Papa Giuseppe Restaurant & Pizzeria (Delray Beach)

Posted on March 29th, 2010 · Delray Beach Italian Pizza Subs/Salads


***** Papa Giuseppe Restaurant & Pizzeria, 660 Linton Boulevard, Delray Beach, Florida 33444 (561) 272-8585.

About a week or so ago…I found this real casual-resasonably priced “red sauce–mom & pop” Italian joint in a crap-strip center in Delray Beach. Trust me on this one…from the outside, it looks like a real dump, but inside it’s a really cool looking “pizza joint” with a handful of round tables and booths. Absolutely and I do mean ABSOLUTELY nothing fancy here, so feel free to where your favoirte shorts and tee shirt ensemble.

Anyway… the two guys who own Papa Giuseppe (Giuseppe-that figures and Tony) really know how to make some delicious stuff. The menu is loaded with appetizers, salads, soups, pastas, pizzas, subs, meat-seafood-chicken entrees. They have plenty of lunch specials and the “expected dinners”–soup or salad–garlic rolls–entree–pasta side.

A recent taste-test had me doing veal parmigiana ($16.95), chicken marsala ($13.95), red snapper marinara ($18.95), penne alla vodka ($13.95), chicken alla giuseppe ($15.95–grilled chicken, roasted peppers, broccoli, melted mozzarella cheese), large pizza ($11.95). Like I said before, the guys who own this joint know how to cook…I absolutely loved the food.

Just so we are 100% straight here, we are NOT talking upscale gourmet Italian food here…we are talking, neighborhood mom & pop–red sauce–pizza joint stuff. To be perfectly honest with you, I could eat stuff like this every night, along with God only knows how many Coke refills.

If you live or work in Papa Giuseppe’s neighborhood…try it. The joint is open Monday-Saturday 11am-11pm and Sunday 1pm-10pm.

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  1. Kevin says...

    Be careful if you order food for delivery. Their drivers are not very intelligent. If they can’t find your unit or house, or encounter a gated community, the driver simply gives up and doesn’t bother to attempt a delivery. Then to top if off they charge you for the food and make you come pick it up. Even if you don’t pick it up, they still charge and don’t refund any money. This is a form of a scam.

    My suggestion…. move on to the next eatery. You won’t miss anything food wise.

  2. katie says...

    soo i dont know who this kevin guy is, iv seen your review on a few websites, but i order from them all the time, iv never had a problem with their delivery.. they are fast & friendly – the first time i ordered they had trouble finding my house, but they called me & i gave them more thorough directions. i have also had to cancel an order before & they didnt make me pay for it…so im sorry you had a bad experience but like i said in the last year i have had nothing but good ones- not to mention their food is awesome- quick delivery, great food…

    • Rico says...

      I ordered from there once, It was really greasy pizza and took over an hour to be delivered. I figured they were busy and thought nothing of it. Gave them another chance and it was just as bad, nice people but food is not that good. Won’t go there again

  3. Artie B. says...

    DiSalvo’s (Hollywood)

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