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Shake Shack (Miami)

Posted on August 1st, 2010 · American Desserts Fast Food Miami

***** Shake Shack, 1111 Lincoln Road, Miami, Florida 33139, (305) 434-7787.

Shake Shack…”order at/pickup at counter…burgers, fries, hot dogs, custard, shakes.

There are 5 Shake Shacks in New York City…1-in Saratoga, New York…1-in Miami, Florida.

This is “fast food” at its best.

Check for menu/prices/locations/pictures.

The next time you are down in South Beach, this joint is an absolute-must-try…Just so you know, Shake Shack has a cult-like-following…so don’t be surprised by some heavy duty crowds and lines.

Shake Shack is open Sunday-Thursday 11:30am-midnight, Friday-Saturday 11:30am-1am.

19 Comments to “Shake Shack (Miami)”

  1. far says...

    was at ss last two weeks ago on a sat. night around 5;30 pm. there must have been 50 people waitiing in line to order. it took me and my friend 35 minutes to place our order.
    the burger was very good.
    the crinkle fries were good.
    the shake was incredible.

    5 guys burgers are as good.
    5 guys fries are better.

    ss is a great looking place.

  2. rocking jack says...

    Dittos on Five Guy’s French fries being very good. Are my favorite. In fact I go there for the fries not the hamburgers. All kinds of propaganda from New York on how great Shake Shack is. We’ll just have to see how they fare down here though being in a touristy locale will prop them up even if natives aren’t impressed.

  3. Denise D says...

    mushroom veggie burger, the bomb!!!!

  4. Mr. Z. says...

    I love this place.
    Shakes are incredible.

  5. Larry S. says...

    Know this joint well from NYC. It has a cult following. I have been to NYC loc in the park. Definitely going to try one in Miami. Shakes are something else.

  6. Joe E says...

    jeff, have you tried the burgers, fries and most of all the shakes at California Burgers & Shakes in Ft, lauderdale? if you haven’t give it a try because the food is terrific.

  7. LJ says...

    heard they are looking for a spot in boca raton. you hear anything?

  8. rk says...

    jeff eats,
    the burgers are better than 5 guys.
    the ff aren’t as good as 5 guys.

  9. Miss Rubin says...

    Jeff: I have eaten in Shake Shacks in NYC and Miami. There are always lines. To be honest with you, the burgers are good, but don’t warrant lines. The fries aren’t really that good. More hype to this one than anything else. That said I wished I owned them.

  10. gr says...

    but not that good to get such long lines

  11. joe z says...

    more hype than anything else.

  12. NELLIE says...

    Very familar with this one here and in NYC.
    The food is okay but nothing out of the ordinary. Like others here said, it’s the HYPE that keeps this one going.

  13. nonna says...

    burgerfi on commercial and a1a is better.

  14. johnny d says...

    for the tourists.

  15. susie says...

    loved the burgers and fries.

  16. Don K. says...

    ok, but not the best of breed.

  17. LEE says...

    Jeff, burgers ar ok but not great. more hype going on here than anything else.

  18. Tye says...

    This is my favorite fast food burger place.

  19. Popo says...

    I have read many of the comments here and can’t agree with those of you who don’t see how good Shake Shack’s food is.
    This has to be one of the best burger places going. Just that simple.

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