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Bagel Wit A Schmear (Boca Raton)


***** Bagel Wit A Schmear, 4251 North Federal Highway, Boca Raton, Florida 33431, (561) 416-2900.

Can’t believe I got done-in by a 10 year old kid last night. Was talking to this kid while waiting to pickup food and I asked him…”How many 4 cent stamps are there in a dozen?—and the kid says to me, “Is that a standard dozen or is that a baker’s dozen?”

Got a really-good bagel-deli joint for you—Bagel Wit A Schmear in Boca Raton. Talk about the consummate hole in the wall—one “card table” for 4 and 8 window counter stool seats, a couple of display cases, open baking/prep area…that’s the whole megillah—under construction, an outdoor patio that seats 16.

At this stage of the proceedings check for menu/prices.

Bagel Wit A Schmear has been around for something like 1-year. It is owned/operated by husband/wife team, Jim & Patti Higgins—she runs the counter, he runs the back of the house.

Let’s talk food.

The joint has 7,000 different types of bagels…which are “made” the correct way, that being boiled and then baked. A recent taste test had me “doing” an- everything, sesame, garlic, onion, pupernickel, cheese (asiago) and french toast. All of them were A-OK…special shout-out to the french toast bagel—toasted at home with a drop of butter and maple syrup, off the chart.

In addition to bagels, bialys, flagels…Bagels Wit A Schmear bakes its own breads and muffins. The joint’s menu is loaded with various cream cheeses, breakfast dishes, salads, sandwiches, deli meats, soups. Just so you know, I “sampled” the chicken/tuna/whitefish salads—they were absolutely delicious.

Like I told you before, Bagel Wit A Schmear is a hole in the wall. There is very limited indoor seating…so don’t plan on bringing grandma, grandpa, Aunt Rosie, Uncle Saul, your wife (or husband) and your 3 kids there tomorrow for Mother’s Day. Then again—you could order stuff and eat at home.

You now know about a really good bagel-deli joint.

Bagel Wit A Schmear is open Monday-Saturday 7am-3pm and Sunday 7am-1pm.

One final note, a baker’s dozen of bagels runs $9.50.

16 Comments to “Bagel Wit A Schmear (Boca Raton)”

  1. zaza says...

    I’ve gotten bagels and spreads from Bagel Wit a Schmear.
    I thought that the bagels were good but far from great. They are a nice big size, but the outside crust on everyone that I tried which included rye, pumpernickel, everything, were a drop to soft. They should have been crispier. I did really enjoy the asiago.
    Their tuna salad is good.
    The owners are very pleasant.

    • nickie says...

      got to agree here, bagels are good but they definitely have to have crunchier outsides. just a drop too soft. i also found pumpernickel tasteless but the rye was just right flavor wise.

  2. jackie says...

    you guys zaza and nickie are totally crazy…no taste buds,best bagels by far I have eaten down here in FL…I agree with jeff, he’s the expert, he knows a good thing when he eats it…you have got to go and try the bagels, you will not be disappointed….and all there other menu items are fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jocko says...

    never heard of a french toast bagel. will have to try.

  4. YA says...

    Have to agree with first 2 posters. Would much rather brueggers 2 seconds down the street. Those are by far the best bagels down here

  5. db says...

    i guess the first two post like well done bagels, did you ever think to ask the owners to make some well done. I’m a regular schmearer and they will fill any request for anyone that walks thru there doors. jocko the french toast bagel is off the hook!!!!!!! the last post if you like a lead ball that is steamed then you don’t know what a real bagel is…but then again everyone’s taste buds are different. Really what are we talking about here…’s a bagel and if old jeffeats thinks there good so be it.

  6. ggold says...

    Brueggers bagels are probably the worst bagels I have ever eaten, and their cream cheese is inedible.Bagel wit a schmear bagels are far better than the place 2 seconds down the street. Brueggers are on the same level as Einsteins, however Brueggers store is much cleaner and the staff is much more accomidating than the roach infested Einsteins by Palmetto park road. Actually had a roach in my salmon spread at Einsteins,DON’T EAT THERE

  7. HENRY says...

    bagels ok.
    not as good as,
    bagel city s.
    way beyond bagels
    original brooklyn water bagel,
    bagels &
    just to name a few in the same area.

  8. Johnny Raye says...

    This is as close to an old style bagel store as they were in the 1950s in NYC.
    The bagels are good.

  9. jh says...

    ct: bagel wit a schmear

    hey jeff, both patti and i would like to thank you for giving us a shout out on your blog. We can only hope we can get some positive feedback and new customers. Please stop by anytime and sit in our beautiful back patio area and i’ll throw you back north with a taylor ham, egg, and cheese on an everything with s/p/k. thanks again. we really appreciate it.

  10. Sidney says...

    very small restaurant. don’t plan on wi-fiing all day.
    enjoyed an everything with scallion cream cheese.

  11. ernie k. doe says...

    jeff. not even close to being a top notch bagel

  12. chewy says...

    bagels are fair, nothing out of the ordinary.

  13. Drew Rox says...

    Bagels are very good, however I cannot get past the boorish owner, Jim. On my first Saturday morning visit, he was yelling and screaming at his wife handling the customers at the counter. Apparently, they were busy and he was clearly overwhelmed. However, in this economy to be busy at your own business should be considered a blessing, not a curse. He was throwing trays across the kitchen, slamming utensils, snatching orders off the line, and muttering as he worked. I figured everyone is entitled to a bad day, and I let it slide. First impression score? 0! I went back another Saturday to give them another try. Again, his wife was exceptionally nice, however Jim continues to speak to her like something at the bottom of his shoe. I cannot tolerate his rude demeanor and felt very uncomfortable and unwelcome on both occasions and will not return. I travel to Brooklyn Water bagel in Delray Beach instead and am pleased with their superior bagels and service.

  14. Jimmy m. says...

    The bagels are great. That is why they were voted best bagels in Boca. (2013)

  15. Calvin says...

    This is my favorite bagel joint. Love its bagels.

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