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Posted on February 20th, 2011 · American Breakfast Delicatessen Delray Beach


***** Ruven’s, 13800 Jog Road, Delray Beach, Florida 33484, (561) 499-9003.

Bingo!— Home Run!

If you are looking for a terrific-New York Kosher Style Deli—your wish has been answered. Say hello, to Ruven’s which opened last Wednesday in Delray Beach. For right now, the joint is open 7 days a week from 8am-3pm—look for “dinner” to be added sometime in late March.

Just some background info… “this” Ruven’s is owned by Steve Ratinetz who in the mid 1990’s-2003 owned/operated Ruven’s in Plainview, New York—which was an absolutely terrific kosher deli. My January 25, 2011 Ruven’s of Long Island writeup- has more “history” if you are a history-buff.

You know and I know, that South Florida has more bagel delis than you can shake a stick at…just for the record, Ruven’s is not and I repeat the word NOT, a bagel deli. For sure, it has the requisite “500” types of bagels, bialys and onion boards—that said, this joint is all about pastrami- corned beef- brisket- turkey- stuffed derma- potato pancakes- blintzes, chopped liver-stuffed cabbage-fried kreplach-matzo ball soup—that rival the best stuff served in NYC, Chicago…or for that matter, anywhere that you formerly called home.

If there is one thing that Jeff Eats knows—it’s good deli.

This afternoon, in no particular order– I did a “taste test” of pastrami, corned beef, brisket, turkey off the bone, matzo ball soup, cabbage soup, stuffed derma, potato pancakes, chopped liver. fried kreplach…absolutely delicious.

Based on Jeff Eats’ “maiden outing”—I’m putting Ruven’s right up there with South Florida’s best New York Kosher Style Delis. Throw-in huge portions at reasonable prices…and I can’t see Ruven’s not quickly developing an enormous following.

You now know about a terrific deli—this one is a keeper!

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  1. IOUMONEY says...

    Ruven’s is a good deli.
    Glad it’s in the neighborhood.

  2. Jeff,
    Ruvens is a good deli. You get good food at very reasonable prices.

  3. Lois Voron says...

    Do you have pickled lox? Louie’s on flatbush avenue in Bklyn, carried the best. Can’t buy it any where.

    I will be new to the area…looking forward to
    eating in Ruvens

    Lois V

  4. Ruven’s is a very good deli.
    Good food.
    Big Portions.
    Good prices.
    Very pleasant service.

  5. Allen Rubin says...

    I live in Lawrenceville GA…6 months ago I visited my Father-in-Boynton Beach. He took me to Reuvens. Words cannot express my meal that I had that evening. It is now 6 months later and I will be visiting my father. We will reviset Reuvens ,I’m hoping to have the same waiter..he was a of the best!.

  6. RFGR says...

    Had food from here for the jewish holidays. everything was delicious.

  7. Gary Weiss says...

    Ruven’s is one of my favorite delis.
    The food is always good.

  8. ED STOLL says...

    This is my favorite NY STYLE DELI in Florida.
    Good food, good prices, good service.

  9. DELIMAN says...

    You folks have to try Ruven’s Turkey Night. Delicious fresh turkey carved for you right off of the bone.
    Love this deli.

  10. WAsserman says...

    Terrific food at good prices.
    One of the best delis in s fl.

  11. TATAFORNOW says...

    This is a good solid deli.
    I really enjoy their turkey night.

  12. Jeff, this is one of my favorite delis in s fl. the food is good. the prices are very reasonable. the staff is always accommodating.

  13. Fred M. says...

    Good food and it’s priced right. One of my favorite delis.

  14. Sid L. Turner says...

    I really enjoy Ruven’s. Good food, good service, good prices. They make a fabulous turkey on the bone. Try Ruven’s, you won’t be dispappointed.

  15. consistently good.

  16. DandyJoe says...

    Hey Jeff,
    Ruven’s moved.
    It’s now in the location where Lenny’s use to be right next door to Publix.
    Had dinner there last night and food was terrific.
    The décor of NYC that Lenny’s had is still there, so Ruven’s now looks real modern and hip.

    • Joyce says...

      Hi: Do you have their phone number? Tried calling 499-9003. Call doesn’t go through. Trying to make dinner reservations.

      • GT says...

        Try 499-0474.

  17. CalH says...

    Ruven’s is a really good deli.
    It recently moved right next to Publix in the shopping center and used a lot of the OLD NYC decorations that Lenny’s the former restaurant had. In addition more artwork was added and a huge deli counter was put up front and the restauarnt looks fabulous.

  18. New store is fabulous looking. Had dinner there last night and food is excellent.
    The new location next to Publix is a great spot in the center.
    Really love the old NYC murals.

  19. Goldman says...

    Jeff, we use to eat in lennys quite a bit. we loved the food and the décor. it was really a shame when lennys closed.
    ruven’s is now in the old lenny’s spot. much of the décor is the same with some new counter and decorative additions.
    we always found the old ruvens location a bit on the drab side in look but the food was always good.
    now that ruvens has a totally new facelift we have the best of a both worlds namely good food and good looking place to eat in.

  20. fred s says...

    Tried Ruvens’ new location out and thought that the new decor looked great. Painted scenes of old New York, really cool. As for the food, there were four of us and our order included 2 pastramis on rye, brisket on rye, chicken salad on rye toast and french fries all the way around. Everything was just right.

  21. kevin says...

    went here for breakfast 1st time eggs were raw slimy and bacon was deep fried in old grease.will never ever go back here

  22. judie berlinger says...

    I just returned from Thanksgiving Dinner at Reuvens. We were a party of 6. Coleslaw, pickles and challah were delicious. The Matzo Ball soup, not hot enough. The white meat turkey was dry, the stuffing, sweet potato square, and green beans almandine were all on the cold side. I was served a piece of apple pie. While it was tasty, it was the smallest slice I have ever been served. When I asked if I could have rugglach, I was told there was none. A walk to the front counter, and I saw plenty of them in the showcase. The coffee was delicious.
    The restaurant had several empty tables (7:15 seating). The service was nonexistent.
    For the price of $26.95 per person, not including gratuity or tax, e were all very disappointed.

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