Erica’s Breakfast & Lunch (Boynton Beach)

Posted on April 25th, 2010 · American Boynton Beach Breakfast

***** Erica’s Breakfast & Lunch, 4953 Chalet Boulevard, Boynton Beach, Florida 33426 (561) 364-7044.

Erica’s is a “breakfast & lunch” diner located in Boynton Beach. This bare-bones decorwise- 55 seater is open 7 days a week 6:30am-2:30pm.

This morning I did breakfast at Erica’s, sampling…western omelette (6.39), sausage & cheese omelette ($6.39), blueberry pancakes ($3.39), hash browns, oatmeal–good diner food. I also had an everything bagel and a pumpernickel bagel–Just so you know, Erica’s also sells bagels “by the dozen” for $7.99…that said, Erica’s doesn’t make its own bagels—and the everything & pumpernickel bagels that I had were just passable.

Erica’s menu has the usual breakfast suspects—eggs, pancakes, french toast… 8 cold sandwiches… 9 hot sandwiches…6 salads…3 blue plate specials. The most expensive item on the menu is its BLT sandwich which goes for $7.89.

Like I said before, absolutely nothing fancy here.

I love the Erica’s of this world. Good food. Good prices. Super pleasant owner (Chuck) and waitstaff. If this joint had better bagels it would be a homerun.

A very nice joint for a good inexpensive breakfast or lunch.

4 Comments to “Erica’s Breakfast & Lunch (Boynton Beach)”

  1. zipper says...

    their bagels are terrible.

  2. Jay says...

    Don’t bother, this place sucks. No butter, just counrty crock (crap). Food is d- at best. Dirty place, dirty inside and dirty. Please close soon. Please.

    • john says...

      they closed

      • erica says...

        just so you know john,the business was doing great, there was a death in the famaily and thtas why moved. Its very rude of you to “wish” some place would close,Thats how people make a living. If yuo didnt like it …well thats fine. Go to Dennys . Im sure Erica’s didnt want your business to begin with. Im sure your $2.89 breakfast and FREE coffee didnt make a difference to them. Hope you lose your job. Sincerly , Erica

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