Christina’s Cafe Restaurant (Pompano Beach)

Posted on March 18th, 2011 · Mediterranean/Greek Pompano Beach

***** Christina’s Cafe Restaurant, 2201 East Atlantic Boulevard, Pompano Beach, Florida 33062, (954) 782-2160.

I don’t know what it is, but all of a sudden Jeff Eats “got” a huge craving for “Greek” food…Could be the Telly Savales’ “Kojak” cable tv-reruns recently discovered—then again, I haven’t had an overwhelming urge for Tootsie Roll Pops…so, who knows.

Anyway…Got a really good Greek joint for you…Christina’s Cafe Restaurant in Pompano Beach. You can check menu/prices/photos at

Recently did two dinners at this joint…absolutely delicious- grilled lamb chops, gyro, pastichio, grilled salmon, beef kabob, chicken kabob, loukanika, crab cakes, moussaka. To be perfectly honest with you, there wasn’t-one single dish that wasn’t right on the money.

There really isn’t too much more to say about Christina’s…delicious food, reasonable prices, huge portions, super friendly-competent staff.

Christina’s is open Monday-Friday 11am-9:30pm and Saturday-Sunday 4pm-9:30pm.

9 Comments to “Christina’s Cafe Restaurant (Pompano Beach)”

  1. ya says...

    was it better than kosta?

  2. frank w says...

    My wife and I stopped going to Christina’s after witnessing Christina loudly berating a young waitress.Also,when I asked how the octopus was prepared she acted like I was asking for a secret of state. Food is good but not worth putting up with Christina. Far superior is the Greek Bistro in Delray just south of Linton on the west side of federal.

  3. zz says...

    jeff, really like this one. also really like chri’s which you also recommended.

  4. Lois F. says...

    this one is a good pick, i have eaten there several times and was never disappointed.

  5. Stacey says...

    You’re right, Frank…Christina is a nightmare!!

  6. Chad says...

    Forget Christina’s
    Never went to Greek restaurant who charges $5 for each order of a cut up pita bread slice and hummus. Food was mediocre at best. I took a good look around before I left since I will never see this place again.

  7. frank w says...

    Right. Another trick of hers is telling you the specials wjthout prices. Stuffed cabbage was the special. Normaly a $14 or $15 item. Shocked when the bill came and that dish was $24.95.

  8. Traci A says...

    Party of 10 Told off by Christina herself “called trash” because we sent a dish back because it was not to the liking of a friend’s wife. It was embarrassing to say the least. Christina came out of the Kitchen and started screaming saying that you got it, you’re paying for it, nothing is wrong with it, what is wrong with you? This stared up a scene within the restaurant where the husband defended his wife and asked that they just order something else. Christina got verbally abusive then restaurant patrons got involved there was almost a fist fight. The wife ended up not eating and when the bill came they were charged for the bad dish. The couple left a tip and paid for everything else, but not the bad dish, as they left Christine followed the group out the door yelling insults and obscenities and actually got her help to block the car in the parking space so we could not leave. Then said she was calling the Police. All over $16. well, the people in the car she blocked I had never seen before and we all left. I guess it is safe to say Christina is Psycho and the food is stunningly average. Save yourselves the trip and effort, don’t eat here.

  9. Alisha says...

    The food was mediocre at best. Except the Greek soup, which tasted like it was from a Campbells can. One star for semi-edible pita bread.

    The place is overpriced to begin with, but occasionally has some good specials. But don’t expect the owner, Christina, to honor the specials she advertises. Everything has fine print, be sure to double check.

    The waiters are pretty good, but I cannot justify giving Christina’s even one star in the “service” category due to how rude Christina herself was to us. She refused to honor a coupon that we had purchased, despite it stating clearly at the bottom “voucher does not expire”, and went as far as to lock us inside her restaurant when we tried to leave, leaving the proper amount of money on the table, yelling at us, “Next time just go to McDonalds.”

    As my mother walked out of the restaurant to avoid confrontation and I stayed to square away the overcharged check, Christina told me “You are a young and beautiful girl– just don’t grow up to be like your mother.”

    Bottom line: Do not go to Christina’s unless you have a very high tolerance for horribly offensive service.

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