Zinger’s Delicatessen (Boca Raton)

Posted on July 6th, 2011 · American Boca Raton Delicatessen

Zinger’s Delicatessen, 7132 Beracasa Way, Boca Raton, Florida 33433.

Just a heads-up…Zinger’s Delicatessen–a NYC kosher style deli is set-to-open any day in Boca Raton. Zinger’s is owned by Gary Zinger. Gary is the former owner/operator of Pastrami Queen which was located in the same location a few years.

We’ll have to wait and see…if, Gary can “reproduce” the same sensational deli-food that Pastrami Queen served. If you check my “Pastrami Queen” 12-12-08 review, you’ll get a feel for what a terrific joint Gary had.

After Zinger’s opens, I’ll get over there and give you the skinny.

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  1. master mike says...

    I absolutely loved Pastrami Queen. Its food was outstanding. I understand that family problems lead to its closing. I also understand that the Gary’s wife opened and already closed her Pastrami Princess store in Coral Springs.
    Like you I hope that Gary gets Zinger’s really going strong. If he has the same food that he had before, he will have a huge winner. His pastrami, brisket, corned beef were the best going.

  2. JOHNNY says...

    PQ was great.
    Best pastrami sandwich I ever ate.
    Terrific fries.
    I couldn’t believe when they closed.
    If Gary is calling the shots, I have no doubt the food will be as amazing as ever.
    Can’t wait for the opening!!!!

  3. robert weisberg says...

    I have mixed feelings about Pastrami Queen/Boca redo. I had some good sandwiches and some that were not as good as others. The Pastrami Princess was trouble from the start. I went there twice and never again. Bad location also.
    I knew it would not be long. They had no product to sell. TERRIBLE management without a clue about business and I am sure very undercapitized. Toojays Coral Springs is MANAGED so much better. Not even close.

  4. A. Ruby says...

    The future opening of Zinger’s is terrific news.

    PQ was really good. I think I know deli and their pastrami, brisket, corned beef, turkey were excellent. I also enjoyed many of their dinner entrees.

    If you check around in the immediate area there really isn’t a good deli. There are a load of bagel stores but not real delis which is what PQ was.

    For those who think that Too Jay’s and the like are good, I guess there is no hope. Their food is absolute garbage which is shipped in daily. Nothing is made fresh in the store.

    In the area you have ben’s Kosher Deli. Totally a hit and miss proposition. The meats are good the rest of the food not so good.

    I and my wife eat in “delis” all over. For right now there are only two delis in the area that we would actually compare with the delis we grew up with in Queens. Ruven’s which is in Delray and Pomperdale which is in Fort Lauderdale.

    When you think of it, only TWO. With all of the native New Yorkers who now live here, there should be tons of delis that are really good. I think what happened is that the bagel-delis are more a play on cost/and the amount of food you get rather than quality.

    Ruven’s and Pomperdale have great food and are reasonably priced.

    My wife and I are really looking forward to Zinger’s. The hope here is that Gary still has the great food that he had at PQ. When you think of it, there really should be no reason that he doesn’t.

    • robert weisberg says...

      I strongly disagree abotu Toojays. I eat a roast beef sandwich and sometimes a turkey sandwich. The bread is FRESH and the meats are very good quality. (boars head i think) I never got a bad sandwich there. Never dry roast beef or turkey. Not a hot or miss situation.I have had platters from them for small get togethers and everyone tells me that they like it. I have not been to Bens, but I did in NY. We are not in NY. Toojays has to be compared to other places down here. I go into other places and get dry sandwiches, stale bread etc. Toojays is clean every time I go there and manamement knows what they are doing. It is consistant. Even in NY people beef about which deli is the best. I like Carnegie but others will give it ppor reviews on Yelp. WE CANT have top delis like NY for a few reasons. #1 We are not in NY #2 Nobody wants to pay. Everyone wants cheap prices. Some of the best Delis in Miami Beach closed-Pumpernicks and Rascal House. And I went to Jerrys Famous a few years ago. Two sandwiches, a soda, and a latke was insane at about 35.00? Wasnt anythign to go crazy about either.

      • robert weisberg says...

        And my typing stinks today!

      • frankie ford says...

        robert weissberg, if you think too jay’s foot is giood, i got a bridge in brooklyn i want to sell you.

        • Robert Weisberg says...

          I am talking about their sandwiches. Why dont you meet me at the coral springs location and show me a better sandwich.

      • GALE says...


      • Alan Becker says...

        Beg to differ. Toojays stinks. Have been there three times and the food was horrible. The stuffed cabbage left a great deal to be desired–like taste. Corned beef was of the packaged variety–not home made. The matzo ball & soup was bland. Call this an imitation deli. Definitely not for those of taste and discrimination.

    • rockingham says...

      Yes Pomperdale is very good. Real home cured pastrami or else they have someone down here curing it for them. Great to hear about Gary Zinger coming back. Best of luck!

      Pastrami Princess in Coral Springs closed? — ate there once. Very good pastrami

  5. Dr. Butter says...

    If Zinger’s has good food it will do very well. I’ve lived in that neighborhood for 20 years. Right now, you gitt Bagel City, good bagels, crap food. You got, Nestor’s, food is fair. You got Einstein, bagels stink, food stinks. You got, Bagel Works, good bagels and good food, but they are closed at night.

  6. HerbK says...

    I used to love the Pastrami King on Queens Blvd.

    I went to PQ once and our sandwiches were a little light and priced too high. I prefer Ben’s for Corned Beef and Pastrami.

  7. John McCarthy says...

    From: John McCarthy
    Subject: Bialys in SW FL

    Message Body:
    Good morning: I love my Bells bialys and buy dozens when in CT at Stew Leonards to bring back to my Bonita Springs, FL home. I have looked everywhere locally to buy Bells bialys specifically since i believe they are the only REAL good bialy.

    My question: Are you aware of any seller of Bells bialys in my area, Ft. Myers, Bonita Springs, Naples area of Southwest Florida?

    Thank you so much for your anticipated reply.

    John McCarthy

    • HerbK says...

      You have to try Ray’s frozen New york bialys sold in Publix. They are hand made in Brooklyn and are the best you can buy in the state of Florida

    • BOBBY says...

      not sure on the best baily issue.
      what i do know is that if zinger’s is anything like pq was, you should make a trip to boca and try the pastrami sandwich. delicious.

  8. zipper says...

    welcome back gary!!!
    food was great.
    can’t wait to start eating again.

    • zipper says...

      lunch yesterday.
      like an addict i got my fix with a pastrami on rye.
      no one makes pastrami like gary.

  9. artie d. says...

    Like many others really looking forward to this opening.
    Heard from someone that Zinger’s is going to do breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  10. BHG says...

    PQ was the best around.
    Couldn’t understand why it closed.
    Happy to see “it” back in action.

    • rockingham says...

      D-I-V-O-R-C-E (why PQ closed)

      • Ron says...

        Apparently still a problem

  11. ARTHUR HIRSCH says...

    Had dinner the other night at Nino’s which is a couple of doors down from the new Zinger’s. Looked around in the store and it looks like they are almost ready to open. The store is great looking with a real old fashioned deli look to it.
    I ate in PQ a couple oof times and enjoyed the food. Never really cared for the decor which was very dull. This new incarnation of PQ is so much sharper looking.
    Looking forward to trying Zinger’s.

  12. pop says...

    pq was a terrific deli.
    no reason why zinger’s shouldnt be a terrific deli.
    looked in the other day, decor much sharper than what pq had.

  13. Joe Feldman says...

    Hey Gary!!!
    Let’s get this opened already.
    Been missing that pastrami of yours.

    Joe Feldman

  14. dawn says...

    When are they opening?

    • CC says...

      Zinger’s Delicatessen opened for business two days ago. I had dinner there last night and the food was exceptionally good. The pastrami on rye with fries was as good as any New York City deli that I’ve been to. My wife had turkey off the bone and it was also delicious. For dessert we shared a piece of cheesecake and it was as good as the best from Cheesecake Factory or for that matter Junior’s in Brooklyn.
      We use to eat there when it was Pastrami Queen. It is now totally remodeled and is really cool looking. A lot of crome on the walls and ceiling and modern signage. The menu is almost identical, but there are a handful of new items.
      Based on our first outing, the food is as good if not better.
      One last thought, the old PQ only did lunch and dinner. Zinger’s also does breakfast.

      If you liked PQ you will love Zinger’s.

  15. Fred Arnold says...

    Ate there yesterday.
    Without doubt, the best pastrami sandwich in Florida. Not sure how they make it, but haven’t had such delicious tasting meat in a very long time.
    I am very familar with NY’s Carneige, Stage, 2nd Avenue, Katz delis and Zinger’s pastrami is as good as the sandwiches you get there.
    Try Zinger’s.

  16. Rob Goldstein says...

    Ate a Corned Beef and Pastrami combo sandwich…Delicious. Not much of a reviewer, but found this site and wanted to give the place Two thumbs up..

  17. Ron says...

    Same Food. Same BAD SERVICE

    • xyz says...

      food and service terrific.
      best pastrami,

  18. Rodger Cohen says...

    The food and service were outstanding. I had trouble deciding what to order with such a diverse menu but ordered what i must say was the best pastrami on rye ive ever had. Also GREAT SERVICE..unsure of the validity in Ron’s opinion

  19. David Linzer says...

    Very Disappointed..
    Went there for lunch this past Sunday… Tried this wonderful Pastrami on rye and found it tasteless and overpriced. Unlike Ben’s who serves an overstuffed sandwich, a bowl of pickles, with a nice size portion of Cole slaw their servings are minimal. The Pastrami lacked the pickling spices which make tasting great pastrami an experience, they served ½ a slice of pickle and the Cole slaw was just adequate. I tried the Pastrami Princess just before they closed and they offered the same type of pastrami. I vowed I would not return and they closed the next week. I don’t expect a sandwich from Katz’s Deli but I don’t want Boars Head either. Sorry Zinger’s, I will not return.

  20. Jeff Graef says...

    I understand everyone has their own opinion, but
    Since Zingers opened I have been there at least 5 times.
    It is beyond good. I travel for business to NYC at least once a month and my first stop was always Katz Deli. I don’t feel the need to do that anymore.
    The pastrami at Zingers is absolutely on par with any deli in New York. The brisket is the best I ever had anywhere , Actually, I have not eaten anything there I haven’t loved. The best part is the staff, at most delis the the service can be a little stern at Zingers they are all really nice.
    Bottom line is Ben’s is not even in the same league.

  21. lulu says...

    tremendous breakfasts.
    great deli meats.
    anyone who can’t see this, or shall i say taste this, obviously knows nada about what a top shelf deli is all about.

  22. mikeyville says...

    Whoa! Zingers is not bad but they are working on the cheap!! Give your customers their money’s worth!!
    A sandwich should be 4 ounces minimum! Buy some portion control SCALES!!
    Breakfast is just OK Hire better servers!
    Overall please fix it!
    Pomperdale is going to fail on new ownership
    Zingers can rule.

    • Judy Kahn says...

      mikeyville, dont know what zinger’s you were in. i ate there the other day using a buy oone get one free coupon that was in the sun sentinel and the 2 pastrami sandwiches i got were piled high with delicious pastrami on great rye. no skimping and my husband and i left with basically a whole sandwich in a doggy bag.
      the food is delicious and the portions enormous.

      • David H. says...

        Judy … loved the Queen, and would like to try the reincarnation. But I’m put off a bit by the mixed reviews. A BOGO coupon would help … do you remember what day you found the coupon?

    • deliman22 says...

      mikey,next time bring your scale or did you just eat 1/2 your sandwich (4oz)

  23. marshall sklar says...

    My family and I are going to Zingers for the holidays tonight, we have heard great things about the food, and i can personally vouch for Gary’s last deli PQ, the sandwiches, pickles, rainbow cookies and dr browns cherry cola were just like the famous NY delis where I grew up. THE BEST! Zingers will be a huge success as well. Looking forward to seeing the new place tonight!

  24. Karen says...

    this place sucks. food ok. service very poor

  25. Rhea R. says...

    I recently catered food from Zinger’s. Included whole turkey, stuffed cabbage, brisket, potato kugel, chopped liver, pastrami, corned beef. By far and away the best deli food in Florida.
    Take it from this born and bred Brooklyn gal, Zinger’s has them all beat down here.
    I’ve eaten in what many consider the best, Stage, 2nd Avenue and others and Zinger’s is as good if not better that those NYC famous haunts.

  26. David H. says...

    Went for breakfast which is served ’til 3 PM.
    Both of us had salami and cheese omelettes and coffee.
    Great tasting meal, but priced very high.

  27. marshall says...

    Karen, you are either a competitor or crazy. The food rocks. Prices are average. Remember this is authentic kosher food, if you want cheap sh*t go to arbys. We went there with 20 people for rosh hashana and for 19.95 a person had a complete meal. Cheaper than a 4 course at cdonalds these days! Gary runs a great business. Don’t bash it.

    • Don Kramer says...

      Zinger’s is the best deli in S. Florida.
      I’ve been to most of the “joints’ and Zinger’s food is so much better that it isn’t even funny.
      Happy New Year.

      Don Kramer

  28. larry zinitzky says...

    Good going marshall. I agree. Zingers deli is the best in boca!

  29. SAM STOCKHAMER says...


  30. cathy gazio says...

    how do I sign up for the loyalty card program?

    • JeffEats says...

      cathy gazio:

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      I checked with Zinger’s owner Gary Zinger…all you got to do is fill out a simple form at the store and you will be enrolled in the Loyalty Program.

      The way the program works…you receive $10 in store credit for every $100 spent.

      I understand that the program which is only a month old–has over 900 registered useers.

      Thanks for reading…

  31. GHF says...

    had a pastrami with chopped liver on rye and ff for dinner. delicious.

  32. John says...

    Great Food at Zingers, eaten there 4 times and always had something different and always really good, this place is not to be missed,

  33. Kelli R. says...

    My husband has had gastric bypass & can literally only eat certain foods/portions. He asked to have a small amount of chicken salad as his meal. The waitress argued they are not allowed to do that as deli items can’t be in the dining area (odd rule). She offered the platter or sandwich which he can’t eat half of the items, let alone the amount of food. He explained it’s a huge waste of food.
    The manager then came over & proceeded to argue with my husband that it’s against their policy to have any deli items in the dining room. My husband advised him of his issue & he refused to accommodate at all. So my husband left. We had a full table & he felt it was worth losing customers over this. We even offered to pay separately at the deli counter then have him rejoin the table. The manager said he’d be asked to leave.

    We have always liked this place before but, now will never return.
    I’m going to be sure to let everyone I know in Boca to NOT come here.

  34. JGF says...

    My wife, I and our two teenage children just moved to Boca from Woodmere.
    Trust us, we know good deli. Very familiar with Ben’s, The Woodro and tons of others.
    Last night we ate at Zinger’s Deli in Boca and we all agreed that the food we had could be matched against the best deli that we have ever eaten.

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