S & S Diner (Miami)

Posted on August 30th, 2010 · American Breakfast Miami


***** S & S Diner, 1757 Northeast 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33132, (305) 373-4291.

S & S Diner is a REAL DINER…the joint has been around since 1938, has no booths or tables…customers sit at an 18 seat horseshoe counter. This is a cash only joint. The only thing that “tells” you that it’s 2010 is a flat screen tv…and of course the prices—no 5 cent coffee.

The way I figure it, if a joint has been around for something like 72 years, just maybe it’s doing something right–don’t ya think?

S & S does breakfast, lunch, early dinner…pleny of breakfast stuff, sandwiches, burgers, salads and “daily specials” like meatloaf and turkey.

Like I said before–real diner. Nothing fancy here…just solid good diner food.

S & S is open Monday-Friday 6am-6pm and Saturday-Sunday 6am-2pm.

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  1. David says...


    Your blog is entertaining but you have missed the mark on the Chinese food. There’s a little place in coral springs called Jackie Lee’s which i think is the best Chinese food I’ve had in south Florida. Be sure to try the egg rolls and the chicken fried rice those are my favorites.

  2. joey dee says...

    i’ve eaten at s&s. like going into a timewarp back 50 years. i loved it. food is very good.

  3. LKJ1956 says...

    Great diner.
    This is the real deal.

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