Club and Broken Sound Country Club, both in Boca Raton.

      Thanks for reading…

  6. The Chowfather says...

    I unfortunately suspect that this is going to be Italian food for the Five Towns crowd just like Matteo’s. Blech

    • fritz the cat says...

      not many five towners in orlando and you can’t get into matteo’s there. guess others also love the food.

      • thechowfather says...

        EXACTLY my point FRITZY BABY!!! Orlando is the mecca of chains and subpar food sans Ravenous Pig and Blue Zoo.

        • fritz the cat says...

          chow, matteo’s has great food and great service. i took a look at your site, and i get the feeling that you don’t know sheet about what food is all about. matteo’s serves hundreds of people in its boca and hallandale locations every weekend.
          i guess they are wrong and you are right.

    • chowster, i think you got it all wrong. matteo’s has great food. the italian restaurants you list are for people who think they know goodbut really dont. really quite that simple.
      by the way i’ve been to that valentino’s that you love. personally i thought it sucked. i’d take matteo’s over it any day of the week.

      Barry from long beach, LI

  7. LARRY says...

    I’ve been eating at the Hallandale Matteo’s for years. The food and service are always good.
    Mickey who ran the restaurant added a special touch to the service. Always greeting people at the front door he made you feel welcomed. He always visited our table and bought drinks or a dessert which is a great touch.
    He will be missed at the Hallandale restaurant.
    My wife and I are really looking forward to his new venture and will definitely give it a try as soon as the doors open.

  8. Big actually huge Matteo’s fan.
    Looking forward to see what Mickey cooks up in his new joint.
    Based on numerous Hallandale outings, my money say Mickey opens a huge winner. Similar to Matteo’s with a few new dishes and a great looking restaurant.

  9. HGHG says...

    My wife and I have eaten in the Hallanadle and Boca Matteo’s numerous times. Always good food and good service. I think that both are well run and I give kudos to both Mickey who ran Hallandale and Peter who runs Boca. Both guys definitely know how to keep a well oiled clock running.
    I see that Mickey has left Hallandale and is opening a new restaurant in Aventura. I suspect that it will be similar to his Matteo’s operation. I also suspect that his new restaurant will have good food, good service and that he will run it as competently as he did Matteo’s.
    My wife and I will try Mickey’s new venture after it opens.
    I would mention that a fellow named Julio who use to be with Matteo’s opened two restaurants named Aqualino. One in Weston and another in Aventura. They were good copies but not as good. I noticed the other day that they now changed their name to A One and was told Julio is no longer with them.
    On Mickey, I think he will successfully open and have a really popular restaurant. Hopefully unlike Julio he doesn’t try to make an almsot exact clone of Matteo’s because I find that originals always do better than the copies.

    Reply On August 3, 2011 at 9:08 am · # · (Edit)

  10. Norman & Lynne says...

    Hey Mickey when are you opening?

    Norman & Lynne

    • Mickey says...

      We are open!!
      Hey Norman and Lynn
      Jeff needs to take you guys to Luca Bella!!

      Luca Bella Family Style Italian
      19088 NE 29th ave
      Aventura, FL 33180
      Accepting reservations now!!!!

  11. VANDA says...

    Hearing that they are going to open a week or two after Labor Day.
    From what I could see from the window, Chef Allen’s is being gutted a semi upscale restaurant is being built.

  12. ll says...

    by Bill Citara
    Allen Susser’s eponymous Aventura eatery, once in the forefront of the South Florida culinary movement, is now going to become another. . . Italian restaurant.

    Former Matteo’s Italian Restaurant owner Mickey Maltese will take over the now-shuttered Chef Allen’s and in September turn it into Luca Bella, dishing up big portions of family-style “Italian comfort food.”

    What that means in your mouth are dishes like baked littleneck clams, pan-fried veal chop with prosciutto, mozzarella and marsala-mushroom sauce, grilled pork chops smothered with cherry peppers and onions, and a variety of different fish and shellfish.

    Some 200 diners will fit into the 4,000-square-foot space, which will include a private party room, 20-seat bar, outdoor patio and flat-screen TVs. No forefront of anything, though.

  13. Smith says...

    jeff, luca bella is having a family and friends tryout tomorrow.
    i guess the public opening will be right after that.
    big fan of matteo’s. looking forward to trying luca bella out.

  14. Tony G says...

    Aventura is in for something real special from what I was told. Had a friend there for friends and family and they said it was superb! Casual yet elegant. Great prices. Amazing menu choices. This place will be a huge success! Cant wait to go when it opens next week.

    • Mickey says...

      Thanks everybody!
      We wanted to get back to good food, good service and having fun!!!

      Our family is back together and loving it!
      And it shows……..

  15. Precious says...

    Food was excellent
    I’ll b back

  16. Mickey says...

    Open for biz a niz!
    Thanks precious!

  17. Ronnie C. says...

    did you get there yet?
    was there last saturday night and the food/menu is very similar to matteo’s.
    i think that they will do very well here.
    nice looking restaurant and the food was as good as matteo’s has.

  18. Yz says...

    Luca Bella is amazing!!!! Food is great and the service out of this world. It is a big family, it is like eating at home just with great food.
    Believe me you’ll always go back.

  19. smythe says...

    Ate there last Saturday night.
    Great looking place.
    I use to be a huge Matteo’s fan. I will tell you, that in recent months I found that the food at Mtteo’s changed. I think that it may have had something to with the change in ownership. I will tell tell you, that in my opinion the food at Matteo’s is not the same great quality that it use to be. From the salami to the veal I sense and tasted a huge difference.
    I always like Mickey who now owns Luca Bella, so I gave it a try.
    The menu is very similar to Matteo’s, but is at the high standard that Matteo’s use to have.
    So, Matteo’s has lost me and Luca Bella has me.
    Really just that simple.

  20. Mickey says...

    Thanks guys
    I appreciate all the kind words. We really love our customers and feel blessed to do what we love for people that love us!!

    See you soon!
    Jeff where u been?

  21. RAPP says...

    We ate there last Thursday night.
    The place is great looking.
    Similar menu to Matteo’s.
    Prices lower than Matteo’s.
    The service was very good.
    The food was excellent.
    Mickey should have a huge winner here.
    He did a great job with the Hallandale Matteo’s and he seems to have this new venture running great.
    Check it out it.

  22. joe says...

    good food and good service.
    calling it a draw with matteo’s.

  23. marc says...

    Jeff, as good as matteo’s. great looking joint.
    you have to give it a try!!

  24. Craig N. says...

    Going there this Sunday evening ffor a party of 30 people. Any ideas of what will be served. Is it buffet style or table portions put on table?

  25. jane kimmel says...

    food as good as matteo’s. a bit cramped. location not the greatest.

  26. ES says...

    loved the food and service.

  27. Joe C says...

    Luca is a terrific restaurant. Delicious baked clams, chopped salad , chicken cacciatore, penne ala vodka and shrimp scampi.
    I and my wife and another couple had plenty to eat and thought that the service was good and extremely helpful in recommending dishes.

  28. Ron G. says...

    this is one of my favorite Italian restaurants. the service is always good and the food can’t be beat.

  29. RFDER says...

    Ate there Saturday night, packed.
    The food and service were terrific.
    They make delicious baked clams, chopped salad, penne ala vodka and veal parmigiana.

  30. SHORTY2323 says...

    My two favorite Italian restaurants in Florida are Luca Bella and Matteo’s.
    Matteo’s in Hallandale is bit more casual.
    You can’t go wrong with either one of them.

  31. Gino G. says...

    love the food here.
    love the service.
    one of the best Italian restaurants in florida.

  32. NT406 says...

    Terrific restaurant.
    Really just that simple.

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