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CG Burgers (Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Jupiter, Miami)


***** CG Burgers, 4320 North State Road 7, Coral Springs, Florida 33067, (954) 510-4801.

Yesterday afternoon a “new” fast food burger joint CG Burger opened in Coral Springs. Soooo…I decided to give it a shot-getting there about 7pm. Before I go further, CG Burgers in addition to the Coral Springs location has… 1-store in Fort Lauderdale, 1-store in Jupiter and 1-store in Miami. CG’s website- indicates that new stores are set to open in Coral Gables and Palm Beach Gardens. By the way, you can check menu/prices/photos at the site.

The best way for “me” to explain CG Burgers…Five Guys Burgers meets You Name It Sports Bar with a dose of “whatever” medicine Barry Bonds used- to hit all of those homeruns- thrown into the mix.

I absolutely loved the Coral Springs joint. Just so you know, CG Burgers (order at counter/food is delivered to your table) does burgers, fries, sandwiches, roasted wings, milk shakes and has a salad bar. Of note, the Fort Lauderdale, Jupiter and Miami stores also have coal-oven pizza…not sure why Coral Springs doesn’t do pizza, but it doesn’t.

Yesterday I “tried”—cheeseburger ($6.25), french fries ($2.50), zucchini fries ($4.50), roasted wings (10-$8), side salad ($3.95—“all you can eat” $9.95). Everything was delicious. The cheeseburger “using” Five Guys as a point of reference–was a good as the one Five Guys produces…same for the hand cut fresh french fries. The salad bar, must have had 20 or so items to load up on. The wings which were topped with carmalized onions and grated cheese were as good as the best that I’ve had the various coal-oven pizza & wings joints that dot the South Florida landscape. The zucchini fries, were long strips lightly fried—dipped in a great ranch dressing, they were right on the money.

Like I said before, I loved CG Burgers…definitely one of the best fast food “burger” joints that I’ve tried.

CG Burgers is open 7-days a week, 11am-10pm.

August 8, 2012 UPDATE…

Just wanted to give you guys a “quick” update on CG Burgers…

Since my inital 6/21/12 “outing” to the Coral Springs’ store–Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats have been back to that particular store something like 5-6 times. Each time, the food and service have been right on the money. In addition, to the Coral Springs’ outings, we have been to the Fort Lauderdale store twice–and those meals were a whole nother thing. Both times, we found the “exact” same burger, chicken breast, zucchini fries to be absolutely lousy. We also found on both visits, the outside area to be–dirty. The bottom-line as far as Jeff Eats goes…Coral Springs YES!, Fort Lauderdale NO! One other item, Jeff Eats and others have applied on-line for the various “discounts” and “cards” advertised—and to date, have never received anything back from the Company.

My gut feeling tells me, that CG Burgers may have bitten off more than it can chew. Just maybe, the “big” menu it offers is causing it to compromise on service and food quality issues. As I mentioned before, Coral Springs seems to be doing just fine—which I suspect has a lot to do with its GM (Mike) who seems to know how to really run things…as for Fort Lauderdale, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats will absolutely positively not be returning for a third go-round.

CG has other locations in addition to the Fort Lauderdale and Coral Springs’ joints—I have no idea as to what they are like.

If CG’s management reads this:
You guys better be careful here.
You have an interesting business that may soon end-up in the “crapper” because you didn’t operate it correctly.

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  1. mr. wilson says...

    i’ve eaten in miami one. wings and salad selection are terrific.

    • OLOK says...

      CG is going to flop on its ass.
      Too much on the menu.
      Too much sq footage.
      Food doesnt get out fast.
      Food is fair but not great.
      CG should just close up now and not waste time building more stores.

  2. Jon Greenberg says...

    From: Jon Greenberg
    Subject: new places

    Message Body:
    Hi Jeff, You got a great site going here. I left a comment on a few and have said in the past that you should really try The New York Big apple deli in N. Miami Beach. You will not be disappointed. Try it!! Thanks, Jon

  3. Ryan says...

    From: Ryan
    Subject: Hotdogpolius

    Message Body:

    Have you tried this place. Next best thing to being in chicago.

  4. HerbK says...

    The chocolate shake I had there was the best I’ve ever had in Florida. The zucchini fries and regular fries were great. My daughter’s chicken strips were delicious, and not the fast food pressed pieces variety. I ordered the single 6 oz. burger which I was able to order medium rare, something that can’t be done at 5 Guys, which is why I ate there only once. My wife made herself a great salad full of all kinds of fresh goodies. We don’t drink soda but they had some kind of amazing computerized Coke dispensing machine that seemed to have an endless variety of flavors. This place is so much more than the competition in that upscale fast food niche. They also did a great job designing that place.

    • GONNAFAIL says...

      CG’s problem is going to be too big of a menu and too big stores.
      They have taken a fast food concept and made it into a huge big deal which will confuse people and cause the help to screw up things.
      Just watch and see as this thing starts to get messed up.

  5. john says...

    Great call here.
    Hadn’t heard about CG in Coral Springs until I read your review.
    Had dinner there last night and was blown away by the great food and design concept. As you point out, it looks like a sports bar but with a fast food component.
    The wings were excellent, same goes for the burgers and fries.

  6. Robert weisberg says...

    I went there twice already. The grilled chicken sandwich was very good. Seems like attentive management also. They have some exotic burgers like bison, lamb, and american type kobe burger. The salad bar is ok for 3.00. The drink machine can give you 100 coke variations including many diet flavors. The problem is people fool around with it and the line grows as people sample it, dont know how to use it etc.

  7. master mike says...

    Had burger-fries-chicken wings. Everything was delicious.
    The Coke machine is amazing with all of the combos.
    This is a great concept.

  8. greg says...

    i went with my dad, he got one of their “big burgers” and i got a kobe beef. they could of brought me either one, and i couldnt tell the difference from looking or tasting it. they both taste the same. although the burgers were good, they were expensive for the portion. they shouldnt even sell “kobe” burgers if they r gonna put it on a fryer like that. the burgers taste exactly the same as steak and shake, and cooked the same way, i wll go to sns next time, its much cheaper. then since the kobe burger left me still hungry, i got their “filet mignon” sub. they have some never using the word filet mignon with what they serve. again, way overpriced for the food, and the sub wasnt even that great. i would never go back here and cant imagine this place would last too long

  9. master mike says...

    one of the best fast food places i have ever been in.

  10. Rob J. says...

    I tried CG the other day. The place is basically a total ripoff of Fuddruckers (except that Fudds has a distinct unique taste, while I found my food here to be on the bland side.)

    • avery says...

      cg and fuddrucker’s have nothing in common whatsoever.
      cg is much better and has delicious food.

  11. Mike says...

    Tried out CG bugers in Coral springs, was a petty good hambuger , also enjoyed the Zucchini fries. Did have a small problem getting to the drink machine, plus the The salad bar is right there by the coke machine which adds to the confusion in that small area. If they moved the salad bar to other side and added one more coke machine it would ease that problem, Plus it would give the staff a better view of the salad bar to keep it stocked.Over all I would give the place 4 stars for now , 5 if they fixed that soda machine and salad bar problem.

  12. jannie kurtz says...

    great selection of food.
    unlike 5 guys and the rest this one has burgers, fries, salads, sandwiches, chicken wings and other items.
    for the selection alone it’s worth a visit.
    i thought that burger and fries and wings were delicious. found the zuchinni fries bland until i used the sauce provided.
    try cg its real different than the others.

  13. adam d says...

    lucnh at coral springs location today. great burgers and fries. that coke machine with like a 100 flavors is a hoot.
    much better than 5 guys for the same money.

  14. eddie rabbit says...

    great concept.

    • Peter C. says...

      Bet you CG in the long run fails.
      Menu is too large.
      Stores are too big.
      Burgers and ff are no better than competitors.
      Poor customer service, I also never was enrolled in their discount program.
      Stores are becoming dirty.
      Lousy locations.
      Concept isnt really defined, is it a sports bar or fast food hamburger retaurant?

  15. dr robinson says...

    good burger and fries. space is kind of large for fast food.

  16. Tailyn says...

    Visited because of the ads and thought the food was ok. The burger was delicious, but it was extraordinarily crowded and the service was very, very slow. The loud music and screaming babies made for a rather unpleasant experience. I enjoyed the burger even though I waited a long time for it and the order was not exactly followed, which after the long wait, the screaming babies and loud music did not make me happy. My companion said that he liked Five Guys burgers better but that the food at CG’s was good. I’m going to give Five Guys another try. I wouldn’t go back to CG’s because of the noise and the loud blaring music, but I guess that’s what people want. Their soda fountain is great, it’s the wave of the future.

  17. BOBO says...

    enjoyed the burger and ff.
    found a burger place called Between The Buns on Gateway.
    try it.

    • ELBER says...

      bobo, i tried that Between The Buns. It was really good.
      I enjoyed CG but thought that Between was better.

  18. susan d says...

    for 24 bucks, my husband and i had cheesevurger, french fries, 2 sodas, 10 wings, zuchinni fries. delicious food and at cs loc we sat outside with our puppy.

  19. BEBO says...

    The zuccini fries are fantastic. Burgers are real good. That Coke machine with its tons of flavors is real cool.

  20. ir says...

    burgers at cs loc are terrific same goes for ff. the coke machine is a pain in the ass.

  21. Don K. says...

    they spent a fortune building the one in coral springs.
    burgers and french fries are excellent.
    loved their wings.

  22. wrong way harry says...

    great burger, ff, sweet potato fries, wings.

  23. joe anthony says...

    some of the best fast food i have ever had.

  24. LK says...

    I think that 5 Guy’s has better burgers and fries. The wings and zucchini are excellent.
    The diversified fast food menu makes it easier to feed a group than a simple burger place.

    • JB says...

      LK, agree 100% with your comments. 5 guys burgers are better but the menu at cg’s is better.

  25. ts says...

    burgers fair, ff very good as are wings and zucchini fries.

  26. samson says...

    good food, nice menu selection.

  27. mr. kramer says...

    good not great burgers.

  28. ES says...

    First time at CG.
    The Coral Springs’ store was very busy tonight around 8pm. Despite that the orders came out fast.
    My wife had the chicken breast sandwich and I had a rack of BBQ ribs. We shared ff and zuchinni fries. Food was very good and fairly priced. We will definitely be back.

  29. MiamiGirl says...

    My bf and I finally got around to CG .
    His burger and ff were very good.
    My chicken breast on a bun with zucchini fries was delicious. Definitely a step or two above 5 Guys and others.

  30. JLA says...

    Dont usuallly find this in a fast food burger joint, delicious bbq ribs. I highly recommend that the next time you are in CG that you try the ribs. I had them and they were some of the best Ive ever had. For around 12 bucks you get a whole rack with fries. Most people dont even know that CG has ribs. Their zucchini fries are also something you dont normally see in a fast food restaurant. they are also delicious.

  31. billyc says...

    bbq ribs are terrific, good menu.

  32. R56RD says...

    Just tried ft laud store
    Delicious cheeseburger and zuchinni fries.

    • KLI says...

      AND I found just the opposite. The burger is tasteless and the z-fries were undercooked.

      • WhatABurger says...

        I had their small burger and it stunk. It’s so small you can barely taste the meat. I also had their ff they were ok but not great.

  33. Linda E. says...

    My husband and I ate at Coral Springs’ store this evening. Delicious hamburger and chicken breast sandwich. Also ff and zucchini fries were delicious.

  34. Denny F. says...

    Jeff, Just got back home from eating at CG in Coral Sprigs with my son and wife.
    CG has to be one of the best upscale fast food burger places around.
    Unlike many others, it has a large enough menu to please anyone. My son and I had burgers and my wife had bbq ribs. We also had an order of chicken wings, sweet potato fries, zuchinni fries an a small salad. Everyone had exactly what they wanted.
    Everything was delicious.
    One other thing, we noticed that Mike the GM was totally involved in the operation. In addition to taking orders we noticed that when not at the register he was at the prep counter helping to make and get the food out. When we ordered he also told us about specials etc. He’s a good one and really does a nice job in running this location.
    Finally, the servers that bring the food , we sit outside with our puppy, are as olite and as helpful as can be.
    We really enjoy the Coral Srings CG Burger.

  35. PHIL PHILLIPS says...

    CG is the best of all of the new fast food burger places that have opened.
    What makes CG standout is its selection.
    My family goes to the Coral Springs store.
    In addition to meat burgers, they have chicken breast burgers, ff, sweet potato fries, zuchinni fries, ribs, salad bar.
    Everyone in the family gets what they want and no one bitches.
    We have been there several times and the restaurant is clean, the food delicious, the prices very fair and the help is terrific. They are some accomodating and pleasant.
    If you haven’t tried CG you got to go there.
    It’s like a fast food sports bar.
    You’ll really enjoy it.

  36. ChicoTheMan says...

    Ate in the Ft lauderdale store this evening.
    One of the worse inedible chicken breast sandwiches I’ve ever wasted my money on. The breast was almost raw and was impossible to cut even with a knife. I will never go back to CG.
    Also the zuchinni fries were tasteless and undercooked.
    Someone better get a handle on this restaurant because the food is lousy.
    Also the table I sat outside at was dirty and sticky.
    What a disaster.

    • DEE COHEN says...

      For some reason I find the food in Coral Springs much better than the food in Ft Lauderdale. I also find the Coral Springs store better run and a whole lot cleaner.
      My wife and I use to eat quite a bit in Ft Lauderdale but a couple of bad outings stopped all that. Like you she likes the chicken breast sandwich and FT Laud. just cant get it right.
      So for us we only go to Coral Springs.

  37. WY says...

    This chain is a rip off. I signed up for the discounts on line and never got anything back from them. Same for my husband and son.

    • POPTER says...

      I also didn’t get anything from its online system which is a joke.

      I have eaten in 2 different locations, namely Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale each a number of times.

      I think that CG has a good concept. The problem I see is in the execution.

      Sometimes the food is delicious and some times its really bad.

      I recently had its $2 special burger. It was so small that I couldnt even taste the meat. Ive also had the chicken breast sandwich and sometimes its delicious but a couple of times it was disgusting and I do mean disgusting. Same for the zuchinni fries. Sometimes great and sometimes undercooked and with no taste.

      CG is spending a lot of money to build each unit.

      The uneveness of the operation is going to doom this business.

      Ive eaten in 5 Guys and its consitent, same for most of the others. CG maybe trying to make too many different things and screwing up everything trying to handle too much.

      Im also finding the outside seating in both locations to have gotten dirtier. I really dont enjoy sitting at a table top that’s sticky and dirty from food and soda.

      I also notice that the inside booth and tables give the impressions of not being clean.

  38. DONNY D. says...

    Burgers and fries are no better than BurgerFi or Five Guys.
    The soda machine that makes a million different Coke versions ties up the line to get a soda or refill.
    I tried CG twice and I’m done.
    I’ll stick with Five Guys and BurgerFi.

  39. Tom Red3453 says...

    Just read all of the YELP comments on Ft Laud store. Most of them not very good.
    I and my wife ate there the other night and it was 25 bucks down the drain. The food was real garbage.

  40. ASQ says...

    I called home office yesterday to complain about the food. Some guy took all of the info down and told me that the person in charge of customer relations would call me back. So far no call and I’m not holding my breath either.
    By the way my call was about how terrible my chicken breast sandwich was . I’m no baby but I think the food was spoiled.

  41. HNF says...

    I dont eat here anymore.
    When the ft laud store first opened it was very good.
    Recently. the food has really gone downhill

  42. manny g says...

    The last time I ate in the Ft Lauderdale store the food was lousy.
    Something is going wrong at this particular location.
    Maybe I’ll try another location but definitely won’t be back to Ft lauderdale store.

  43. SRD says...

    First their Internet discounts never show up so that’s a fraud.
    I called the company about that and no one ever called me back.
    Terrible customer service.

  44. Jeff In Boca says...

    meiocre food in ft lauderdale store/ rather go to burger fi or five guys.

  45. mike says...

    wow!! cg burgers has revamped their menu. cg burges by carmine . competitive pricing with the best quality anywhere in town. come check it out you will not be disappointed. $6.99 1/4 lb. prime burger combo, includes fries and a soft drink, with unlimited free toppings!!!


    I stopped eating in CG.
    Use to be a fan, but last couple of outing the food literally stunk.
    There are so many other burger places like 5 Guys, Smashburger, BurgerFi that I don’t need to waste my time at CG hoping the food will be okay.
    I also see a comment where someone applied for discounts etc online and never got them. Same thing happned to me.
    Good luck CG, cause your going to need it in this competitive market.

    • mike says...


  47. Ppu says...

    Will never go to this chain again.
    Went to Coral Springs.
    It had a 6.99 special of 1/4 lb with ff and a soda.
    The food wasn’t very good and the fries were cold and limp.
    Won’t ever see me again.

  48. DDFT says...

    Ate in CS last night. Store looks dirty looking from the cash register into the kitchen. I shouldn’t be seeing the “cooks” eating food while they are preparing mine.
    Had a double burger and zucchini fries.
    The burger was good but the zucchini was very bland.
    For what its worth, seeing the help eating while working on my food is a huge reason I wont be back to this outlet.
    Mgt. ought get on this right away because these kids are going to ruin the business.

  49. meow says...

    The coral springs location just shut down but their staff and manager (Mike) moved to the Fort Lauderdale location so hopefully that store will take a good turn

  50. mike says...

    sorry about coral springs location. we sold our lease and it was an offer we couldn’t refuse. come see my same staff and myself down in fort Lauderdale. coral spring regulars come get 15% off your first visit to Lauderdale


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