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MAXIES (Boca Raton)

Posted on February 19th, 2011 · American Boca Raton Desserts Fast Food Subs/Salads

***** Maxies, 500 Via De Palmas (Royal Palm Place), Boca Raton, Florida 33432, (561) 394-8800.

Got a cool 1950’s-1960’s “fast food” joint for you…MAXIES in Boca Raton. Order at the counter/pickup at the counter. Check for menu/prices. MAXIES has been “around” for something like 4 months…but if you click your heels–you’ll get a kick out of the 50s-60s red & white checkerboard decor and the easy listening doo wop music. The joint has both indoor and out-door patio seating.

Let’s talk food.

The joint’s menu is loaded with charbroiled burgers and hot dogs, pita pockets, subs, fries, onion rings…throw in a huge “create” your own salad bar and frozen yogurt with tons of toppings— and I can safely say, that everyone in your party will definitely find something to eat.

A recent sampling had me “doing” a cheeseburger (1/2 lb $4.99), tuna salad pita ($5.29), Italian beef sub ($5.99), French fries ($1.99), onion rings ($2.89). Simply put, MAXIES makes some really good stuff. I enjoyed everything and was thrilled that for $7.50 a piece, Mrs. Jeff Eats and Daughter Jeff Eats — were able to concoct large salads that wouldn’t damage their girlish figures—thus leaving me alone in peace, to enjoy (in particular) my burger with cheese-ketchup-mayonnaise-grilled onions-raw onions, salted fries covered in ketchup and large Coke ($1.89).

MAXIES is a very good fast-food joint.

MAXIES is open Sunday-Thursday 10:30am-10pm and Friday-Saturday 10:30am-11pm.

11 Comments to “MAXIES (Boca Raton)”

  1. zeve says...

    jeff, maybe fair that’s about it for their burgers and fries.

  2. joanie says...

    burgers and fries good.
    the steak sub was loaded with salt. not good.

  3. ody says...

    horrendous location. won’t make it through the summer months.
    food is good.

  4. Tanya says...

    Great fun decor, great music!!
    Italian beef & jumbo Chared hot dog,
    AMAZING!! Didn’t have a salad, but they looked great, frozen yogurt was better then the chains that are around. Very good

  5. Jerry says...

    I thought the burger was very good
    Italian Beef sandwhich is very tasty
    friendly people, clean, great prices,
    and they know how to make a milkshake!!

  6. nicky says...

    what a cute place!! loved all of the stuff on the walls, the food was great,
    burgers and dogs 9+
    fries were a 8 but get the cheddar on the side and they become a 10,
    the owner (I thinK) a early to mid 40’s hottie was great, he gave my son a cupcake, (I think to quiet him down) but it was really nice.
    may be a tough location, but worth the find,
    we will be back!!

  7. Mark says...

    Just like the places in Chicago, It felt like home
    what is better then a true Chicago Hot Dog, not many places around here know how to do it, but they got it right.

  8. Boynton Steve says...

    “cheese-ketchup-mayonnaise-grilled onions-raw onions, ” Ketchup? Mayonnaise? On a burger? Yuck. You must be a Yankee. 🙂

  9. SDR says...

    food is fair. that philly steak sandwich is saltier than held.
    lousy location. no question in my mind it will fail. sorry!

  10. ES says...

    out of business.

    • RFD says...

      When I saw the location I knew the guy was dead before I even walked in. Too bad.

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