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Froyolicious (Royal Palm Beach)

Posted on December 3rd, 2010 · Desserts Fast Food Royal Palm Beach


***** Froyolicious, 11081 Southern Boulevard, Royal Palm Beach, Florida 33411, (561) 753-4890.

Froyolicious…self serve yogurt joint with 10 daily “rotating flavors”…by now, you should know the drill at this-type of joint…fill your cup with yogurt and various toppings—cup gets weighed—this joint gets 45 cents an ounce.

These self-serve yogurt joints are seemingly opening all-over South Florida. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…FAD. This “thing” is gonna end up like a bad game of musical chairs for most of the players. I’m gonna give the “concept” 24-months before the vacancy signs start to pop up in the storefronts where they are currently rushing to get in. For sure, there will be a winner or two in the game, but then again, Blockbuster also thought it was king of the road.

Anyway…I gave Froyolicious a shot the other day. Besides having a ridiculously hard name to pronounce and the fact that 45 cents per ounce is waaaaaay–too-high, the joint’s vanilla, chocolate and green tea yogurt flavors were very good. Please keep in mind, that Jeff Eats is far from being a yogurt connoisseur—but I did find Froyolicious’ (try and say that 3 times real fast) yogurt better tasting than most of its South Florida competitors. Once again, a DQ chocolate/heath bar blizzard would be my game of choice.

You can check Froyolicious’ flavors at

You now know about another contestant in the self-serve yogurt category. If yogurt is your game, enjoy the players before the inevitable shakeup takes its toll.

Froyolicious is open Sunday-Thursday 11am-10:30pm and Friday-Saturday 11am-11pm.

5 Comments to “Froyolicious (Royal Palm Beach)”

  1. TOMMY C. says...


    You are so right that self serve yogurt is a fad. As you correctly point out this places are opening up all over South Florida. In my Boca neighborhood in the span of 2 miles or so we have Orange Leaf, Tutti Frutti, Echo. They are all basically the same. No question like the mom & pop video stores of 30 years ago they will become history sooner or later.
    My favorite store for right now is Yogurtland. Great flavors and great price. The location I go to is on University in Coral Springs.

  2. robert weisberg says...

    I still love Yogurtland. I think they stand out. First they have the lowest price at .30 per ounce. Many fresh toppings and the flavors are excellent. For a few dollars you get a nice serving. The place is very clean when I go and I often see people tasting every flavor as they stand around 🙂

  3. IR says...

    Hey Jeff, Boca got another one coming Yogurt Zone. This self serve business sure is getting crowded really fast.

    • HerbK says...

      Yogurt Zone is taking the same space that just went out of business selling gelato. When you see people throwing serious six figure money at third rate locations, that have virtually no chance of even averaging a thousand dollars a day, you know the bubble is going to burst quickly.

  4. will says...

    yogurt land is cheaper because they use a powder base not a dairy base. the product is much cheeper than the real dairy. Froyolicious has the real dairy. On average if someone takes 10 ounces of yogurt for Yogurtland at .30 cents an ounce (this will cost the consumer $3.00 or at Froyolicous the cost is .45 cents for 10 ounces is $4.50 (which is not a big difference for a better and healthier product. This also leads to starbucks versus a dunkin donuts- the cost difference is about the same. The good thing about Self-Serve is you are in control of the Yogurt and how much you want to serve your self.

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