Yard House (Hallandale Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Coral Gables)


***** Yard House, 601 Silks Run, Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009, (954) 454-9950.

Way back when–1/28/08, Jeff Eats did a writeup on an “American Style” joint, Yard House located in Palm Beach Gardens. Think- Cheesecake Factory, J Alexander’s, Houston’s…and you’ll know exactly what this chain’s game is all about. This chain’s “gimmick”- its got something like 8,000,000 different beers. Since that 1/28/08 recommendation, I’ve eaten in the Palm Beach Gardens’ location 3 times and twice in their Scottsdale, Arizona joint.

For right now, there are 3 Florida locations, Palm Beach Gardens, Coral Gables and Hallandale Beach–which I tried yesterday for lunch. At this stage of the review, you can check for menu/other details.

Just so you know, the Hallandale-Yard House is located in The Village At Gulf Stream. The Village, is a large outdoor retail complex connected to the Gulfstream Racing & Casino “thing.”. This complex has a number of restaurants, boutiques and chain operations such as The Container Store and Pier 1 Imports.

Not to bash The Village, but this is a train wreck waiting to happen. Yesterday afternoon, the track and casino were busy. The Yard House was packed both inside and outside on its dining patio…the rest of the complex was like a freaking ghost-town. Mark- Jeff Eats’ words, this “center” hasn’t got a chance in hell…the boutiques all look alike…the merchandise is repetitious…and- every Tom, Dick & Harry Mall in Florida has the same stuff. If The Village doesn’t get a huge movie-complex in there and unique stuff, like an upscale bowling-night club and other retail businesses that aren’t duplicates and clones…the whole joint is gonna collapse.

Now back to the Yard House. Let me make this simple, I love joints like this. Good burgers, fries, onion rings, mac & cheese, decent enough babyback ribs, tv sets, energetic waiters and waitresses, cool classic rock music (maybe a decibel or two-too high), reasonable prices, great looking dark-wood decor, large outdoor patio with tvs, consistency–all of my “outings” foodwise were real-good.

If you like “upscale” sports-bars…you are gonna love Yard House.

Yard House is open Sunday-Thursday 11am-12:30am and Friday-Saturday 11am-1:30pm.

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  1. GEORGE says...

    I have eaten in a handful of Yard Houses around the country. I have eaten in the Hallandale store.
    They are terrific. Great menu selection, great beer selection, prices are good and the service has always been excellent.
    The Hallandale store has the extra benefit of having a patio that in certain parts faces the Gulfstream horse showing circle. There is also huge tvs from the track so you can watch the races.
    I really enjoy this particular store.

  2. MIKE says...

    Jeff, My wife and I ate lunch at Yard House at Gulfstream last Wednesday. They have a terrific reasonably priced lunch menu. The food and service were excellent. We were there about 1pm and Yard House was packed. The rest of the stores and restaurants in the center were empty. The casino which is just a slot room with some poker wasn’t very busy while there was a nice sized crowd for the races.
    You are right on the call that this center is going to be in big trouble. There is nothing going on there that will really draw people.
    The casino has to be improved. The assortment of center stores has to vastly improved if this whole Gulfstream concept has any chance to make it.

  3. Ben Howard says...

    I have eaten in several Yard Houses here in Florida and elsewhere. The food and service have always consistenly been good. The owners have the perfect restaurant formula.

  4. zz says...

    very good pick. great patio for eating and people watching.

  5. Melvin says...

    Can’t beat the Hallandale loc. on a nice day. Good food and good people watching.

  6. junior says...

    these guys know how to run a restaurant.

  7. Johnny Raye says...

    Heard they are going to open one in Mizner Park in Boca Raton.

    • laddy says...

      read the sam thing in sun sentinel this morning. going where cartoon museum is. they will be a big hit in boca.,

  8. chewy says...

    one of the best sports bars around.

  9. eddie rabbitt says...

    in hallandale only restaurant doing business. the rest are as jeff said like a ghost town.

  10. MR. ROSS says...

    great concept. terrific food. great beer selection. great service. very reasonable prices.

  11. Brasco says...

    One opened a few days ago in Mizner Park in Boca. Was there last night at 8 pm and we are talking 11/2 hr wait. Didn’t stick around but will try when things quite down a bit.

  12. YG says...

    Boca Yard House my new favorite sports bar. Been there twice since it opened last week and love the food etc.

  13. WallyKramden says...

    Was there Saturday night.
    Two hour wait to get in but we killed time walking around Mizner.
    Great food. Great beer.
    Great looking place.
    Going to draw huge crowds to Mizner.

  14. KLM says...

    In boca loc tonite. Excellent food and service.

  15. Linda & Bob says...

    We’ve been to a number of Yardhouses. Phoenix, Gulfstream, WPB, Boca. This is a very consistent well run operation. The food, drink and service have always been excellent. This is the best sports bar chain that we have evr been to.
    We heard that Darden who owns Red Lobster, Seasons 52, capital Grille, Longhorn, Olive Garden bought the yardhouse chain last week.
    Hopefully a big corporation which has a some what spotty operating record won’t ruin this great chain. We’ll see.

  16. Shelly says...

    Update. Went to the one in Boca Last nite. Service was ok but the food, forgeddaboudit. Calmari that tasted like a Garden Hose and A bacon Cheeseburger with near raw Bacon. Never Again.

  17. TAS says...

    Ate in Boca and sliders and ff were good.

  18. andy g. gold says...

    I really like the boca yardhouse. good food and drink.

  19. Jrjhs62 says...

    Ate in Boca last night and food and service sucked.

  20. KR (Boca Raton) says...

    Use to enjoy this chain but have noticed in Boca location a decline in service and quality since Darden took control. Ate there last night and from the service to the food things were not good. This is my last meal there for awhile.

  21. JN (Boca Raton) says...

    Last night was our first time at the Boca Yard House. Couldn’t get into Max’s our normal haunt, so my gf and I decided to give Yard House a shot.
    No question that the restaurant is great looking with tvs all over the place?
    As for the food, the cheeseburger sliders which are just one big burger cut up and put in small buns they didn’t taste too good. Very strange taste and I had to have the waiter bring me a roast pork taco instead. It was ok but strictly chain food. My gf had a turkey Cobb salad and she enjoyed it.
    Now I maybe speaking out of turn here, but I’m willing to bet that the hamburger meat that I was served had turned bad.
    As for the service, sports bar friendly nothing to really comment on.
    If this is what Yard House is all about, they won’t be seeing us again.

  22. MHW says...

    Ate in Boca last night. Very busy. Had burger sliders. Kind of tasteless.

  23. Elmo James says...

    Ate dinner tonight 30 minute wait. Good food and good service.

  24. Jim & Ellen says...

    Ate in Boca loc tonight. Delicious cheeseburger, ff, lettuce wrap and Korean beef.

  25. Ted Weiss says...

    Dinner at Boca Raton.
    Food and service were just average at best.

  26. Lana G says...

    My husband and I use to be big fans of Yard House. We always enjoyed its food and drink options.
    It seems that from the moment the chain was acquired by Darden everything went downhill.
    The two restaurants that we use to enjoy were the Gulfstream and Boca Raton.

    Gulfstream is still passable, while the Boca Raton spot is a total disaster.

  27. Marvin Jackson says...

    My wife and I have been eating at Yardhouse joints for years.
    Decent enough food, but nothing ever specactular.

    Last night my wife and I and four of our friends ate at the Boca Raton Mizner Park location and honestly some of the worse “shit” any of us have ever eaten. Every dish tasted as if it was frozen food that had been microwaved, Some of the dishes tasted as if they were covered in salt.

    We were there at 6pm and the joint was literally empty. And I. Do mean EMPTY!

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