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Cheesesteak Experience (Pompano Beach)

Posted on February 6th, 2011 · American Fast Food Pompano Beach Subs/Salads


***** Cheesesteak Experience, 2900 West Sample Road, Pompano Beach, Florida 33079, (954) 580-1488.

Got an absolutely terrific “PHILLY CHEESESTEAK” joint for you…Cheesesteak Experience- located in the Festival Flea Market Mall’s fast-food court.

At this stage of the discussion, check for menu/prices. For those of you too lazy to “type”—this fast food joint’s menu is loaded with steak/chicken cheesesteak subs, wraps, sandwiches, burgers, subs, salads.

Trust me on this…Cheesesteak Experience makes a chopped- sirloin steak/grilled onions/Whiz/ Amoroso’ sub, that is right up there with the best that I have ever eaten. For the non- experts out there, WHIZ is sprayed cheedar cheese and Amoroso’s is a world famous bakery located in Philadelphia- which many think, makes the best sub-hoagie-grinder bread known to mankind. Going off topic for a moment, Cheesesteak Experience also makes an outrageously delicious tuna salad sub.

IN SEASON–The Festival Flea Market Mall’s food court on a Saturday or Sunday is literally a zoo. I was there today at 2:30pm and you’d swear from the lines, that the food concessions were giving stuff away. For right now, the food court has 3 delis, 1 chinese joint, 1 pizza place, 1 philly cheesesteak/sub/salad/burger joint. The point, this food court has enough of a selection to please everyone. Soooo…don’t worry, that someone in your party is gonna go home hungry.

I am telling you, if you are a fan of philly cheesesteaks—Cheesesteak Experience is an absolute must try.

The Festival Flea Market Mall’s food court is open 7 days a week.

7 Comments to “Cheesesteak Experience (Pompano Beach)”

  1. Jeff,philly guy says...

    We had a ” few ” diners in Cherry hill, What would we do without them?

  2. louie says...

    jeff, great philly cheesesteaks. whenever i’m in the flea mkt. i stop by for one. the knish guy is also very good.

    • CCC says...

      The Festival has two really good fast food places.
      The Cheesesteak one and the knish one.
      The Chinese food is just okay and the pizza use to be terrific but in recent months turned real lousy.

  3. BB says...

    Just took out from there.
    Very good sub.
    Nice find.
    Also loved your Direct From Philly one.

  4. Flasman says...

    Love the subs. Just heard they are opening a second location on Oakland Park Rd and A1A.

  5. Ron P. says...

    Festival wasnt too busy yesterday.
    Had a cheesesteak yesterday, cant beat this one.
    Whenever I’m in the market I stop by for this sub.

  6. PLAYBOY 1219 says...

    i am in the mkt at least one a month.
    while my wife runs around, I always grab a sub and people watch.
    They make a very good philly cheese steak sub.

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