Slainte Irish Pub (Boynton Beach)

Posted on April 22nd, 2010 · American Boynton Beach Irish

***** Slainte Irish Pub, 1500 Gateway Boulevard, Boynton Beach, Florida 33426 (561) 742-4190.

Slainte Irish Pub is an “Irish pub” (that figures) located in Boynton Beach. I’m gonna figure that you know what joints like this look like, so I won’t bore you with the fine-details. You can check menu/prices at

I recently did a Saturday night dinner at Slainte…and I got to tell you, the food is real good. Just so you know, I sampled hamburger sliders ($6.95), grilled chicken sliders ($6.95), roast beef sliders ($7.95), shepherd’s pie ($13.95), fish & chips ($14.95)—everything was just fine.

When you check Slainte’s website, check its entertainment schedule…every night there is live music—featuring some of the best up-and-coming South Florida bands…the waitstaff at this joint is as pleasant as can be—and seemingly isn’t pressured to turn tables, so enjoy the music during and after the meal.

Slainte is a homerun—good food & good music The joint is open 7 days a week from 11:30am-2am.

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  1. jjm says...

    hey jeff, love your blog. you really have some nice picks here.
    i am very familar with Slainte. i am in there at least three times a month. good food and like you said the music choices are terrific. if you get a chance get into see a band called BOUNCE they are one of the best that i have seen at Slainte.

  2. joe p says...

    food is just fair

  3. George says...

    Ate here for late night bar snacks last week. Beer was terrific, place was noisy with the band blasting and bar food was bar food. I’ll definitely go back.

  4. Bunny says...

    You have the best Bands around. The food is good the place is great Love going there

  5. Scott says...

    Hello Jeff,
    This is Scott. I was just reading your post about the Irish Pub… Well just to let you know, me and a good friend of mine- James- you’ve met him, we went to a wondersul Irish Restaurant in Boynton Beach. It’s called Slainte’s- It between Gateway and Congress. I had the fish and Chips. Let me tell you, how amazing it was. The cod, was sooo very moist and tender. Very resonably priced.. We also saw and 80s cover Band.. They are called On The Roxx- I’m friendly with the female singer. Her name is Diane… They do all the 80’s band. I l love them. If you ever want to check them out they have several public appearence. There website is What a great group of performers. But again Slainte’s was a very nice place. They are located in the Rennasaince commons.. All the best to you


  6. Shelley McGee says...

    Slainte’s is closed – it has reopened as Corcorans Pub – Food is ok – they are still getting it together with the food – their Shepards Pie is only fair – very dry – They have great appetizers though – Nice atmosphere – If they get the food up to par it will be a nice place

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