Pizzeria Oceano (Lantana)

Posted on January 7th, 2011 · Italian Lantana Pizza


***** Pizzeria Oceano, 201 East Ocean Avenue, Lantana, Florida 33462, (561) 429-5500.

If you are looking for a “red sauce–huge menu–soup/salad/garlic rolls/entree/pasta side” Italian joint…Pizzeria Oceano ain’t for you.

Pizzeria Oceano is a “very interesting” concept. A handfull of appetizers/salads/pizzas–the menu CHANGES every day and a ton of product comes from local farmers. In fact, the “purveyors” names are listed on the menu—sort of like when 5 Guys tells you where the daily potatoes come from. There is very little seating inside, maybe room for 12—there is also an outdoor patio for dining. You can check menu/prices at

Like I said, very limited menu. In fact, the menu states “TAKEOUT IS NOT ALWAYS AVAILABLE & NOT RECOMMENDED.” A husband/wife team–Dak & Martha own the joint, and seem more interested in turning out great food than filling their bank account—let’s call their business-style “novel.”

Anyway…a recent outing had me doing their basic pizza—mozzarella/tomato sauce ($13). Let’s just say, that this thin crust-sweet sauce pizza was off-the chart. Absolutely delicious.
I’ll bet you a quarter, that your favorite neighborhood pizza—doesn’t come close to this slice.

Don’t know Pizzeria Oceano’s business model…What I do know, is- that the fresh made daily mozzarella made Jeff Eats’ 25 minute drive (one way) worth while.

Pizzeria Oceano is open Monday-Saturday 5:50pm-no set closing time…the joint is closed on Sunday

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  1. mike z says...

    hey jeff, what do you think of

  2. JeffEats says...

    mike z: Just had a chance to read your post.

    As for, it has its moments.

    Thanks for reading…

  3. Liz says...

    I don’t get the business model either but it’s the best pizza I’ve ever eaten.

  4. Lapp says...

    I love the worstpizza moments 🙂


    • poppy says...

      i see you followed jeff eats’ lead and tried this one. give credit when credit is due.

      • donkeyman says...

        so obvious that worstpizza got this one from jeff.

  5. Eli F. says...

    Pizza is fantastic!

  6. Sid L. Turner says...

    Amazing delicious pizza.

  7. Pizza is amazingly delicious.

  8. Hackman says...

    Great find here.

  9. Andrew Gold says...

    Some of the best pizza I’ve ever eaten.
    Great pick.

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