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Russo’s Submarine Sandwich Shop (West Palm Beach, Lake Park)

Posted on October 2nd, 2010 · American Fast Food Lake Park Subs/Salads West Palm Beach


***** Russo’s Submarine Sandwich Shop, 1477 Military Trail, West Palm Beach, Florida 33415, (561) 964-1014.

Russo’s Submarine Sandwich Shop is, a submarine sandwich shop…there are 2 locations in West Palm Beach and 1 location in Lake Park. You know the setup—order at/pickup at the counter.

You can check menu/prices at

The folks who own this “mini” chain definitely have their act together. A recent outing netted me…meatball sub (large 12″–$6.39), tuna salad sub (large $12″–$5.59), turkey/ham/cheese (large 12″–$6.19)—delicious sub rolls, enormous portions, delicious fillings.

Just so you know, Russo’s menu is kinda on the limited side…with 8 subs and 5 salads. Subs come in two sizes…small 9″ and large 12″.

If you are a sub eater—you will definitely enjoy Russo’s. This “mom & pop” chain runs circles and I do mean circles around- the big boys like Subway, Quizno’s, Firehouse.

Russo’s is open Monday-Wednesday 9:30am-7pm, Thursday-Saturday 9:30am-8pm, closed on Sunday.

5 Comments to “Russo’s Submarine Sandwich Shop (West Palm Beach, Lake Park)”

  1. As says...

    Jeff, disAppointed in this review. Tried russos downtown about a year ago and really didnt like it. In fact i find firehouse to be far superior.

  2. Alfred/Boynton Beach says...

    I went to Russo’s at the recommendation of my nephew. Ordered the “Russo” which is a knock off cold Italian sandwich. It might be better than the chains (which I don’t go to anyway) but it doesn’t come close to V & S. For my money, it’s still V & S.

  3. JEM says...

    Russos Tuna sub is my fave sub ever! Love it!

  4. Kevin says...

    If you don’t like the food here, you are all nutty.

  5. Meg & Richard says...

    Went to Russo’s on Military about one week ago and was disappointed,My wife and I shared the meatball and tuna subs.I was surprised at their limited menu-no steak or sausage and pepper subs.Their bread ,to me, is like an oversized hotdog roll not the sub style roll from philly or even V& S or the home baked bread at Sonny’s in Hollywood.Their meatballs and tuna were just average–count us out.

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