***** The Critters *****

Posted on January 30th, 2011 · Music/Events/Other


***** The Crittters *****

Regular Jeff Eats’ readers know, or should know by now, that I love 1950s-1960s Rock N’ Roll music. I am also a huge fan of 1970s Disco music. Whenever I come across a terrific “cover band” down here in South Florida, I like to give you a heads-up about them and where you can see them in action.

Last night, the Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton had a terrific event in its Clubhouse O’Bar…from 6:30pm-9:30pm a crowd of about 250 was treated to the sounds of The Critters. Simply put, this was one of the best 1950s-2011 cover bands that I have ever seen. Of note, The Critters in the 1960s had three Billboard charters “Mr. Dieingly Sad”–“Younger Girl”–“Don’t Let The Rain Fall Down On Me.” Not only did this 4 peice band do dead on “versions” of their own hit records, but absolutely killed-it with Motown-Disco–and stuff right up to 2011. Another thing that impressed me, was that the band took one 10 minute break during the entire 3 hour performance.

As I mentioned, I saw The Critters at a private event—only members and their invited guests. Now for the good news, The Critters who are based out of Port St. Lucie have a very active “public” schedule. If you check their website you can catch some video/history/performance dates-locations. A fast-look at their February public schedule has them in Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Port Salerno, Jensen Beach, Fort Pierce.

Do yourself a favor—Plan on spending an evening with The Critters…they really are that good.

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  1. eddic c. says...

    hey jeff,
    i caught this band at Pirates Cove in Stuart awhile back. as you said, they are terrific.
    i am sure you know, that one of their original members and current lead singer, don ciccone in addition to having been a critter was also a 4 season and a shondell.
    that mr. dieingly song is one my all time favorites.

  2. mk says...

    saw the critters at wcc,
    they are very good and very polished.
    i love their song mr. dieingly sad. it is beautiful.

  3. SSS says...

    I’ve seen The Critters with Don Ciccone. They are really good.

  4. Tommy Dee says...

    I saw them a while ago and was blown away!
    The song selections were great, and the talent
    vocal & music were outstanding!
    Definitely go and see this group, you wont be

  5. KNDY says...

    I live in the Woodfield Country Club. As many may know, WCC is known for its great club parties and special events. Unlike most clubs, our average age is about 47. We have tons of kids, and our adult owners range from the 30’s to the 90’s. Because of so many ages, WCC has to plan all kinds of different events to please the entire population. Unlike most clubs we can’t be on an oldies circuit with bands and comics and acts. WCC always looks for something different.
    To make a long story short, on average we probably average about 15 different bands playing here during a year. I can’t recall over the past 7 years or so, when even one of the bands wasn’t good.
    During the past few years, WCC was the first to have The Bronx Wanderers who are now huge on the S Fl. circuit. We have had American Pop 60’s whose lead singer is also the lead singer of The Grass Roots. A huge Club favorite is a local group Whitetsone. We have had Otis Day & The Knights, Maxine Nightingale, Sonny Geraci from The Outsiders. Shirley Alston Reeves of The Shirlells, Joey Dee. The list goes on and on.
    Last Saturday night The Critters were here. To say that they are good is an understatement. They were fabulous. In addition to playing everyone’s hits, from The Four Tops to The Black Eye Peas, The Critters played THEIR HITS. Keep in mind that in the 1960s this band had Mr. Dieingly Sad which was gigantic and one of the most beautiful songs going. They also had Younger Girl which was also huge.
    Jeff and others here have told you how good The Critters are.
    If you like great music, I would strongly recommend that you go see these guys.
    Their schedule has them playing a lot of Treasure Coast venues and it looks like most of their appearances are FREE so you can go for a dinner or drink and be entertained for what amounts to a small charge.
    Once again, check them out.

  6. Connie M says...

    I’ve had the pleasure of attending a Critters concert in Ft. Pierce and I strongly recommend that you make it a point to hear these 4 talented musicians. If you like great music, do yourself a favor and go see the Critters this year for sure! I live on the west coast of Florida and believe me, it was well worth the trip over to the east coast to see the Critters perform. What a concert it was!!! Fabulous music from start to finish. They are ALL gifted musicians, the harmonies are exceptional… but I have to admit that I have a special love for Lenny and have been his #1 fan for many, many years! Go see this group…you’re gonna love ’em.

    • LOLA says...

      I also saw these guys in Ft. Pierce.
      They are a great band.
      I highly recommend that others check them out.

  7. Gwen Carden says...

    I’ve been following The Critters for several years now. They never, ever disappoint. Each member is a consummate professional. They practice several hours every week, and are always working on new material to keep their fans entertained. Be sure to go to: for their schedule. Oh, and none of them is a prima donna. They love it when people in the audience talk to them during breaks.

  8. ralph r. says...

    i’ve seen the band with ciccone singing lead and with albert miller as lead singer.
    both versions are super.
    this is an act that you got to see.

  9. elizabeth j. specht says...

    Love you guys…..from Joplin MO!!!!!

  10. joanie says...

    outstanding band.
    dont miss them.

  11. Jo Jo says...

    Saw them and loved them.

  12. chewy says...

    one of the best that i’ve seen.

  13. plp says...

    catch them you wont be sorry that you did

  14. ollie says...

    terrific band.

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