Piola (Hallandale Beach, Miami, Miami Beach))

Posted on May 2nd, 2010 · Hallandale Beach Italian Miami Miami Beach Pizza

Piola, 1703 East Hallandale Beach Boulevard, Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009 (954) 457-9394.

Piola is a “wood burning brick oven” pizza joint—check for menu/prices/locations. All kinds of thin crusted pizzas, handful of appetizers. Just so you know, this is a chain operation with various locations in the United States and abroad. This review is about the Hallandale Beach joint.

Let me make this one as simple as possible. Got there about 5:45 pm this evening. Decided to eat outside…there were maybe 10 tables outside….in addition to my party of 2 there was a 4 and another 2 and that was it. Took me close to 15 minures to get a waiter to take our order…getting a “second” can of soda was like pulling teeth and not once-not even once- did the waiter stop by the table to see how the meal was going. Piola doesn’t use placemats and “our” table was sticky and dirty. I find it amazing that joints like this “don’t have the common sense” to freaking wipe-down outdoor tables after each party leaves… Our order of a plain pizza with sausage and a house salad was PASSABLE but nothing more—the sauce was borderline bland….trust me on this one— I am willing to bet that your local pizza joint has much better stuff

Piola won’t see me again.

Piola is open Sunday-Thursday noon-11am and Friday-Saturday noon-midnight.

4 Comments to “Piola (Hallandale Beach, Miami, Miami Beach))”

  1. sw says...

    jeff, i live 2 minutes walking distance from piola.
    i ate there one time and found the food mediocre.

  2. DW says...

    Piola is not very good. The one in Hallandale is very poorly run. It is very understaffed and the help looks like a bunch of slobs. I have been to Piola having stumbled upon it after eating at Matteo’s which is in the same shopping center. I was very disappointed with the food and the horrendous service. Be smart and don’t even consider eating there.

  3. kj says...

    crap pizza.
    dont waste your money,

  4. WD says...

    Last Sunday afternoon I and my wife were shopping at Burlington Coat Factory which like Matteo’s is in the same shopping center as Piola. We walked by Piola and the outside tables were empty and looked absolutely filthy. We wouldn’t eat there if you paid us.

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