Barone’s La Pizzeria (Margate)

Posted on June 28th, 2010 · Italian Margate Pizza Subs/Salads


***** Barone’s La Pizzeria, 5632 West Sample Road, Margate, Florida 33073 (954) 968-4396.

Barone’s La Pizzeria is a “Mom & Pop—red sauce” pizza joint located in Margate.
You can check its menu/prices at

You know and I know that “Mom & Pop” pizza joints are a dime a dozen-down here in old South Florida. I think the way it works…the strip center landlord first signs Publix, then Walgreens, then a Chinese takeout, then a pizza joint, then a dry cleaners…then a —-(you fill in the blanks)….then half of the businesses go bust…

Anyway, the other evening, I gave Barone’s La Pizzeria a shot- and I gotta tell you, the food is real-good. Jeff Eats’ party did pizza, shrimp scampi, veal parmigiana, meat lasagna, chicken & shrimp alfredo, penne ala vodka—and like I just said, real good!

As you know– over the past few years, old Jeff Eats has eaten-in his fair share of “Mom & Pop” Italian joints…and, to be perfectly honest with you, most of them barely get the job done, but then again, that’s the nature of the beast…”cheap is cheap”….”you get what you pay for”…”one if by land, 2 if by sea.” Trust me on this one, Barone’s La Pizzeria is REAL GOOD…if you live or work near the joint, I highly recommend that you give it a try.

By the way, Barone’s La Pizzeria is right across Sample Road from the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek and is maybe a 3-minute drive (west) from the Festival Flea Market on Sample Road.

Barone’s La Pizzeria is open Sunday-Thursday 11am-10pm and Friday-Saturday 11am-11pm.

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  1. Linda D. says...

    We live in Boca Raton.
    Friends of ours told us about Barone’s and the four of us ate there last Saturday night. Our friends heard about the restaurant from your column. They had been raving about it for weeks having eaten there a couple of times before.
    The four of us got there about 8pm and the restaurant was very busy but we did get seated right away.
    I have to tell you, you and our friends were so right. The service was as pleasant as could be and the prices were terrific. The food was outstanding. My husband had the veal parm and I had a baked salmon. The pasta sides, house salad, minestrone soup and garlic rolls were also terrific. The portions were large.
    My husband and I hadn’t heard of Jeff Eats until our friends mentioned your site.
    We are now Barone’s fans and Jeff Eats fans.
    Looking forward to trying many of your other picks.

  2. TATER says...

    Try La Pizzeria’s spaghetti with marinara sauce. It’s delicious.

  3. Ron E says...

    Jeff Eats,
    Barone’s is by far and away the best pizza place Ive been to in Florida.
    I’ve tried tons of pizza places but no one even came close to its food, service, price and large portions. Some were close but Barone’s was always better.
    I strongly urge your readers to check Barone’s out. They will not be disappointed.

  4. My husband and I have lived in Deerfield Beach for over 30 years. Over the years we must have been in this shopping center at least 100 times. We were big fans of Bru’s and LJ’s Diner which are no more. We also go to La Bamba ‘s and every so often we hit Golden Corral. The craziest thing is that in all those years we never tried La Pizzeria even though it was next to Publix and now Winn Dixie’s.
    Last Saturday night we were searching your blog for ideas and came across La Pizzeria and decided to give it a chance.
    Well we wanted to tell you that the food and service were exactly as you reviewed them, excellent.
    Well better late than never.
    We will definitely be back.

  5. GT 34 says...

    Jeff, you got us there. Travelled from Boca.
    Food was very good.
    Service and prices also very good.
    Will definitely go back.

  6. pop lop says...

    tried it last night.
    great find here.
    food was delicious.

  7. NR says...

    My wife and I and another couple ate dinner there this evening.
    The minestrone soup was delicious, same for the veal marsala, chicken scarpariello, lasagna and clams with linguine. The garlic rolls were just right and service was terrific.
    Everyone agreed that this was one of the best red sauce places we have been to since we moved here from Huntington LI in 2004.

  8. Hank says...

    La Pizzeria makes a terrific thin crust pizza.
    It’s a must try.

  9. Cal G. says...

    Normally not in this area. Was there yesterday waiting to pickup my lexus at the dealer. Stopped in at La Pizzera and had a chicken parm hero. One of the best sandwiches Ive had in a very long time.

  10. Vic Dorsey says...

    For those looking for great very reasonably priced delicious Italian food, try La Pizzeria.
    I have been going there for years and haven’t found any other pizza place that’s better.
    Everything they make is delicious and their pizza is in a league of its own.
    Try it. You won’t just like it, you’ll love it.

  11. HN says...

    Last night my wife and I and her sister ate at La Pizzeria.
    Shrimp parm, eggplant parm, and a sampler of all types of pasta. Delicious. Minestrone soup and salad delicious. terrific garlic rolls.
    This is a must try.
    You won’t be disappointed.

  12. La Pizzeria makes one of the most delicious magherita pizzas that I have ever had. Not sure how they do it, but I haven’t found another pizza place that makes such a terrific pizza. Thin, crispy with a fabulous cheese and sweet sauce.

  13. JN says...

    jeff, thanks for telling us about this Italian restaurant. It is terrific. Great food, great service and very reasonable prices. Love their pizza. Nicest people own this place and the waiters are terrific. Everyone who works there does their best to please you. Thanks again.

  14. REF says...

    Jeff heard about this one from you.
    Since then have eaten there 5 times in the past 4 weeks.
    Love the food.

  15. John Palermo says...

    Best Italian food this side of ITALY…
    try it you will see… JP

  16. Willy James says...

    I had lasagna and it was very salty. Didnt enjoy it.
    Also had shrimp scampi and didnt care for the sauce it came in.
    Garlic rolls, house salad were good.

  17. William herman says...

    Eat there all the time. Great Italian food. They also deliver to us at work.. Gotta try shrimp parmigiana. Best around. Has it in a hero also..,

  18. Bob Ronald says...

    I have eaten in tons of pizza joints and this one is definitely one of the best.
    Their pizza is excellent .
    I also love their veal parm. Terrific garlic rolls. Delicious minestrone soup.
    It’s all good.

  19. Judy Nathanson says...

    My favorite red sauce restaurant.

  20. ED W. says...

    This is definitely one of the better mom & pop Italian restaurants in s Florida.
    I recently had shrimp marinara that was outstanding and my wife had eggplant parmigiana that was just as good. The house salad and minestrone soup are very good and the garlic rolls are always hot and loaded with loads of garlic .
    We really enjoy La Pizzeria and have brought many friends there. All of them have loved it.

  21. Rob K1290 says...

    pizza is terrific.

  22. Johnny David says...

    I have lived in Pompano Beach for over 30 years. I have eaten pizza all over the area.
    As a former Bronxite I think I know great New York Style pizza when I eat it.
    Here is a quick list of my best slices.
    In no particular order.
    La Pizzeria in Margate.
    Steve’s Pizza in North Miami.
    Think N Thin in Boca Raton.
    Valentino’s in Pompano Beach
    Spadini’s in Boca Raton.
    Jerry’s in Boca Raton.
    Pizza Time in Coral Springs.
    Nino’s in Delray Beach.

  23. Barberlady says...

    LaPizzeria one of the best mom and pop red sauce joints in s fl.

  24. Andy u says...

    They make a delicious shrimp scampi.

  25. H23231ted says...

    This was a great find. Have eaten here at least 15 times since you mentioned it and the food and service have always been terrific.
    This is a must try for your readers.
    They won’t be disappointed.

  26. KUY32 says...

    Their pizza is outstanding.

  27. Larry A says...

    At your suggestion I tried Barone’s. Food was terrific. Definitely one of the best red sauce restaurants in s Florida.

  28. Don R says...

    Ate at Barone’s and have to agree with you and others that food and service are very good. One thing, the veal parm isn’t a cutlet but is a patty. It too was very good but it wasnt a cutlet.

  29. SteveSteve says...

    La Pizzeria is by far and away the best red sauce Italian joint that my wife and I have eaten in South Florida. We have been to many restaurants but haven’t found one that has such all around good food and service.

  30. Soniaalvarez says...

    I moved from NY 15 years ago,the , la PizzerĂ­a , was the only place with real italian food comprable with. NY
    The souce, the best.

  31. T-2121 says...

    Hands down,
    best mom & pop red sauce joint.
    Really that simple.

  32. GGA says...

    Food is excellent as is the service.

  33. DandyJoe says...

    Jeff Eats:
    My wife and I have been eating at La Pizzeria for years.
    Have to agree with you, that the food is delicious.
    The nicest people own this restaurant. Rick, Rick jr and Mike go out of their way to make you feel at home. All of the waiters are great same for the counter people.
    We have eaten in loads of other Italian restaurants and haven’t found even one that is as consistent as La Pizzeria.

  34. LarryG says...

    By far and away the best red sauce joint in s Florida.

  35. DFED says...

    My wife and I met you last Thursday night at the Freddie Roman/Dick Capri show. Thought it was a fun night. Last night we followed your recommendation and tries La Pizeeria with another couple and just wanted to tell you that we had a terrific meal. The food was delicious and the waiter was as good as can be. The prices were also just right. Thanks for the recommendation and we look forward to trying many others you have listed.

  36. MR. J says...




  37. don g says...

    jeff, my wife and I have been in margate for over 35 years. never really counted but over the years we must have been to at least 100 different red sauce joints. have to tell you that we found la pizzeria about 5 years ago and it has been our favorite ever since. great food, good prices and a terrific staff. can’t really ask for me than that.

  38. Judy G. says...

    One of your best finds.
    Took out a pizza a couple of weeks ago and loved it. Went back three days later with the husband and did the full dinner thing. Once again delicious food.

  39. dannyboy says...

    love their food. been eating there for years.

  40. Samantha B says...

    My husband and I ate lunch there last Thursday and the eggplant parmigiana and pizza we shared was delicious.
    We have eaten there 5 times in the past few months and everything is always excellent. We agree with you that this is a terrific restaurant.

  41. Nag says...

    Definitely one of your best recommendations.
    Ate there last night for the first time and really enjoyed everything.

  42. Tammy J says...

    Have to agree with you that La Pizzeria is a terrific restaurant. My husband and I have eaten there numerous times and the food and service are always a homerun.

  43. GTZ says...

    Love this restaurant .
    Their pizza is amazing.

  44. EG1949 says...

    Had Valentine’s dinner there.
    Very busy.
    Terrific food.
    Music by Michael D’Amore was fabulous.
    Great night all the way around.

  45. Donny F says...

    Delicious food.
    Super good service.
    Very reasonable prices.

  46. Ron Lesky says...

    living in margate 20+yrs.great to see a long lost secret known

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