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Posted on September 7th, 2010 · American Breakfast Fort Lauderdale


***** Joe’s Cafe, 1913 Cordova Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316, (954) 760-5637.

Joe’s Cafe is a STOREFRONT DINER-counter-table-booth seating, as opposed to a neon lit-jumbo jet sized-freestanding roadside building. NY and NJ got tons of both. Florida doesn’t. I’m gonna assume you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway…Joe’s Cafe is as close to a “real” NYC diner as you will find. The joint is open 7 days a week 7am-10pm and has a humongous menu that covers every appetizer, salad, breakfast item, sandwich, burger, meat/seafood/chicken entree, pasta, wrap, dessert known to man…Joe’s also has the obligatory or is it mandatory- handul of Greek stuff like gyros, kebobs and souvlaki. You can check the menu/prices at

I recently did breakfast and lunch…trying, western omelette ($7.95), french toast ($6.95), chocolate chip pancakes ($6.95), patty melt (toasted rye-swiss cheese-burger-grilled onions/french fries $8.95), triple decker chicken salad sandwich ($8.95). Like I said before this is a d i n e r…and the stuff I had, was as good as the stuff I use to get at George’s-my favorite Brooklyn storefront diner.

For you historians out there… Joe’s Cafe is the second-coming of Joe Belair’s Diner a 1950’s diner which was demolished about 10 years ago to make way for yet- another, very-needed Walgreens.

Like I said before, open 7 days a week 7am-10pm.

If you like diners-and who doesn’t (now I’m sounding like Dice Clay)?– you’ll like Joe’s.

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  1. KB says...

    Years ago, I use to eat breakfast at Joe Belair’s about once a week. My office was right down the street. Haven’t been in the area for a number of years. If this new version is as good as the original your readers will love it. This is was/is a real diner.

    • fred d. says...

      kb, i was also a ‘regular’ at Joe’s. glad to see that its back.

  2. Concierge says...

    I am sure Gene Hackman will be delighted to hear this, since Joe Belair’s was his favorite place to eat, when he was in town.

  3. Mr. Diner says...

    lester’s is open 24 hrs.

  4. BA says...

    A number of years ago my wife and I ate at the old Joe’s. We found it nothing special and not even in the same breath as just the average diners that we grew up with in Queens. We have eaten in Lester’s Diner in Ft Lauderdale and its okay but once again not in the league with those Queens diners.
    Hope this new Joe’s is a step up.

    • tg says...

      the new joe’s is terrific. i have breakfast there twice a week. clean, good prices, great service and delicious food.

  5. Dennis says...

    Joe’s is a good place. Some diners are just creepy; and Joe’s is a nice clean place. Its not the best food or biggest portions, but its a comfortable place to grab a quick meal.

  6. Mig says...


    Love the blog. Just discovered your site via South Florida Daily Blog. Subscribed to your Fort Lauderdale RSS feed. Looking forward to your future restaurant recommendations.

    – Mig,

  7. patti says...

    I was bound and determined to find this diner.
    I have a picture of us outside of I suppose is the old building….and am on my way to ft lauderdale for mothers day…so happy to have found the new location….

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