Pastrami Princess (Coconut Creek)

Posted on March 12th, 2011 · American Breakfast Coconut Creek Delicatessen

***** Pastrami Princess, 4690 North State Road 7, Coconut Creek, Florida 33073, (954) 968-3020.

On March 9, 2011- I did a “story” on Pastrami Princess. In a nutshell, Pastrami Princess is owned/operated by the same people that owned/operated NYC’s famous Pastrami King and Boca Raton’s Pastrami Queen. Without going into the “politics” of this business, let me just say that if you want-to-eat outstanding New York Kosher Style Deli stuff, you must try Pastrami Princess which opened last Tuesday in Coconut Creek.

For “rave” Pastrami Queen reviews, check Jeff Eats “Pastrami Queen” (12/12/08) and “Real NY Style Delis” (8/27/09)—while you are reading take a look at the enormous number of positive reader-comments that were received.

Last night, I “did” dinner at Pastrami Princess. Delicious pastrami, corned beef, roast beef, turkey off the bone, roast chicken, chicken in the pot, stuffed derma.

Once again, if you are looking for real-McCoy deli stuff…Pastrami Princess is for you.

The joint does breakfast-lunch-dinner and is open 7 days a week 7am-9pm.

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  1. ZANEY says...

    Jeff Eats:

    I think I know good deli. I was born in Queens and have in Delray Beach for nearly 25 years.
    I loved Pastrami King in Kew Gardens, Queens. And I loved Pastrami Queen in Boca.
    I am going to try Pastrami Princess. If the same people who owned King & Queen own Princess foodwise it can’t miss.

  2. robert in coconut creek says...

    That location is pretty tough. Pasquales seems to do ok but he has a big following and has the best location in that plaza. They will need plenty of word of mouth. Alot of traffic goes past the plaza on wiles and state rd 7 but the plaza just doesnt get much people.

  3. zz says...

    food is ok. i know they just opened but they got to get better organized. the food was better when they were in boca under pastrami queen name.

  4. Melvin says...

    Definitely as good as the Queen that was in Boca.

  5. joe-6 says...

    Just was there today. It is on side street opposite the Home Depot at 4700 University Drive which is just a bit north of Sample. I went to the Home Depot and leaving there what do I see but the Pastrami Princess next to Pasquale’s Pizza which I noticed first. I was in a hurry so got pastrami sandwich to go. Very high quality. I asked the manager point blank if they made their own pastrami and he said yes. A huge pickle was included.

    The pastrami was leaner that what I got at Pomperdale which also has great pastrami. First time I ate Katz’s was 1960. I am shocked how degenerated that place has gotten with these gawd awful Rueben sandwiches. Katz’s was known as kosher style….meaning you don’t put cheese, slaw and freakin’ Russian dressing in a pastrami sandwich! There are gulags in Siberia to send such meddlers.

    ****The tables there look like they came from the Boca joint, Pastrami Queen. So the lineage is intact.

  6. victor says...

    Same great pastrami as in Boca. This new location stinks. Hope they make it because I love the food.

  7. james says...

    This was quite the disappointment.

  8. Joel Lerner says...

    Went there last night with wife and kids. It was 6pm. Only one waitress working the floor.
    She seemed overwhelmed.
    Food took way to long to come out.
    Just two other tables going.

    They did not have hard salami. It needed another 2 weeks to be ready. Wife was disappointed.

    I ordered the two hot dog special. It was fair.
    Being a former New Yorker I know good deli. This was fair at best.

    Pastrami queen was better. Yes, it looked the same but it was not.

    Want better deli. Please go to Two Jays.

  9. Arnie G. says...

    Hey Jeff,
    I was a big fan of Pastrami Queen. The food was the best around. Not really interested in why it closed but I think a domestic matter was the reason. The Princess is too far away from my home to make the trip. Hope they do well but it is just waaaay too far away. I heard that in the Queen spot that the husband Gary is going to open a place called ZINGERS which will be just like the original Queen store. Heard he just signed a lease for the new business.

    • jeffrey s . says...

      gary give me a call ill bring paul back with me top service , big lines

  10. rose giglio says...

    i just read your blog iam also a queens girl ,i loved pasrtimi king . i definately would be a asset tp your deli call 954-224-6086

    • howard says...

      they closed oweing people money

      • chewy says...

        ate there once. it was a disaster.

  11. peggy says...

    My father was the original pastrami king of kew gardens. I frequently visited the boca patrami queen. I even gave them the original menu and write up in the N.Y. times for number 1 deli in N.Y. in 1979. I also joked I was the real pastrami princess. So now I find out my idea is used for the name of the new site in coconut creek and all memorabilia from Pastrami King is Where?I only hope that my dads legend lives on……

  12. val says...

    had a pastrami sandwich and potato knish. not good.
    wont be back.

  13. john says...

    Went to try out their pastrami.Taste is not good at all.Nothing even close to NY style deli.Would not return.

  14. HerbK says...

    Closed, Done. Kaput. History

    They weren’t going to overcome that poor location

  15. Piper says...

    From: Piper
    Subject: Pastrami Princess

    Message Body:
    They closed….What a shame…nice people

  16. robert weisberg says...

    RIP. Location is terrible, management had no clue. I could see it probably cost them a few bucks to get the place, furnish it etc, yet they had little food. Always out of fresh turkey. They probably never had it. When you look at that particular location, how in the world does a sane person think it will work out? You need food traffic. Pasquales is on the corner of that plaza and he can be seen from the road. He has a huge following as well (although I dont know why)


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