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Cupcake Couture (Delray Beach)

Posted on October 3rd, 2010 · American Delray Beach Desserts Fast Food

***** Cupcake Couture, 328 East Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 33483, (561) 276-2334.

First things first…I’m still very skeptical about the longevity–and staying power of these “cupcake” joints…that said, today, I was in-an absolutely terrific one…Cupcake Couture in Delray Beach.

Cupcake Couture, in addition to the–cupcake-thing…has a great selection of gelati (that’s the plural of gelato)…candy by the pound…coffee/tea drinks. You can check menu/prices at

I’m not going to go into the sorid details, but this afternoon–shall we say, I “taste-tested”–“Dolce & Banana”- “Jimmy Chooocolate”- “Oscar de la Raspberry”- “Coconut Klein”… When you get to this joint’s website, you can check the contents of each of these absolutely delicious cupcakes.

Just a suggestion– the next time you are “strolling” Atlantic Avenue, think Cupcake Couture. A real nice alternative to the run-of-the-mill-on every corner Starbucks.

Cupcake Couture is open Monday-Friday 10am-10pm and Saturday-Sunday 11am-11pm.

5 Comments to “Cupcake Couture (Delray Beach)”

  1. ll says...

    very cute and appetizing decor.

  2. Jim Haines says...

    Enjoyed the cupcakes but can’t see this concept lasting for very long on Atlantic.

  3. Meg & Richard says...

    Wow! Had 2 great cupcakes yesterday-great selection.Bring the kids and grab some candy and a gelatto.My favorite in Nyc is Crumbs

  4. jenna says...

    Went here this afternoon. Had some great coffee and the cupcakes not only looked so good they were delicious. Shared a Strawberry and Chocolate. Some sweet things are so so good youdon’t need to eat a lot to be satisfied. You need only a bite or two of these little beauties and your sweet tooth is happy. Great place. Thanks.

  5. chewy says...

    nice store with cupcakes. this fad will soon end.

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