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If you like 1960s-1980s music, I got an upcoming event that you might like to attend…CLASSIC GOLD MUSIC AWARDS, which will be held August 27-August 30, 2010 at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood, Florida 33314 (954) 866-502-9529.

At this point of the discussion, I would suggest that you go to for info/tickets.

From what I understand, this 4-day charitable event will feature Rock N Roll workshops, seminars, parties, celebrity dinner-concert…with artists such as– Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, Felix Cavaliere of The Rascals, Larry Hoppen of Orleans, ConFunkShun, Bar-Kays.

I just heard about this event…and I’m getting my “facts” together…but it sure looks like the Hard Rock for 4-days in late August is going to be a happening place—for you rockers out there.

You do your homework and I’ll do mine…I’ll be back to “talk” about this event later.

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  1. ghg says...

    hey jeff, hadnt heard about these awards until just now. my wife and i love oldies music. we have been to the Hard Rock numerous times to see great shows. we recently got tickets to see the happy together tour. definitely going to check this one out. thanks for the heads up.

  2. sde says...

    This sounds like a really cool event. TKTS for a table look a bit pricey there, but I think that regular seating maybe quite doable. Looks like great lineup of performers for the concert on the 30th.

  3. lj says...

    i am looking forward to this concert. just ordered 4 tickets.

  4. mr. rock says...

    Definitely going to look into this show.

  5. hg says...

    the hrsc has bee getting some great concerts, like earth wind and fire, ringo next week, they also had a great show awhile back with smokey robinson. this awards show looks to be a real strong linep of performers and honorees. i am going to this show and will report back after it all happens. also going to zo’s and wades show next week just maybe lebron will show up.

  6. George R. says...

    Jeff, your site alerted me to this huge event. from what i got from your writeup and checking the event’s website is this is a huge charitable event. looks like this is going to be a major fundraiser. the lineup of performers and honorees is great and from past experience at HR i know that every seat will be great. i really can’t afford one of those table seats but the 200 section is really priced right and the view from 200s is just fine for a concert. like you i love rock from 60s-80s and the artists set to show really reflect some of the greats of that era. i have hit the HR a number of times for “oldie” shows and they do a great job on the production front. the venue is just the right size for these kind of performers.

  7. DDE says...

    Like others here I really enjoy classic Rock N’ Roll music.
    I did the Hippiefest.
    I have tickets for the Happy Together Tour.
    As a matter of fact, I’m set to see Ringo tomorrow night.
    The Hard Rock has a great arena for old rock. Not too big, not too small, just right. Every seat that I have had has always been great.
    I try and get on the floor but Section 201 is also really good for these type of concerts.

  8. GFR says...

    jeff, off topic, but have you heard anything about Whitestone Band appearing at Ellie’s Diner in Boynton Beach this Friday Night July 16th with a buffet dinner?
    I know you follow Whitetsone. They are terrific.

  9. JeffEats says...

    GFR: Just had a chance to ready your post.

    To answer your question: Yes, I heard that Whitetsone is appearing at Ellie’s on July 16th.

    If you want to “go”…Why don’t you call Ellie’s for details?

    Thanks for reading…

  10. Joe Cashman says...

    CGMA sounds like an awesome concert in the making.
    Too bad those floor table seats are a bit on the pricey side as I wouldn’t mind rubbing elbows with a few celebrities.
    I am going to pickup a couple stadium seats.

  11. mh says...

    getting 2 tkts for this one. and 2 tkts for adam lambert on 9.19

  12. John Santacroce says...

    Last night my wife and I saw Ringo Starr at the Hard Rock. Great show with every seat filled.
    We were sitting in Section 201 Row G. I just wanted to tell everyone that the 201 section is real good to see a concert so if you want to buy seats for this event in the 200s you’ll know that 201 is real good. Sec 203 is ok but 201 is the best.

  13. mhg says...

    other than your story not hearing too much about this concert.

  14. GL Butler says...


    I really appreciate your support and the positive things I am reading on your site. My name is Gary; I am one of the Senior Executives with the CGMAs. If you have any additional question regarding this event I will be more than happy to answer them for you. If you would like any promotional material i.e. audio video and promo posters of various artists, I will be more than happy to forward what we have to you.


    Yours for Success
    GL Butler

    404-707-5303 M

  15. jg says...

    The floor tkts are too expensive.

  16. jg says...

    Caught the Happy Together Tour 2010 at Hard Rock last night. Great show. Noticed that Rob Grill The Grass Roots’ lead singerwasnt there. Checked new singer is bass player Mark Dawson. He was really good and kept the flavor of the records.
    Looking forward to 8/30.
    Should be a fun night.

    • Jack says...

      Here is a video of The Grass Roots with Mark Dawson from this year’s tour:

  17. Joe Bonilla says...

    Thanx for the heads up. The band will definitely be there along with some friends.
    See you there!

  18. LARRY LARRY says...

    jeff, other than a brief mention in a HRC ad and your site i’ve seen no adv for this event. do you have anymore details?

  19. JeffEats says...


    Just had a chance to read your post.

    After I did my writeup, I spoke with some of the folks involved in the production of this event. From what I can tell, this 8/30/2010 CONCERT is going to be quite event. It looks like a whose-who of the Rock N Roll & Diso world are set to be there.

    According to what I have heard, a full blown print and radio adverising campaign is set to be launched on August 10, 2010 with a press conference at the Hard Rock at 10am. I’m hearing that several major stars will be in attendance to get things rolling.

    I’m gonna keep my eyes on this “one”…I think that lovers of 1960s-1980s music should think about getting tickets for the concert.

    Thanks for reading…

  20. Mr. Rock says...

    I love oldies.
    Saw Ringo at Hard Rock.
    Saw Happy Togther Tour at Hard Rock
    Got Tickets for 8-29 Hippiefest at Broward Center.
    Got Tickets for CGMA on 8-30.

    Life is good.

  21. LJ says...

    Sorry this concert didn’t happen.
    I did get to meet Lamont LeMore of the 5th Dimension when he was at the Hard Rock a couple of days before the event date.

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