Corelino’s Coal Oven Pizza & Cucina (Lake Worth)

Posted on August 28th, 2010 · Desserts Italian Lake Worth Pizza

***** Corelino’s Coal Oven Pizza & Cucina, 6346 Lantana Road, Lake Worth, Florida 33463, (561) 968-8200.

Last night, I had dinner at Corelino’s Coal Oven Pizza & Cucina…the joint is brand new–it just opened last Wednesday night. Corelino’s seats something like 160, with both indoor and outdoor patio seating. You can check menu/prices at

Let me make this one simple…I thought that Corelino’s was absolutely terrific. The food and service were outstanding…the prices super reasonable.

Over the years. I’ve eaten in tons of coal oven and “regular” pizza joints. I gotta tell you– Corelino’s ranks right up there with the best of them.

Last night I did a house salad ($6 enough for 2), plain large pizza (16″- $11), coal oven wings (10-with french fries-$8.50), philly steak hero ($7.50-with french fries), jojo pollo (2 grilled chicken breasts with vegetables/roasted potatoes-$13), dessert sampler (mini pastries & cake-$10) and the food was absolutely delicious.

Trust me on this one, the food is right up there with the best stuff served by your favorite coal oven/Italian joint. Of note, all of the desserts are made in house. The mini pastries were right on the money and the chocolate cake could prove to be addictive.

There really isn’t too much more to say…give Corelino’s a try, it really is that good—and the joint is open Sunday-Thursday 11am-10pm and Friday-Saturday 11am-11pm.

Oh! almost forget to mention…Corelino’s garlic rolls—SENSATIONAL- if my wife wasn’t sitting there, I probably would have eaten 10 of them.

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  1. Bellini's says...


    You should come check out Bellini’s Coal Fired Pizza.
    The restaurant has been open since November and just had a great review in the Miami Herald.


    1535 North Federal Highway
    Fort Lauderdale
    954- BELLINI

  2. JeffEats says...

    Bellini’s, Just had a chance to read your post.

    Take a look at Authentic Brooklyn Pizza (July 10, 2010), are you sure you want me to stop in?

    Thanks for reading…

    • Bellini's says...


      We saw your post and think you should come by.


  3. Mr. Jim says...

    We have eaten in most of the coal oven restaurants in the area.
    My wife and I especially like Mona Lisa and Carolina’s. We also enjoy Tucci’s.
    Have to agree with you on Anthony’s it really isn’t very good. As a matter of fact, I think that its pizza is terrible.
    I see that you really liked Corelino’s, How does its pizza stackup against Mona Lisa’s and Carolina’s? is it better etc?

    • JeffEats says...

      Mr. Jim, Just had a chance to read your post.

      If i was “forced” to rate the three, namely Carolina’s-Mona Lisa’s-Corelino’s…

      Let me start by saying that all make real good coal oven pizza. I would rate them #1 Carolina’s–#2 Mona Lisa’s-#3 Corelino’s. That said, keep in mind that they are “different” joints…Corelino’s and Mona Lisa’s have outrageously good pastries and chicken wings, while Carolina’s doesn’t serve wings and its desserts don’t even come close to the other two joints.

      The point…you can’t go wrong eating at one of them.

      Thanks for reading…

      • john england says...

        hey jeff, i heard that mona lisa closed.

  4. Scott Mark says...

    Dear Jeff,
    I wanted to say thanks for inviting me to the concert. It was so nice of you to think of me. Please keep me in mind for other up-coming shows.

    Scott Mark

  5. RG says...

    This is one of your best picks.
    Wife and i tried it last night and food was excellent.
    We had house salad, small pizza and chicken marsala.
    The garlic knots were exceptionally good.

  6. Michele says...

    Had the Bianca pizza, 7 layer chocolate cake, cassata cake…all delicious…that was Saturday.
    Back on Sunday…two more pizzas (Arugula and Goat Cheese) and calamari…excellent again.
    The guy at the next table was eating the Chicken Marsala, he practically licked his plate clean…that’s my next choice!
    Give it a try…still working out the wait staff kinks, but definitely a standout so far!

    • rc says...

      michele, i and my wife were there last night. the food is excellent. we also thought the service was very good. one of the best coal fired pizza we have had. wings were also very good and same goes for house salad. we will be back. hope this all keeps out.

  7. donnie m says...

    Very good pizza and wings.
    This has to be one of Jeff’s recommendations.
    It is located in the corner of a large center that has TJ Max and Home Goods in it. It really is in an out of the way spot so you might have to spend a minute or so to find it.
    Small inside could have been larger but very nice outdoor patio which must be at least twice the size of the indoor area.

  8. hn says...

    this one is a winner

  9. mr. rubin says...

    jeff eats,
    some of the best pizza and wings that i’ve had in a very long time,
    i live in boca and the ride is about 20 minutes. well worth the time to get there.

  10. lynn s. says...

    Nice find.
    Really enjoyed the food.
    A bit noisy but worth it because of the food.

  11. mw says...

    My husband and I had dinner had Corelino’s. The food and service were very good.
    I can’twait for the humid weather to depart so we can give that outdoor patio a try.

  12. Johnnie G. says...

    Jeff, real good pick here.
    pizza was delicious. same goes for the grilled chicken.

  13. Enjoyed the pizza. The wings were delicious. We liked the ff which came with the wings. Something a bit different than the way others serve them.
    Also thought that the steak sub was very good. The sandwich was big enough for 2 to share.
    Highly recommend.

  14. joe f says...

    was there last sunday.
    had the steak sub.
    wasnt very good, very dry and bread was too doughy.

    • Karen Myers says...

      Good food.
      Garlic knots outrageously delicious.
      Good find!

  15. Dr. Shapiro says...

    Enjoyed the pizza and salad. Delicious garlic rolls. Had chocolate cake and it’s excellent.
    Ate there tonite and the restauarant was very busy.
    Prices are just right.
    A must try.

  16. Stephen Jacobs says...

    One of the best eggplant parmigiana that I’ve had. Terrific service.

  17. HC says...

    jeff, my husband and i recently had dinner. salad was delicious, pizza was good but wasn’t crispy enough. it should have been left in the oven a bit longer. chicken marsla wasn’t good. it had a buttery taste. garlic knots were delicious. service very attentive. prices are very fair.

  18. SG says...

    Jeff: Tried it and thought that pizza and salad were very good. The desserts were excellent. One of the owners brought a mixed plate over to our table for us to try. Our table also had chicken marsala which was just ok. Penne with marinara sauce was sort of bland and the steak sandwhich was nothing special. Garlic rolls were delish. They were better than most places rolls.

  19. DA says...

    Enjoyed salad, pizza, wings. The salad was big enough for 4 of us. We also had chicken marsala. Like SG we found this dish not very good. I could swear that it was cooked in butter and I have never heard of chicken marsala being made with butter. Also found the pasta in marinara virtually tasteless.
    So next time we are going to stick with the salad, wings and pizza.
    Almost forget the garlic rolls are very good as is the 3 layer chocolate cake. They also make a very good canoli.

  20. KG says...

    I absolutely love the jojo pollo, it’s to die for. I’ve had it 4 times, everytime taste delicious. Also the eggplant parm is wonderful. service has been great and prices couldn’t be better. I’m definitely going back..

    • mr j says...

      had the jojo pollo it was very good.
      also had pizza and wings also very good.

  21. johnny f says...

    jeff, nice find. good pizza and wings. also good salad.

  22. Alfred/Boynton Beach says...

    Just had lunch at Corelino’s. We had the salad and pizza. The salad was good but they reduce the balsamic vinegar to a glaze which imparts a strange walnutty flavor. I much prefer Tucci’s or Anthony’s salad. The pizza was good although I found the crust to be too thick. Would have preferred a thinner crust to really get the benefit of the coal fire. All in all – pretty good. We will return.

    • walter h. says...

      I have eaten in loads of coal oven pizza joints in my day. I think I know a thing or two as to what is good and what isn’t good.
      Corelino’s pizza is okay. The one that I had was undercooked. Maybe another minute in the fire would have done the trick, but when it hit the table it wasn’t quite right.
      The wings are good. I like carmalized onions on mine and these don’t have any. They come with French fries which were good.
      The house salad is very good and is enough to feed three people.
      I also tried the chicken marsala. It wasn’t good. Not sure what they did but it tasted as if had been cooked in a pan filled with melted butter.
      That’s my take on this one.

      • SSG says...

        Enjoyed the pizza. Enjoyed the wings. The chicken parmigano wasn’t good, it was too heavily breaded.

  23. eg says...

    loved the pizza.
    great wings and salad.

  24. AB says...

    Jeff: Good pick. Enjoyed the well done thin crispy pizza and wings.

  25. My wife and I used a 20% off coupon the other night. The salad, pizza and wings that we had were very good. We usually eat at Anthony’s but the coupon gave us a reason to give Corelino’s a try. We thought that the pizza was better than Anthony’s. It was a tossup on the salad and wings.

  26. Mark says...

    We tried this after Jeffs review as i live just a few blocks away and have eaten in every place in the plaza. I had the margarita pizza and it was good but not sure if this a coal oven thing but there was salt on the crust. For most of the Pizza t was fine but there was one slice that had to much. The place is very nice and I will go back

  27. FF says...

    The nicest people own this place. Sal one of the owners makes you feel right at home from the moment you step in the door. Pizza, wings, salad all excellent. Prices are reasonable and as I mentioned they bend over backwards to make your meal enjoyable.

  28. nick says...

    very good pizza and wings.

  29. Freddie says...

    heard a great opera singer while eating. check and see when he’ll be back.

  30. Linda Wechsler says...

    We gave this one a shot based on your blog and we weren’t disappointed. During dinner we were visited by Sal one of the owners who really keeps a close eye on everything going on. We enjoyed the pizza and wings and some delicious cookies. This was a very good pick. Thanks and keep em’ coming.

    Linda Wechsler (Delra Beach)

  31. Arnie L. says...

    the food is ok. nothing great, ok. the owners and staff are very nice. the prices are very fair. my wife and i will be back because we like to support our local folks.

  32. ZEEE says...

    This was a good call. Delicious pizza nd wings.

  33. Silvio says...

    Delicious pizza and wings.

  34. zipper says...

    One of the most delicious pizzas I’ve had in a very long time.

  35. bb says...

    Very good coal fired pizza.
    Very nice people own this restaurant.
    Very nice service.
    Will definitely be back!!

  36. jay jay says...

    excellent pizza

  37. chewy says...

    Very good pizza and wings. Lovely folks own this one. They are always offering specials.

  38. Mr. Music says...

    Terrific pizza and wings. This is one of my favorite Italian restaurants. Sign up for their daily email as every day they have a special offering that will save you money.

  39. louis f says...

    good food and good service.

  40. stayman says...

    same basic owner but its got a new name esposito’s. food is very good.

  41. Csmartin says...

    Hey Stayman, not sure how long you’ve been going there, but Espositos is a completely different owner and the manager is from later days of corelinos but not part of the original team.

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