Cadillac Ranch All American Bar & Grill (Hallandale Beach)

Posted on September 10th, 2010 · American Hallandale Beach

***** Cadillac Ranch All American Bar & Grill, 921 Silks Run Road, Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009, (954) 456-1031.

Got a really good one for you…Cadillac Ranch All American Bar & Grill…located in Hallandale Beach. Just so you know, this American Style joint is located in a huge- new retail complex being built at Gulfstream Racing & Casino–the official name is The Village At Gulfstream Park. So far…the development looks dynamite, but, as I see it– as long as the Seminole’s have a monopoly on table games, casinos like the one at Gulfstream really don’t have a chance…so this retail complex will probably never reach its full potential, because the gaming “draw” just isn’t going to materialize. Politics aside…check for menu/prices/pictures. To add a bit more color here, Cadillac Ranch is a chain operation…there are currently 11 locations—Hallandale Beach for right now, is the only Florida spot.

I loved this joint…think upscale steakhouse, meets The Cheesecake Factory. meets LongHorn Steakhouse, meets EVERY SPORTS BAR that you’ve ever been in…throw in a mechanical bull to ride—and you should have the picture. The joint has 30 flat screen tvs, 4 bars, indoor and patio seating. Cadillac’s menu is loaded with appetizers, soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches, meat/seafood/chicken entrees, desserts.

A recent outing had me doing—chesseburger & fries ($10.95), full rack of babyback ribs & fries ($24.95), 1/2 roasted chicken with vegetable and fries ($13.95), philly cheesesteak sub & fries ($11.95)…no complaints here. I especially enjoyed the cheeseburger which was served on a kaiser roll and the thick hand-cut fires. All of the “sampled” stuff, was as good, if not better, than the food served by the best sports bars down here in old South Florida.

The beautiful thing about this wild-west decor joint, is that if you want, you can wear your tee shirt/shorts’ ensemble…and after you eat, you can ride the mechanical bull and play-anorexic.

I’m telling you, if you enjoy sports bars–casual dining…you will really enjoy this joint.

Cadillac Ranch is open 11:30am-4am 7 days a week.

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  1. joe-6 says...

    It’s a totally unfair situation for the race tracks. They are taxed at about 62% while the Indian are taxed at about 5-10%. The Indians never call it taxes. Because they are fictional sovereign nations when it suits them. But they do make payments to Fl when pressured into a compact that results in minimal “taxation”. The present compact prohibits tracks from offering the range of gambling the Indians do.

    The tracks should be allowed to offer any gambling the Indians do. I hate unfair situations like this

  2. wj says...

    have been to Cadillac. you are right, it really is terrific. the food is good and it’s a fun place. haven’t hopped on the bull yet, too scared.
    on gambling, you hit the nail on the head. the seminoles have the upper hand and every other casino is a big disadvantage.

  3. BBF says...

    How do I become a Seminole Indian? What a freaking racket.

  4. Foxman says...

    Lots of fun.
    Good food.
    I would also like to apply to become a Seminole.
    How in the world does the United States government give away such lucrative businesses?
    That’s why this country is screwed up.

  5. joe-6 says...

    Many years ago before there was any Indian casinos…. Mario Cuomo had a dispute with an upstate Indian reservation that was selling cheaper gasoline because they refused to pay NY State and Federal taxes on it. So Cuomo sent NY State Police cruisers to sit at the Mohawk reservation entrances and to check ID of all people leaving and entering. That killed the gasoline business so the Indians quickly reached an agreement with NY State on the gasoline taxes. They still had a price edge due to not paying the Federal bite.

    Same should be done to Florida Indian casinos until the Seminoles agree to a fair level of Florida state taxation. Fair is whatever the race tracks and other gambling places pay

    The Village At Gulfstream Park ….. I visited once and thought it was too quiet. Not busy enough. The Seminole casinos reek of tobacco smoke. At least the tracks I have been too are non smoking in the gambling area. I have been to the Seminole Coconut Creek buffet restaurant four times a while back, but have not and will not drop a dime gambling there.

  6. RKL says...

    Jeff, took a ride today from Boynton Beach and checked out Cadillac. Delicious burger and fries. Great upscale looking place. Good service.

  7. Tommy Valdes says...

    Jeff I have a fellow waiter Hershal the little blond waiter formerly of Pastrami Queen in Boca Raton working here at my restaurant. He mentioned that you would really enjoy the food here so I am inviting you to come and dine with me. Feel free to contact me or stop by any time. And remember “Never trust a Skinny Chef.”

    Trattoria Bella Cibo
    5801 Margate Blvd.
    Margate, Fl 33063

  8. andrew peterson says...

    My family and I ate there oct. 3 , my son had the prime rib that was half fat and half meat.I told the waiter and he called the manager,and he said that all prime rib was like that, he must have tought I was a fool. He was not so nice but took 25 percent off the prime rib, but my son was still hungry. I was very disapointed with the way we were treated, but the waiter was on my side, he saw all that fat on that prime rib. he was shocked. he was on my side.

  9. Norm R. says...

    burgers are frozen hockey pucks. same for fish dishes. lousy restaurant.

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