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Chris’ Taverna (Lake Worth)

Posted on August 21st, 2010 · Fast Food Lake Worth Mediterranean/Greek


***** Chris’ Taverna, 6346 Lantana Road, Lake Worth, Florida 33463, (561) 964-4233.

Chris’ Taverna is a GREEK RESTAURANT…maybe 20 formica tables inside, 20 outside. You can order at/pickup at the counter…or you can be fancy and have a waitress/waiter take care of you. Menu/prices/loads of photos at This is strictly a shorts/tee shirt ensemble kinda-joint.

Now…and I really mean this, outrageously delicious food. I have to rank the Greek salad ($8.95), gyro entree ($11.95-2 sides), souvlaki entree ($11.95-2 sides), grilled baby lamb chops entree ($20.95, 5 chops-2 sides) right up there with the best that I’ve had in a Greek joint.

Really, that simple.

Chris’ Taverna is open Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-10pm, Sunday 5pm-9pm.

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  1. DCC says...

    I have eaten at Chris’ several times. The food is very good as is the service.
    Recently had something happen that I wasn’t too thrilled with.
    I tookout 3 dinners and spent close to $60 on the order.
    When I got home I found no pita bread and no takita sauce. So what I had is gyro, chicken, souvlaki etc but no bread or sauce.
    Whoever packed the order didnt put in these items.
    I dont know about you guys but i love gyro etc with the pita bread.
    Based on the fact that I live too far away I wasnt able to go back and get the bread. When you think of it, I shouldnt have do anything once I pay my money.
    So what I thought would be a terrific takeout meal ended up with me and my family not being too happy.

  2. Tom Stetson says...

    Food is excellent. Always packed.

  3. David says...

    Finally managed to try this place after plenty of encouragement from Jeff Eats. Have to say it is as good as the many favourable comments inidicate. It was busy and we had to wait but not for long as the line kept moving. It was all well worth the wait – in particular we have praise for the lamb chops and the grilled octopus.

  4. DopeyJohn says...

    I love the food here.
    The prices are also terrific.

  5. Fran D says...

    Good food.
    Prices have bèen going up very steadily since you first mentioned it.

  6. KR says...

    Ate there last night. Jammed inside and outside at 5:30 pm.
    Love the lamb chops and gyro.

  7. TATAFORNOW says...

    Best Greek food around.

    • HA says...

      Have to agree. The food is awesome.

  8. FDR1941 says...

    Best gyro going.

  9. PC says...

    I can’t think of a better Greek joint.

  10. ght says...

    amazingly delicious food.
    ate there last night and there was a10 minute wait to get a table either inside or outside.
    the food is always good. tons of it. reasonable prices and the staff is terrific and always very helpful. I love this place. the only negative is that no matter how often you eat there the owner chris wouldn’t give you even a glass of water on the house. a smart businessman with no personality and doesn’t know how to take care and make his regular customers feel special.

  11. J. Katz says...

    Love this place. Great food. A must try.

  12. T2121 says...

    What a gold mine.

  13. Seltzer says...

    Found gyro meat very salty.

  14. Norman R says...

    First time there. Food was excellent same for the service. Tons of food at very reasonable prices.

  15. Gary Goldberg says...

    Food and service and prices are all terrific.
    Go, you will love Chris’ Taverna.

  16. Klauz W says...

    First time eating there this evening. Had the Lamb chop/souvlaki/gyro platter with a Greek salad and everything was delicious. Some of the best pita bread and tsazkati that I’ve ever had. Will definitely be going back.

  17. Robin Gardener says...

    Never would have find this gem without
    Best Greek bar none.

  18. Greeker says...

    First time eating there.
    Delicious food and excellent service.

  19. Ray W says...

    Thanks for this recommendation.
    Had dinner there tonight and my gyro was delicious.

  20. Ate there last night for the first time.
    Gyro and souvlaki with Greek salad were terrific.
    The waiter was lousy.
    In attentive, had to ask him several times to clear dirty dishes same for soda and ice tea refills.

  21. Jim H says...

    This restaurant is terrific. Food is delicious, prices are reasonable and the service is excellent. Tons of food.

    Definitely one of your best finds.

  22. Andy Golden says...

    Gyro and souvlaki were delicious. Nice hot fresh pita French fries and rice were also delicious.

    First time tonight eating there.

    Will definitely be back.

  23. Marc T says...

    This is a terrific restaurant.
    Delicious food, tons of it, at a reasonable price.

  24. Ellen G says...

    I love their food.

  25. Andy Gold says...

    Delicious food

  26. Vinyl B says...

    This is an absolute must try joint.
    The food is outrageously delicious and you get loads of food for a cheap price.

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