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160 Degrees Burgers Done Well (Coconut Creek)

Posted on November 21st, 2010 · American Coconut Creek Fast Food


***** 160 Burgers Done Well, 4437 Lyons Road, Coconut Creek, Florida, Florida 33073, (954) 633-2276.

Yesterday I was walking around the “white elephant” outdoor mall known as Promenade of Coconut Creek Plaza. Talk about disasterous timing…this mall opened for business just as the current economic crisis started to hit America–talk about sucking wind…poor real estate deals is a whole other topic for another day.

Anyway, I stopped at hamburger-hot dog-fries, fast food- order at/pickup at counter 160 Burgers for—a cheeseburger with sauteed onions, french fries and a Pepsi. The joint has indoor/outdoor patio seating.

160 Degrees Burgers Done Well is “1/2” of a two prong concept. You enter the store which has 2–counters…one for The Muffuletta A Sicilian Sub House…one for 160 Degress Burgers Done Well. Two different menus—two different kitchens. Personally, I think that the TWO idea is an amazing- waste of space, causes customer confusion, requires extra labor—I could go on and on, but this business puzzle is for the owners to figure out. I will tell you, that The Muffuletta/160 Degrees menus fully cover the sandwich/burger game. Before I move on and talk about my cheeseburger and fries…let me ask you-what the hell is a muffuletta? According to the owners, muffulettas are well known “sandwiches” in New Orleans. I rest my case—I’ll bet you 20 bucks that most people seeing- The Muffuletta sign, think the joint sells muffins.

Now onto the burger…One of the best fast food cheeseburgers I have had in a very long time. Can’t put my finger on it, but the burger was perfectly “seasoned” with something that made it absolutely delicious. The bet here, a drop of garlic. The fries, let’s just say–ok, but nothing that that I would write home about. The cheeseburger-fries-soda—9 bucks. Just so you know, 160 Degrees has hamburgers-veggie-chicken-buffalo burgers.

By the way, you can check menu/prices for both 160 Degrees and Muffuletta at

160 Degrees Burgers Done Well is open 7 days a week from 11am-9pm.

10 Comments to “160 Degrees Burgers Done Well (Coconut Creek)”

  1. HerbK says...

    160 Degrees Burgers Done Well? That’s a name only a sign company could love.

    I keep hoping that a burger place will open near Boca that has a great burger where you can quickly get a juicy medium rare burger, the only way I like them, without having to sit at a table to place an order.

    I’m hoping that when Boardwalk Fresh Burgers and Fries opens on 12/2, in The Shops at Boca Grove, that they will have that but I doubt it.

    Charm City Burger Company is still the best of the burger joints by far. It’s just about a 40 minute ride for me but I would rather take that ride than eat mediocre burgers at places like Five Guys

  2. BOOBIE says...

    jeff, i’ve been to the center that you mention exactly two times. what a disaster. great looking center, but really, how many Chico’s do we really need. there is no anchor there. a movie chain would be a draw. in the same center there is a scarfone’s pizza and buffalo wild wings. on the first visit i tried this place. the name with that muff thing is very confusing. it is a sub shop. i ate a burger and fries and like you liked the burger and found the fries just ordinary. the center is a mess and i seriously doubt that any store including this one is doing well.

  3. Jumbo Collins says...

    160 makes a better burger than 5 Guys. 160’s french fries are not as good as 5 Guys.

  4. miss lynn says...

    Jeff, I fould this dual concept a bit confusing. Like you, there is no reason whatsoever to have two different counter setups. in addition like you I found the outdoor signage confusing as to exactly what is being served inside.
    I have eaten the burger and fries and enjoyed both. I thought that the burger was very good and the fries were alright but not anything special.
    The help was very pleasant and I enjoyed eating outdoors.

  5. joe z says...

    these are nothing but frozen french fries.
    don’t waste time.
    get to 5 guys for real fries and great burgers.

  6. FAR says...

    Burger is very good. The fries are a frozen product. Taste like something you would make at home from your own freezer. A burger place should have great fries for its burger. This place doesn’t. They aren’t doing their business any good using a frozen product.

  7. robert weisberg says...

    I have been back a few times. Even though I like my burgers somewhat medium this place is still good. The price is very reasonable 5.00 for a burger. Employees are friendly and you go up to order and they will bring it to you inside or outside. I am fine with frozen fries. Doesnt matter to me. 5 Guys fries are OK but you guys like those more than me. Glad I saw the tip on ths place because I had no idea what was inside.

  8. robert W says...

    FAR mentioned frozen french fries. Probably 99% of all french fries in restaurants or fast food are frozen fries. I know that Five Guys makes them from spuds and so does IN and Out Burger. Nothing wrong with frozen fries. If the fries are fresh, hot and not over salted they can be quite tasty.

  9. chewy says...

    good burger crappy fries. crap location.

  10. Toni says...

    This restaurant is the worst. The manager is an absolute nightmare. He is rude, unhelpful and clearly in no position to be running a restaurant or any other establishment that deals with human beings and the staff is no better.

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