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Posted on March 21st, 2010 · American Boynton Beach Pembroke Pines


***** Village Tavern, 1880 North Congress Avenue, Boynton Beach, Florida 33426 (561) 853-0281.

Last night I gave Village Tavern an “American Style” joint located in Boynton Beach a shot…there is also a Village Tavern in Pembroke Pines—when you check the joint’s website for menu/prices you will find that there are a handful more in several other states.

Village Tavern seats something close to 300. There is a dining room and separate bar area.

The best way to describe Village Tavern’s decor—think Cheesecake Factory, Houston’s, J. Alexander’s and you got the picture.

Last night, this joint was jammed. I will tell you, that an 8pm reservation for 4–was honored.

Now let’s talk food…the menu is loaded with appetizers, salads, pastas, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, meat-seafood-chicken entrees. This evening I “did” bbq pulled pork sliders (3-with french fries $8.50), bacon cheeseburger ($9.95), grilled talapia ($16.95), grilled chicken & penne ($14.50), shrimp scampi ($15.95)…I enjoyed all of the food, except the french fries which were on the “limp” side.

Village Tavern is a WINNER. Nice sized portions. Very reasonable prices. Pleasant and competent waitstaff.

Village Tavern is open Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-11am, Sunday 10am-11pm.

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  1. MN says...

    This is a great alternative to Cheesecake, J. Alexander’s, Houston’s, and many of the sports bars in the area.
    In the past three months I have eaten at Village Tavern four times and have yet to be dispappointed. The food is good and plentiful and the prices are very fair. They have a great looking restaurant and the waiters are pleasant and extremely accomodating.

  2. ll says...

    food b
    service b
    price b

  3. john b says...

    this is a terrific restaurant. on saturday nights several of the other restaurants in the same center have live music. village should also do that for its bar crowd.

  4. gs says...

    jeff eats, thanks for this one. had dinner there last night and the food was very good. thought the prices were also good. nice looking restaurant. i had plain burger and my wife had the crabcakes. you are right the fries weren’t great

  5. Don Miller says...

    Had never been in Renaissance Commons until my wife and I had dinner at Village Tavern. The place is huge but they sure get the job done. Excellent food and service.
    After we ate we walked around the center and there are at least 4 other restaurants that we are now goinging to try. One that looks really interesting is an Irish pub Slainte. Looks like they have live music on most nights.

  6. bobby c. says...

    liked the food, way too big and noisey.

  7. vv says...

    good food
    good prices
    nice looking restaurant

  8. jimmy p says...

    jeff jeff jeff, you sure did miss here.
    this evening my wife and i ate outside. table was sticky and i had to ask the waiter twice to wipe it down. they don’t use table mats. onion soup salty. cheeseburger hard cheese same for the bu. wife’s oriental salad with grilled chicken came without the chicken and it took 10 minutes for the waiter to bring out some chicken to add, instead of redoing whole dish.
    this one stinks.

    • chewy says...

      jimmy p, you are right, outside service is horrendous. won’t be seeing me again.

  9. moe says...

    very good food. reasonable prices.

  10. ssasa says...

    tried the one in boynton last night. ok food and service. nothing great but ok.

  11. Southern Belle says...

    Village is like a huge cafeteria without the tray. The food gets the job done and is reasonably priced. I eat in the Boynton location at least once a month and know that I am going to get decent food for a fair price. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

  12. shelly w says...

    Just had dinner there with our son (who meets us for dinner half way–we live in Boca). The fries were hot and great! Maybe they improved their method.
    I had shrimp and grits–delish!

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