Ruven’s of Long Island (Delray Beach)

Posted on January 25th, 2011 · American Breakfast Delicatessen Delray Beach

Ruven’s of Long island, 13800 Jog Road, Delray Beach, Florida 33484.

Here’s a heads-up for you…sometime in February, Ruven’s of Long Island–a kosher-style NY deli serving breakfast, lunch and dinner is scheduled to open in the San Marco Plaza in Delray Beach. The owner/operator of this new venture is Steve Ratinetz–who years ago owned Ruven’s, a terrific kosher deli in Plainview, New York. From what I understand, Steve recently relocated to South Florida and apparently the “bug” to own another joint bit him.

Check Elbaum’s review (May 31, 2009)…Ruven’s will be located in the same spot where Lox Around The Clock and Elbaum’s Gourmet Deli–both kosher-style NY delis were dismal and I do mean dismal failures. Not really sure why both of these “businesses” failed…could have been location, could have been prices, could have been the food, could have been the demographics, could have been the service—COULD HAVE BEEN ANYTHING!

What I do know, is that Steve Ratinetz back in New York, knew how to run a deli-restaurant, with great food, good service and reasonable prices.

Let the game begin…

Look for a Ruven’s of Long Island review, once the joint is up and running.

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  1. Bill from Delray Beach says...

    Lox has been gone for a while now. This location has gone through a whole bunch of reincarnations since, each worse than the one before it. Being in the area I’ve tried most of them. Ho-hum food served by indifferent servers. Nothing kills a place like ordinary food and poor service.
    Another example of this principle is King’s Diner, also in Delray Beach. This alleged restaurant, located where Lucille’s Bad to the Bone once was on Linton Blvd. just east of 95 seems to breathing their last. I make it a rule never return to a place where I get ill an hour after eating.

  2. Dr. George says...

    jeff, i am very familar with the location that you are talking about.
    to say the least, it’s a very tough spot.
    the demographics have a crowd that is partly snowbirds, so the summer is very tough. in addition, most of the people in that area are on a fixed budget so they are very careful with their money.
    LOX and ELBAUM’S were ok.
    The problem the guy in that spot has is that he competes with powerhouse 3 G’s just down the road. Who has decent enough food, huge portions and cheap prices.

    I’m betting that Ruven is getting a fully built out restaurant for nothing. By the way there was another guy in there who also failed after Elbaum’s left.

    Ruven’s chances are very iffy. VERY VERY VERY tough location.

  3. Arnie S. says...

    Unless I’m wrong, I think that Steve was GM of Gramercy Bagels for a short time. Seemed like a very knowledgeable fellow.
    Have to agree with Dr. George, very bad location.

  4. Andrew Saltzman says...

    I lived in Plainview for 44 years. Ruven’s was a great kosher deli. the only other real player in the area was Ben’s Kosher Deli which now has a Boca location. If I had to choose one over the other, I’d say that Ruven’s was better. I am looking forward to see how this kosher style version does in Delray.

  5. Lynette says...

    I had the pleasure of getting to know Steve Ratinetz throughout the leasing process. I have worked with many restaurant owners through my two-decade career in commercial real estate, and this guy really impressed me the first time I met him. He’s not fancy or flashy, but he understands his customers, knows how to make quality food from scratch, and recognizes excellent service is crucial to success. I knew he was the “real deal” when he told me about the huge lesson he learned in the biz when he was just starting out, and how he and his father turned a bad situation into a loyal customer for life. This guy “won’t lose a customer over a knish!” Look forward to becoming one of his regulars!

  6. SIDNEY R. says...

    I live about 1/2 mile from this shopping center. If memory serves me correctly, there have been 3 deli concepts. Two guys used the Lox name and failed. One guy was Elbaum’s and he failed. Another guy called himself something like Carneige Deli and he failed. So that means four out of four didn’t make it. By the way all of the delis used the same furniture and dishes that was used by the first Lox guy.
    In the same center there was an Italin restaurant and it failed. It was then reopened as a Nino’s and seems to be doing ok.
    There was an ice cream store that failed.
    There was always a lunch-dinner restaurant. Lenny’s. It was very good and had two different owners before it failed. Amazingly, both owners had the first name Lenny. Too bad for them, that the crowd just didn’t support it.
    From what I am telling you I guess you can figure out for yourselves that restaurants seem not to do so hot in the center.
    I wish the new guy a load of luck.
    Only time will tell if he’ll make it or not.

    • BB says...

      Make that 5. After Elbaum’s closed it was also re-opened as New York Bagel & Deli last year and lasted about 6 months.

  7. LES says...

    We sure could use a GOOD kosher style NY deli down here. 3 G’s is ok, Gramercy is fair.

    • Maxine says...

      I agree about Gramercy,fair at best,started out great,then portions got smaller and prices higher,service started out great and now totally unacceptable.He should never have opened nights as the food is a total disapointment, have tried several times, will never go back, maybe the owner got overly confident, with his lack of experience in running anything but McDonalds. As for location I feel Ruvens has as good a chance as Gramercy,after all that location has the same demographics.I have seen the new Ruvens and it looks nothing like any of the former deli’s located there

      • Brad says...

        Maxine, seems like you want a ton of food for only a little bit of money. Don’t think any restaurant could make you happy! If Ruvens has as good a chance as Gramercy, it might make it. Gramercy is packed for breakfast, lunch and dinner, they do a great job! Sounds like a contradiction Maxine and maybe you might just have a relationship with Steve and his mother, who owned Ruven’s in Long Island, being that you have seen his attempt to copy the successful Gramercy decor before he has opened to the public. Just saying…..

  8. Bill from Delray Beach says...

    I can’t buy that the location is the problem. Nino’s – the Italian restaurant in the same shopping center is jammed every night with people lining up to get a table. I stand by the principle that says if you give your customer good, fresh food in generous portions at reasonable prices they will come. It works a Nino’s, 3Gs, Kee Grill and so many others. It’s not location, it’s quality, quantity and price that make or break a restaurant.

    • BIG LENNY says...

      bill got to disagree with you. lenny’s which was in the same plaza had great food, good prices and good service. yet it still failed.
      i think that the center’s problem is that the people in the area are very frugal with their money and demand way too much for their buck.
      nino’s does ok, but the italian restaurant before them had almost same food and prices. i think that nino’s gets by because it got the restaurant all built out from previous owner so all it has is current rent and expenses. if they had spent $700,000 or so building the restaurant they would also be under water right now.

  9. BIG LENNY says...

    The only chance that RUVEN’s has of making it, is the fact that they are getting a completely setup restaurant. All they got to do is move in with their staff.

    • Louise says...

      I looked in Ruvens yesterday and it is a completely different place. I think the reason the other places failed after Lox was that all they did is change the name. All the old surroundings was the same without the excellent food Lox offerred. I heard that Lox closed was partnership problems. Steve has a nucleous of customers from Long Island that have moved down here and want the good food that he offered up north.

      • zipper says...

        went over there last night. all of the windows are papered over so you can see in.
        big neon sign is up
        maybe they forget the (‘) in the name?
        hope its good because we sure could use a good deli in the area.
        3 g’s and gramercy are fair at best.

  10. LOLA says...

    Really looking forward to this one opening.
    Getting real tired of 3 G’s mediocre food. Flakowitz isn’t much better.

  11. SI says...

    Let’s get it on.
    Ruvens, open already and we’ll then decide if you are any good.

  12. DAVE says...

    Went as a guest to a family and friends party at Ruven’s. If yesterday was any indication of how things are going to go there, I think the landlord will be looking for a new tenant quicker than he thought, what a disaster!! I was seated by a hostess, my waitress didnt come to my table for twenty minutes, I had to get up and find her. My matzoh ball soup tasted like dirty dish water and the matzoh ball had no flavor. My dinner entree, which took forever, was cold and flavorless. Not one person helped us get our meal right. The people at my table and the surronding tables were all talking about how horrible their meal was as well as the poor service. The owner seemed to have no idea what was going on or even how to manage a restaurant. We heard him telling a customer when they asked what was in a particular dish, I think it is either turkey or beef, not really sure?? If you invite people to a party at your restaurant, you would think that you would make a great first impression, not in this cases. I know that we will never go back to Ruven’s, they don’t have a chance with all the stronger competition in the area. We tried you for free Ruven’s and it was very disappointing. I would think about getting in to a different line of work if I were you.

    • marlon says...

      Dear Dave, I just want to tell you that you have A LOT OF NERVE. The place just had a dry run at no cost to you!!!! If you had any clue about the restaurant buisness you would understand. I have been A loyal patron of Ruvens for many years so please cut them a break give him A little time to work out the kinks. Better yet he doesnt need people like you stay the hell away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  13. mark h. says...

    dave and marlon, i guess we are going to have to wait for ruven’s to officially open and for jeff to get in there for an honest broker review.

  14. Jessie says...

    Had my nails done and yay!! Ruvens was open! Stopped in and had a great lunch. Decor was very nice, all new woodwork. My waitress was very attentive and I had to bring home half my lunch because there was alot of food! So far, so good in my book!

  15. Judy says...

    I had the pleasure of being invited to the friends and family opening of Ruven’s and was very pleased. My friend and I were seated in the most remote area of the restaurant and the service was extremely attentive. All the wait staff kept looking around to see if anyone needed anything. Our food was delicious. We sampled the chicken noodle matzoh ball soup. The matzoh ball was light and fluffy and the size of a soft ball! The soup was not salty which was greatly appreciated. Add your own to taste, with so many being on a salt free diet. The french fries had the skin included and were hot and crispy. We also had very generously portioned Ruben and Rachel sandwiches. Too much to eat at one seating and we had to take half home. Steve also stopped by with samples of turkey stuffed cabbage and beef stuffed cabbage. There is plenty of business to go around and we wish Ruven’s a big success.

  16. zipper says...

    hey jeff, why dont you get over there and give us a review.

  17. ms says...

    originally from plainview. back there ruven’s was very good deli. will definitely try new location.

  18. Sharon E. says...

    I am very familiar with Ruven’s back in Plainview. It was a really good kosher deli. If it is as good here in Delray it will be a huge hit.

  19. Mike Herbstman says...

    Ruven’s is going to break the bad luck that the other restaurants suffered from at this location. It’s a winner. The owner and staff bend over backwards to please. The food is fantastic. It’s about time we have the restaurant that we deserve. Stop whining about the start up gripes and give them a chance to get their act together. We finally can get a meal that rivals the best in the NY area. Congratulations to all involved.

  20. stuart says...

    Had a chef salad for lunch today. It was
    prepared exactly how I asked for. The honey
    dijon mustard was the best I have ever had.
    My waitress was very attentive and was very
    cheery. Everyone around me seemed to be
    enjoying their lunches and saying how good
    everything tasted.

    February 24, 2011

  21. Rochelle says...

    I am going to Ruvens this morning with Friends. I will let you know how it was. The reviews I read were not positive. But I am going to try it. Let you know later!

    • joshua says...


      Have no idea where you’re getting your reviews from because I have been
      there for breakfast and lunch a few times already and everything I’ve had
      was great!

  22. Carole & Bob says...

    We live in Delray Beach. We were originally from Plainview, Long Island. There were three Kosher Deli’s in Plainview and Reuvens was the greatest of all three. Steve the owner of Reuven’s moved to Florida and reopened Reuven’s Deli in Delray Beach. He brings the same excellence service and tasty food to Delray Beach. You must try the pastrami, it is extremely tasty and the most delicious pastrami available in Delray, Boca, Boynton and beyond. In my opinion it certainly surpasses Three G’s, Ben’s Deli, Too Jays and Gramacy. All the food I have eaten there is excellent and mouth watering.
    The pastrami, corned beef, brisket, and turkey is out of this world. Don’t forget to try the chopped liver and the matzoh ball soup. You will love it. When my family comes to visit from New York, that is where I take them and they love it,

  23. helen says...

    From: helen
    Subject: dinner last night

    Message Body:
    looking forward to eating here as many people raved about it. boy, were they wrong.

    i ordered juicy plump chicken breasts.
    one was pencil thin but not too rubbery. the other looked like a left over piece from someone (it was hidden under the pencil thin one).

    i like to give new restaurants in my area a chance but yours was a disappointment. the best was your cole slaw and pickles.

    would i return? would i refer ruven’s deli? absolutely not

  24. Allen Rubin says...

    I am originally from Stony Brook NY. I moved to Boca Raton FL in 1963. I now reside in Lawrenceville GA. .There are n o Deli Restaurants in Lawrenceville. When I visit my father in law in Boynton Beach FL we eat outat Flakeawitz. When Reuvens opened, we gave it a try. We were seated at the right table. A charactor of a waiter was to become our server. Only in a good way! No more Flakewitz, no more 3 Gs, no more Poppies, etc etc..Reuvens!!!

  25. steven says...

    ruvens, just tried the food is not bad the weds to Sunday special are a bargain. a complete dinner from 10-14. stuffed cabbage was excellent, it came with best sour pickles since delancy st in nyc that was over 50 yrs ago. the rice pudding was to die for. a lot of choice service was excellent . it seems he got all together. why go to flakowitz when you can have a better meal with no hassle here.

  26. Andy says...

    Sorry to say, but Ruvens closed about 2 weeks ago. We were told they were moving a few doors down, close to Publix. There was a large sign in the window of the new location, but it’s since been taken down, and their phone is disconnected. Sadly, it seems they will not be relocating – at least in the same shopping center. We liked their food very much, and we hope they will re-open in another nearby location.

    • mark says...

      wrong!!!! relocating right next to publix in the same shopping center. should be open in a week to ten days.

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