Chef Carlin Restaurant (Sunrise)

Posted on September 22nd, 2010 · Cuban Sunrise

***** Chef Carlin Restaurant, 6941 Sunset Strip, Sunrise, Florida 33313, (954) 749-7472.

Chef Carlin- is a real good, casual, very reasonably priced, “mom & pop” Cuban joint, located in Sunrise, Florida. Check for menu/prices. The website also has a short video that gives a nice-tour around the restaurant.

Now, despite what you might think, Jeff Eats is far from being an expert on Cuban food…I know it’s hard to believe, but what is, is! I think, that my aversion to Cuban and other “forms” of Latin food—goes back to those “D’s” in Spanish, that I got at Brooklyn’s J.H.S. 62 & Erasmus Hall High School. Actually “aversion” maybe too strong of a term…let’s just say, that Latin food wouldn’t be on my “last meal” list.

Anyway…sometimes compromise is in order—so when friends wanted to try Chef Carlin… diplomat-Jeff Eats acquiesed.

Now…if I wasn’t- biased, I would tell you, that the black bean soup ($1.95), chicken noodle soup ($1.50), breaded steak ($8.50), shrimp creole ($9.95), roast chicken ($7.95), flan ($2.00)—were absolutely delicious…by the way all entrees come with, rice-black beans-sauteed plantains.

If Cuban food is your bag, you’re gonna love Chef Carlin.

Chef Carlin is open Monday-Saturday 11am-8pm. The joint is closed on Sunday.

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  1. ken says...

    Jeff did you ever eat at creolina’s dixie takeout in Davie. one of the best went there on Saturday and it appears they closed. this was the replacement for the first one on SW 2nd street. what a shame, I hope he pops up again someplace.

  2. Blanca says...

    I recommend this restaurant, the food and the services are really good. And it’s an affordable restaurant..

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