***Don’t Believe Everything That You Read***

Posted on August 27th, 2010 · Italian Pizza

***Don’t Believe Everything That You Read***

In today’s Sun Sentinel on page 33 of Showtime insert…”ANTHONY’S IS THE BIG CHEESE”…

A full page, describing- how Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza with 23 Florida locations makes the best pizza in Florida.

If you check, on May 22, 2009 Jeff Eats ran “The 9 Best Coal Oven Pizza Joints In South Florida and on June 29, 2009 “The 17 Best ‘Regular’ Pizza Joints in South Florida—and Anthony’s didn’t make either list.

Trust me on this, Anthony’s doesn’t have the best coal oven or best regular pizza in South Florida.

Now- just an opinion…but I’ll bet you a buck, that in a blind taste test—you would pick Carolina’s Coal Fired Pizza & Pasta’s (see writeup May 27, 2008) -coal oven pizza over Anthony’s every time. Personally, I think that Carolina’s coal oven pizza is for-right-now, best of breed down here in South Florida. I also think, that most, if not all of the 26 pizza joints that I listed are better than Anthony’s.

I could go on and on…but like I said before, not a chance in the world that Anthony’s by any stretch of the imagination has the best “anything” pizza.

Just wanted to get that off my chest.

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  1. eddie says...

    you are so right. anthony’s pizza is lousy. most of time the crust is too burnt. the cheese is way to heavy tasting and the sauce isn’t sweet enough. i will concede that the wings are good. the new ribs are tasteless. all and all Anthony’s isn’t very good.

  2. MKA says...

    How Anthony’s got so many stores amazes me. Nothing special about the food.

  3. mr. cohen says...

    i won’t but just off the top of my head i can name 30 better pizza joints.
    this ranking is stupid.
    the pizza is not good.

    • joey g says...

      1. mona lisa
      2. tucci’s
      3. nino’s
      4. steve’s
      5. dominic’s
      6. mauro
      7. brooklyn boys
      8. tomasso’s
      and you pick 22 others.
      anthony’s pizza is terrible.

  4. lapp says...

    I couldn’t agree with you more. As they open more and more Anthony’s they neglect to mention the ones that are closing. Nobody wants a chain pizza place that makes coal pizzas. I haven’t been there one time, and truly enjoyed my meal. Tucci’s by far makes the best around here, and should have won this competition.

    • ronnie dee says...

      tucci’s is very good.
      mona lisa and carolina’s are better.

  5. joley says...

    thumbs down on old anthony’s.

  6. LJ says...

    Hey Jeff, I may not agree with all of your picks, but you are so right about Anthony’s. The pizza isn’t very good. The wings are good same goes for the salad. The new ribs on the menu are vile.

  7. Mr. F says...

    Anthony’s pizza is crap.
    I live in Boca Raton and I go to TUCCI’S.
    You want good coal oven, forget Anthony’s.

  8. as says...

    anthony’s wings are very good. the pizza is terrible.

  9. Mike G. says...

    Anyone who thinks that Anthony’s coal oven pizza is good really doesn’t know anything about pizza. You want the best in the area then try Carolina’s in Delray Beach. After you have eaten at Carolina’s you will never ever ever think that Anthony’s pizza is good.

  10. jenna says...

    Tried the one in Ft.Lauderdale many years ago when they first opened. Was not impressed except for the bill. Some cokes, chicken wings and salad and pizza… more than 70 dollars. Tried to go to the one in Stuart, but when we got in the door the music was so loud you couldn’t talk.. we walked out.

  11. zipper says...

    pizza is lousy. wings and salads are good.

  12. frank w says...

    Nice staff, good wings inedible pizza. Meatball toppinig is the worst I ever had.

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