Bamboo Wok (Boca Raton, Coconut Creek, Boynton Beach)

Posted on May 7th, 2010 · Boca Raton Boynton Beach Chinese Coconut Creek


***** Bamboo Wok, 9181 Glades Road, Boca Raton, Florida (561) 218-6003…12040 South Jog Road, Boynton Beach, Florida (561) 742-0123…4660 West Hillsboro Boulevard, Coconut Creek, Florida (954) 427-1888.

If you do some homework, you will find that back on July 6, 2008 I did a writeup on a Chinese “take-out only” joint named Bamboo Wok…there are currently 3 locations, Boca Raton, Coconut Creek and Boynton Beach.

Since that July 6th “story”…I must have picked up food from the Boca location something like 35 times–5 times from the Boynton Beach joint and 1 time from the Coconut Creek store. The store designs are all the same…order at counter—you can see the food being prepared—in an assembly line setup. Not 100% sure on this, but there are 2 brothers and a sister—she owns the Boynton Beach spot and the other two stores are owned by one of the brothers. The food- menu-prices-portion size—are the same at all locations.

If you live or work near one of these stores, you gotta try the food. I’m gonna go out on a limb here, but the food is OUTSTANDING…this is as close to NYC Chinatown joint food as you will come down here in Florida. I am telling you—off the top of my head—the wonton soup, boneless bbq spare ribs, egg rolls, fried rice, fried pork dumplings, moo shu pork, sweet & sour chicken, general tso’s chicken, shrimp with black bean sauce…are delicious. The portions are “huge” and the prices are neighborhood takeout prices.

These 3 joints are winners.

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  1. zz says...

    excellent takeout.

  2. Melvin says...

    Definitely one of the better South Florida takeouts.

  3. Zeldo says...

    Hey Jeff,
    Great find here.
    We started to get food from there about 6 months ago and the food has never disappointed.
    The pan fried dumplings are sensational.

  4. robertw says...

    I still go to Bamboo Wok frequently. Fast service and pretty good. China sea is also pretty good. BTW I do not like the dumplings at these chinese takeout places. The skins are super thick and some may use frozen dumplings. Japanese dumplings/potstickers are so much better with a thin skin. Thta being said the best place I had those was in Kyoto Japan last December.

  5. ZIMMERMAN says...

    Definetly the place to get takeout from in Boca.
    The best around.

  6. zaza says...

    jeff’s best pick.
    try this one…

  7. chewy says...

    excellent takeout.
    jeff got a good one here.

  8. Irving Serota says...

    Just picked up food at Boca location.
    First time at Bamboo Wok.
    Was raised in Brooklyn and kind of think I know what NY Chinese food is all about.
    Growing up, was a frequent customer at Wong Kee and Happy Garden both in Chinatown.
    Bamboo Wok’s food is as close to NYC Chinatown quality as I have found living here in Boca for the past 22 years.
    The food is delicious. The portions enormous. The prices are typical takeout prices.
    This is my new favorite.

  9. Gina Collardo says...

    My husband and I have been looking for a good Chinese restaurant in Florida for almost 10 years. That’s right 10 years. We are former Brooklynites who were raised on NYC Chinese food. We know what we like and until we discovered Bamboo Wok no restaurant came even close to the NYC style food we have been craving.
    Bamboo Wok could suceesfully go head to head with any Chinese restaurant in China Town and the 5 boros. The food is delicious.
    The only problem is that it is only takeout so you can’t dine in.

  10. john says...

    as close to nyc chinese as can be.

  11. ellen g. says...

    jeff, since you mentioned bamboo wok it has been my favorite chinese take out. the food is terrific, the portions huge and the prices are neighborhood take out prices.
    my favorite dish is their boneless spare ribs. haven’t seen this dish prepared like this in any other takeout in all of florida.
    i highly recommend this restaurant.

  12. JB says...

    best chinese takeout in boca

  13. peter says...

    food was excellent. huge portions. ribs were exceptionally delicious.

  14. by far and away the best i’ve found in fl. portions are huge.

    • eric v says...

      no question that it’s the best takeout. great food and large portions.

      • poppy jones says...

        agree with you 100 percent. boca loc is excellent,

  15. Tom Terrific says...

    Best takeout in Florida!!!!

    • Brooklyn Guy says...

      Have to agree with you. Best takeout I’ve had in Florida.

  16. Arnie L. says...

    Took out food the other day.
    Shrimp with lobster sauce, not too good.
    Liked the egg roll and fried rice.

  17. frank w says...

    We had the shrimp with lobster sauce last night and thought it was terrific. Butterfly shrimp, chicken soup, chicken wings and dim sum all great.,

  18. ASKER says...

    My favorite take out. Never disappoints.

  19. had the boneless ribs thought they were rubbery and not very good.
    general tsos chicken was good.same for egg rolls.

  20. Ed G. says...

    I go to the one in Boynton next to Dunkin Donuts.
    Food is always terrific.
    Huge portions.
    As close as NYC Chinatown as you will find.
    Only takeout.

  21. RFD says...

    I go to the one in Boca.
    Best takeout around.

  22. TYES says...

    Great food
    Fair prices.
    Big portions.

  23. Vinnie R says...

    Boneless ribs, were like rubber
    Wonton soup was ok

    • Frank W says...

      We tried the much lauded boneless ribs, tried to take a bite and threw them in the garbage Too rubery for the disposal. However I have had some excellent dishes. The place is inconsistent.

  24. JKJ says...

    Sometimes the food is excellent and sometimes it misses very badly. Go figure!!

  25. Jeff, Im a steady customer of Boca store.
    Food is very good and the portions are huge.
    I havent found a better takeout in the area.

  26. shelly w says...

    Just took out from Boca Bamboo Wok. Exceptional Chinese food. Huge portions and delicious food. Had shrimp with lobster sauce, moo goo gai pan, and pork with mushrooms. Food enough for 10!!!

  27. Sid L. Turner says...

    love their food. portions are huge.

  28. RRF says...

    Terrific food and huge portions. Best takeout in Boca.

  29. opieJones says...

    My favorite Chinese takeout.

  30. IR says...

    Love their food.
    Big favorites , general Tso’s chicken, moo shu pork, pepper steak.

  31. Allie R says...

    Best takeout.

  32. Steve Q says...

    Best Chinese food in Boca.

    • Fred Fred says...

      Have to agree with you. Definitely best Chinese food in Boca.

  33. Wineman says...

    Food is excellent. Portions are gigantic.

  34. Walwall says...

    Food is terrific.
    One of the best General Tso’s Chicken I’ve had.

  35. Lou Talbot says...

    Picked up food last night from Bamboo in Boca. First time using them.
    Pan fried dumplings delicious.
    Egg rolls delicious.
    Boneless ribs delicious.
    General Tso’s Chicken delicious.
    Moo Shu Beef way too salty.
    Roast pork fried rice good but I’ve had much better.
    Definitely will be back.

  36. NRW says...

    Your review got us there.
    Best takeout we have had in years.

  37. Judy T says...

    Last night my husband and I took out from Bamboo Wok. We got there about 7pm and it was very hard to find a parking spot. When we got to the store it was very busy with takeout orders. We had ordered over the phone and everything was ready for us. When we got home we found everything properly boxed etc.
    This was our first takeout from Bamboo in Boca and the food was excellent.
    Terrific wonton soup, egg rolls, bbq ribs and the General tso’s chicken and pepper steak were delicious.
    Other than the parking you couldn’t want better.

  38. ChinaDoll says...

    We tried BW on Jeff’s say so. We weren’t disappointed . Delicious food, huge portions and reasonable prices.
    We’ll be back.

  39. Boneless spareribs good but a bit tough to chew.
    Good beef with broccoli.
    Good orange beef.
    Good roast pork fried rice.
    Good pan fried dumplings.

    First time last night taking out.

    All in all a good takeout.

  40. PLAYMAN says...

    Jeff, followed your recommendation. This is the best takeout that I have found.

  41. Bobby C says...

    Definitely the best Chinese takeout. I go to the Coconut Creek store.

  42. Ralph Y says...

    They make a boneless bbq pork dish that is amazing.

  43. Read about Bamboo Wok here last night. Had not been familiar with Bamboo Wok although I have lived in Boca Raton for over 5 years. Went there last night and took out ribs, egg rolls, sweet & sour pork, sesame chicken, chicken fried rice and was delighted with the prices, huge portions and terrific food. I have to rate Bamboo Wok as the best Chinese takeout in Boca. Great find.

  44. Calypso Jane says...

    Their moo shu pork, a General Tso’s chicken and pork fried dumplings are amazing.
    Huge portions. Reasonable prices. Nice discount if you pay with cash. Definitely one of the best Chinese take outs in Boca.

  45. Arnie Geller says...

    Picked up food there for first time and it was terrific. Delicious egg rolls, pan fried dumplings and moo shoo pork.

  46. They are always busy.
    Tons of fresh delicious food for super reasonable prices.
    Too bad it’s takeout only.

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