Isabella’s Pizza & Pasta (Fort Lauderdale)

Posted on May 11th, 2011 · Fort Lauderdale Italian Pizza


***** Isabella’s Pizza & Pasta, 1571 South Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316, (954) 767-2060.

Absolutely- loved Isabella’s Pizza & Pasta in Fort Lauderdale. Good “mom & pop” red sauce food, hole in the wall decor, cheap prices, big portions, casual, pleasant staff, delicious garlic knots.

Talk about casual…when you check for menu/prices–take a gander at the “dining room” photo.

Isabella’s is open 7 days a week 11am-11pm.

A recent dinner had me “netting” veal parmigiana ($10.95 inlcudes pasta side), meat lasagna ($8.95), shrimp fra diavolo ($11.45 includes pasta side), eggplant rolatinni ($8.95 includes pasta side), large 16″ pizza ($10.95), penne ala vodka ($8.95)—everything was right on the money—with the thin crust pizza/sweet sauce getting a special shout-out…same goes for the garlic knots.

Isabella’s is about as “simple” as mom & pop Italian joints get. Everything I tried was “solid”…to be perfectly honest with you, I couldn’t find one item to bitch about.

Like I said before, I loved Isabella’s—this joint is definitely not for the haute-taute players.

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  1. Mark Saye says...

    Subject: Great Blog/Wedsite

    Message Body:
    Jeff – I found a link to your blog when I was on – FLL/Miami message board. I live in Jacksonville, FL, but travel south often. Question – do you have a HOF or Best of section?? I haven’t seen a “highly recommended” page.

    I have added your site to my favorites and will look forward to reading your posts.

    Mark Saye

  2. Berto says...

    Tried Isabella’s last night. Lasagna – Nice flavor,
    good sized portion, never thought I would say this – not enough pasta. Seriously, almost all
    cheese, meat, etc. Good – but not what I would call baked lasagna.
    Pasta Carbonara – Again, good flavor but the pasta was swiming in sauce. Next time I’ll request the sauce as a side and make sure the pasta is al dente. Very attentive owners who, I’m
    sure, would accomodate that.
    Definitely worth another vist. With a little fine tuning has huge potential. Excellent value.

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