***** Mark Anthony, Rus Anderson, Mark Anthony Band

Posted on February 14th, 2011 · Music/Events/Other


***** Mark Anthony, Rus Anderson, Mark Anthony Band

The other night, I attended a private party—that featured tribute performances to- Billy Joel and Elton John. An absolutely incredible show, starring Mark Anthony as Billy Joel and Rus Anderson as Elton John. Both performers looked-and-sounded just like the “real” guys. Backed by the Matk Anthony Band (4 musicians), Anthony and Anderson had a crowd of 360 dancing-singing for hours.

Over the past years, I have seen a “number” of tribute performers…The Beatles, Neil Diamond, The Rolling Stones, The Blues Brothers—just to name a few. I am telling you, these two guys are right up there with the best acts going. In addition, the Mark Anthony Band is a full party-band–covering 1950s-to today’s tunes.

Let me send you to Anthony’s site and Anderson’s site —checkout their videos and I think you will be amazed at how good these guys are. It is freaking uncanny how they “become” Joel & John.

From what I understand, both Anthony and Anderson are based-out of Tampa, where they are in constant demand on the party/club circuit.

If you can, check these guys out “live”…they really are that good.

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  1. Don D. says...

    I have seen Mark Anthony as “Billy Joel.” Great tribute. Sounds and looks like the real thing.

    • Mark says...

      Thanks YOU!

  2. IS says...

    I saw both Billy Joel and Elton John tributes.
    Really enjoyable.

  3. jenna says...

    Jeff. . . thanks for the info on this show. Didn’t know that you also added a few reviews on music in the area. Think thats great. Last night attended a show at the Spanish River Church on Yamato sponsored by the Jazz and Swing Band Society. IF you ever longed for the real jazz of 52nd Street in Manhatten you will be in for a great night. The house was packed to see this LIVE jazz and swing.. . Great Trumpet, Sax, Drums, Bass and Piano just amazing musicians. Reminiscent of 52nd Street clubs and surprisingly all younger guys playing this great stuff. Ziggy Elman, Roy Eldridge, Charlie Parker, Ellington. Rare enjoyable night for us.

  4. Frederick says...

    I saw the Billy Joel guy at the Spanish River High School auditorium. It was a total joke. This guy doesn’t look or sound anything like Billy Joel. His total wardrobe investment consists of a suit jacket and sunglasses. He works with really lame backing tracks too. It was like seeing a karaoke version of Billy Joel’s fat little brother.

  5. Mark says...

    This has to be our disgruntled agent we fierd Rich Rubin from amximum bands he does these crazy false rants to discredit anyone who makes money that he cant. I and WE have NEVER peerformed at any Spanish River High scooll (thats a JOKE) never heard of it! and we do not perform at schools! LOL this guy is either Rich Rubin OR he has mistaken me or us for a different act. sad but I know this is Maximum bands at its worst. he does this to so many people.

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