Dragon City Mandarin House Restaurant (Hollywood)

Posted on May 1st, 2011 · Chinese Hollywood


***** Dragon City Mandarin House Restaurant, 6708 Stirling Road, Hollywood, Florida 33024, (954) 894-8393.

I love good “Brooklyn Jewish” Chinese food. Old Jeff Eats was born in Brooklyn (1949)—with that in mind… to me, a perfect Chinese meal includes dishes “like” wonton/egg drop combo soup, egg rolls, fried dumplings, bbq ribs, roast pork fried rice, sweet & sour pork, General Tso’s chicken, lobster in black bean soup, pepper steak, pistachio ice cream, fortune cookie. Not really into—“real”-“authentic”-Chinese food like, jellyfish, eel, duck tongues, shark fins…Like I said, Brooklyn Jewish is my game.

The other night I had dinner at Dragon City in Hollywood. This joint has dynamite Brooklyn Jewish. It also has real-authentic stuff…so everyone can play here. Just so you know, Dragon’s got TWO menus. One for us Brooklyn guys and one for–shall we say, the adventurous crowd.

If you are looking for fancy schmanzy forget about it. This is a neighborhood Chinese joint. It’s kind of run-down looking…but don’t be a-scared, the food–at least–the Brooklyn Jewish stuff was delicious. To be perfectly honest with you, I couldn’t find even one-dish to bitch about. Sorry can’t comment on the jellyfish or eel because…not my game.

This joint is a homerun.

I’m gonna assume that the “real-authentic” dishes are as good as the phony-Chinese stuff that I stuffed my face with.

Dragon City is open Monday-Friday 11am-3am, Saturday 11am-2am, Sunday noon-2am.

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  1. mark s says...

    My vote for best joint in Palm Beach County is Victoria’s Peruvian Cuisine in Lantana. (It’s been on Michele Bernstein’s “Check Please.”) It’s amazing that food so tasty is also so inexpensive. Everyone I send there loves it, though I only send decently adventurous people. I haven’t checked your Delray reviews yet, but if you haven’t tried Bamboo Fire Cafe on 4th Ave., you should. See reviews on Chowhound. It’s open only Thurs-Sat. Also, I don’t know how far north you go, but if you’re in North Palm Beach, try Mondo’s American Bistro on US 1 just north of Northlake. It’s my favorite neighborhood restaurant. (Too bad it’s not in my neighborhood. My wife sings at one of the Marriotts on Singer Island, and when I drive up there with her (from Boynton), I often have dinner at Mondo’s while she sings. The money she makes singing, I use to indulge my passion for food.

  2. zipster says...

    this joint is very good. much better than silver pond which many people love.

  3. ALAN REST says...

    I have eaten at Dragon. You are right, it has very good Brooklyn Jewish Chinese food. It also has some dishes that the Brooklyn joints never had. reading your blog I see that you are not a fan of Silver Pond, neither am I. They don’t do Brooklyn Jewish well and for that matter they are only fair on real Chinese food as well. With Dragon everyone is covered.

  4. Linda Edelman says...

    jeff, the best jewish brooklyn chinese food is at china dumpling and at bamboo wok, you have both on your blog. dragon is also good but those two are better.

  5. Bill from Delray says...

    Talking about a Chinese restaurant having everyone covered, I have discovered a real gem… The Old Place Asian Bistro on Federal Highway in Delray. They’ve been open less than a month, do great Chinese food and have a fantastic sushi chef there too. There’s Japanese food along with a little Thai on the menu, and the food, service and surroundings make this a great place to eat. Michael, the owner, is a veteran of Uncle Tai’s in Boca as is his head chef, and the sushi chef has over 18 years of experience, most of it in this area.

    • shatz says...

      going to try The Old Asian Bistro.
      Thanks, Bill.

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