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Posted on March 17th, 2010 · Chinese Miami Beach

***** Philippe, 2305 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida 33139 (305) 674-0250.

Philippe is a VERY UPSCALE WHITE TABLECLOTH CHINESE RESTAURANT…this joint is 2-floors, seats 400 and is located in the Gansevoort Hotel. You can check for menu/prices/photos.

Got some good news and bad news here…first the good news, the food is very good…now for the bad news, the prices are obscene, that’s right OBSCENE. I recently did, wonton soup ($10), 3 spring rolls ($22), spare ribs ($18), 6 pork fried dumplings ($12), sweet & sour chicken (for 2-$44), sweet & sour pork (for 2-$52), roast pork fried rice (for 2-$12), chicken & broccoli (for 2-$44). Like I said before, VERY GOOD.

Now– I don’t know what your favorite South Florida Chinese joint is…but, I’ll bet that Philippe’s food is as good if not better…that said, I’m also willing to bet, that your favorite “mom & pop” is at least half the price per “dish”– and that you get a whole lot more food for your money.

By now it should be obvious, that Philippe isn’t your typical “Special $7.95”–appetizer-soup-main dish-white rice-dessert… neighborhood Chinese joint. That said, Monday-Saturday from noon-4pm you can get soup/or appetizer, entree, white rice, dessert for $20.10…not exactly a bargain basement type deal, but a vast improvement over the dinner-menu prices.

So…do we spend the cash at the upscale joint–or do we stay with the neighborhood joints? I say, what the heck, you only go-round once, so give Philippe a shot…but not too often, now!!

Philippe is open for lunch- Monday-Saturday noon-4pm…for dinner- Monday-Saturday 6pm-midnight & Sunday 3pm-midnight.

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  1. HB says...

    I have eaten in NYC location. Food is excellent. Prices off the chart.

  2. FE says...

    I have eaten here. The food, decor, service are terrific. The prices are way up there. If you watch what you order and figure that an entree can serve three instead of two, you can budget the meal so you don’t go to the poorhouse.
    Jeff is right that the food is very good and that the prices are obscene.

  3. Larry Lehrner says...

    Bamboo Wok is a takeout in Boca. I think that they have 2 or 3 others in the Coral Springs-Boynton Beach area. This takeout and that’s really all that is, is as good as any Chinese retaurant in Florida. The food is real NYC Chinatown food. Real reasonable prices and huge takeout portions. It is a must try if you live in their area. They also deliver.

  4. cc says...

    took my mom and dad there just last week. superb restaurant.

  5. Herb says...

    Bamboo Wok has terrible Chinese food and I can’t help thinking that Larry Lehrner is shilling for them. My office is near the Coconut Creek location and I made the mistake of getting lunch from there one time and the food was unlike anything I ever ate in Chinatown or the good local Chinese restaurants. My cashew chicken was loaded with frozen peas and carrots and the flavor was strange. I took a couple of bites and then trashed it. The prices are reasonable but the food is close to inedible.

  6. Larry Lehrner says...

    hey herb, no shill here for bamboo wok. i know good chinese food and bamboo wok has it. not sure, but you indicate bamboo wok in coconut creek and i wrote about the one in boca raton, just maybe the food is different my friend.

  7. N. W. says...

    Let me jump in here. For years I lived in Boca Pointe in Boca Raton. I got food countless of times from the Bamboo Wok on Glades Road. The food was always good. I recently moved to Valencia Falls which is closer to the Bamboo Wok in Boynton Beach on Jog Road so I now takeout food from that store. It is also good and the menu is the same as the Boca store. Haven’t tried the one in Coconut Creek. Bamboo Wok is one of the best takeouts.

  8. Don S. says...

    Two of jeff’s best picks, China Dumpling in Boynton Beach and Uncle Joe’s in Palm Beach Gardens. Both are as good as NYC Chinatown restaurants. Not too expensive either.

  9. JG says...

    Sweet & Sour Pork for 2 people $52? Are they nuts or what. I’ll stick with my neighborhood place.

  10. Mark says...

    Fron what i read about this place its the Mortons of Chinese food so when you compare pricing compare your local mom and pop 9.99 steak special to Mortons and then decide where you will go for the special day and special meal.

  11. gs says...

    This is by far and away the best Chinese food in Florida. Don’t sweat the bucks just go there and have a fabulous meal. Your credit card bill won’t come for 30 days.

  12. AR says...

    Jeff, I have eaten at Philippe both in South Beach and in NYC. The food is very good but extremely pricey. Your readers might enjoy Mr. Chow’s which also has locations in S. Beach and NYC. As a matter of fact Mr. Chow’s is located in the W Hotel in S. Beach just a few blocks away from Philippe. Personally, I thhink Mr. Chow’s food is better, but it is also up there pricewise.

  13. ed s says...

    Good food. Too expsensive.

  14. carly says...

    From: Carly
    Subject: Dining Guide Listings

    Message Body:

    We represent Philippe by Philippe Chow’s Boca Raton location which has moved into the former III Forks location. As III Forks has closed, can you please remove their listing from your website and replace with Philippe by Philippe Chow, which I have listed below.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


    Philippe by Philippe Chow
    200 East Palmetto Park Road
    Boca Raton, FL, 33432
    (561) 342-6468

  15. Cindy Levinson says...

    ate in new boca loc. service not good. food is fair, but service ruined the meal. they got a ton of kinks to get straightened out.

  16. EB says...

    hot looking women at new boca bar.
    food is also pretty good.

    • mark says...

      been 4 times to boca loc. hot women at bar.
      food is good but very pricey.
      dinner for 4 ran 400 bucks.

      • LK says...

        mark, your comments are right on the mark,
        good food but very pricey.

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