Bagel Bar East (North Miami)

Posted on December 14th, 2010 · American Breakfast Delicatessen North Miami


***** Bagel Bar East, 1990 Northeast 123rd Street, North Miami, Florida 33181, (305) 895-7022.

Got a very good “bagel-deli” joint for you…Bagel Bar East located in North Miami. If you are over the age of 2—you know exactly what the decor of this Monday-Sunday 6:30am-3pm joint looks like. You can check menu/prices at


Rather than telling you about the delicious—toasted everything with a schmear and pastrami omelette that I had, let’s turn our attention to a more immediate and pressing matter…Is there a Bagel Bar West?

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  1. GS says...

    Boardwalk Burgers & Fries just opened in Boca. Much better than 5 Guys. They are a chain. Try them, the food is very good!!!!

  2. Joey D. says...

    the real question that must be answered is there a Bagel Bar NORTH?

  3. ggold says...

    you are getting very’re blog sucks lately.

    • Joey D. says...

      ggold, the fact that Jeff let’s you babble on and on, goes to show you that he is Da’ Man!. We’ll miss you. BYE!!!

    • Hank Stern says...

      ggold: Don’t like what Jeff writes, don’t read the blog. It really is that simple.

  4. ggold says...

    time to give it up.

  5. ggold says...

    how about another yogurt shop review.

  6. ggold says...

    soooo many restaurants in east boca and east delray that you don’t review

  7. Jeff, this is a good solid bagel joint. bagels are very good. same goes for the appetizing. it’s been a go to place for years. and yes there is a BAGEL BAR WEST it’s in Pembroke Pines and it’s also really good.

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