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Posted on February 20th, 2011 · American Boca Raton


***** Pinon Grill, 6000 Glades Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33433, (561) 391-7770.

Got a terrific “American” semi-upscale joint for you…Pinon Grill in Boca Raton. Pinon is a newcomer to Boca in that it has only been around for 3-months. From what I have heard, since day-one, the joint which seats 303 (there is indoor and out door patio seating) has been packed every day for lunch and dinner. Based on last night’s dinner—I’m gonna bet, that Pinon isn’t simply the ” Boca flavor of the month”—and is going to have some real staying power.

At this stage of the game, check for menu/prices—there are also a handful of photos that will give you some idea as to what Pinon’s decor is all about. Since old Jeff Eats isn’t an interior decorator, let’s say that Pinon looks like a real upscale Houston’s, hope that helps you out. By the way, I called the joint “semi-upscale”—but your tee shirt/shorts ensemble will work here—that said, last night from 7:45-8:30pm, I didn’t happen to notice any such ensembles.

Now, let’s talk food. The menu isn’t exactly huge, but the 6 appetizers, 2 soups, 8 salads, 13 entrees, 6 sandwiches that I counted seem to cover all of the 5 major food groups I learned about at Brooklyn’s P.S. 179. Last night’s “sampling”– lobster & crab ceviche ($16), shrimp spring roll ($12), baby back ribs (full rack $24), crab cakes ($25), chicken paillard ($18), pecan crusted trout ($22) was just right. I enjoyed every dish–with the ribs having one of the best sauces, that I’ve had in a very long time.. If you need a complaint, the ribs weren’t the “meatiest” that I’ve met in my day…they definitely could be beefed-up (or is it porked up?).

Before I wrap this one up…just wanted to mention, that the service was excellent. Our party of four had Steve “the waiter” who knew Pino’s menu cold—and made sure that water/drink glasses were never even close to being empty. I was also impressed by “service manager” Adam who when not visiting tables, was pitching in as a backup bus-person. It’s guys like this (or lack of), who in the long run-can make or break a joint.

If you are a fan of joints like Houston’s, J. Alexander’s, J. Marks—I think that you will really enjoy Pinon.

Pinon Grill is open Sunday-Thursday 11:30am-10pm and Friday-Saturday 11:30am-11pm.

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  1. Mrs. Fern says...

    Tried to go there last Friday night. Very hard to get a reservation. Hearing good things about this one.

  2. Johnnie says...

    Was there last night. Great looking restaurant. Nice style crowd. The owners definitely put some heavy bucks into the decor.
    Last night tons of people in restaurant and bar.
    Like you thought that the menu was a bit limited.
    Liked the burgers and fries.
    Also thought roast chicken was very good.
    Pleasant service.
    Fair enough prices.
    Nice change from Houston’s and J. Alexandre’s who are right in the same area.
    I think that the same guys who own this one also own Brimstone in Pembroke Pines.

  3. vvv says...

    thought it was very good. was there last saturday night.

  4. John D. says...

    This was a good one.
    Real upscale decor.
    Great bar.
    Very good food.
    Terrific service.
    Was very busy when I was there last night. I needed a reservation and it was timely honored.

  5. Shelly says...

    Went there for the first time 2/24. Major dissapointment. The waiter told us that the Crab Cakes were broiled. They came out fried, oily and way over salted. The server had no idea what cocktail sauce was and I ordered a soup that was forgotten and then in the midst of my meal was advised they “had just finished it.” More likely just finished opeing up the can and heating it.

    • ERIKA says...


  6. XO says...

    Took me a couple of days, but finally got a reservation for Pinon. Was there on Monday night.
    Food B
    Service B
    Decor B

    This is the latest BOCA flavor of the month.

  7. bob c says...

    food ok, service terrible

  8. David says...

    Went last night. Pleased to have been seated at reserved time, though only small queue waiting.

    Busy, buzzy place with an interesting menu offering enough choices.

    Now the bad news….the service was poor and the menu did not live up to its claimed reliance on “fresh, organic, locally grown” foods. They could not produce any boiled potatoes as they just don’t have any potatoes on site – presumably because they use frozen, pre-cut, pre-cooked items – hardly the “culinary flexibility….. our guests will remember and return for”.

    One of our party was kept waiting far too long for some ketchup needed with a burger – hardly a surprising request.

    All in all, a pleasant enough evening but proof again that often the claims made(“quintessential “New American cuisine””) are just over-blown hype.

    More flexibility and better service are required here if this place is to succeed

  9. oliver says...

    food is just ok

  10. chewy says...

    great looking place.
    food is ok but not great.

  11. ERIKA says...


  12. George the Greek says...

    Nice looking place food and service average for the price

  13. ar says...

    food is very good.

  14. RR says...

    My wife and I attended a huge wine tasting event yesterday at Mizner Park. About 1000 people were there. Pinon provided some of the food and they had a crab cake that was fabulous. Haven’t been to the restaurant but based on that crab cake my wife and I are going to try the restaurant out next weekend.

  15. MikeS says...

    Food is terrific if a bit on the pricey side.

  16. shelly w says...

    Was there recently. ordered the “Bell and Evans”: half chicken with coriander sauce. The skin of the chicken was so spicy as to make it inedible. Waiter
    never asked why we left so much. Took it home, took off the skin, rinsed it and make chicken salad!!
    Won’t return

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