La Stella’s Restaurant & Catering (Boca Raton)

Posted on March 11th, 2010 · Boca Raton Italian

La Stella’s Restaurant & Catering, 159 East Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33432 (561) 544-2081.

Just got back from eating dinner at La Stella’s…a 30 seat “mom & pop” Italian joint in Boca Raton. Wanna talk about mom-pop?… the lady owner is both waitress/bus-girl…same goes for a family guy-friend who is both waiter/bus-boy. You can check La Stella’s menu/prices/photos at

This evening my “selected” entree was chicken scarpiello (on the bone)—the dish was so loaded with cherry and fried peppers that it was borderline inedible. A guy at the next table, told me-he also thought that the chicken scarpiello was way-way too spicy and that he would need some Rolaids when he got home.

Lucky for me, “my table” also ordered—house salad, gnocchi, eggplant parmigiana, grilled chicken, meat-balls and fresh mozzarella flatbread—which I got to taste… all very good. So, in total—we had 7 dishes, 6 were just fine and 1-was a disaster, which is an .857 batting average.

Just so you know, I found the service to be super-friendly but amateurish…it sort of reminded me of children-stars Shirley Temple and Mickey Rooney “doing a show.” The portions were ok…but too pricey for what showed up. The entrees came with NOTHING…no salad, no pasta side…and get-this, no bread. That’s right, no BREAD. Humor me, take an hour or two…give me the name of the last Italian restaurant that you ate at that didn’t serve you garlic knots or garlic bread or any type of bread. Go for it, I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Let’s sum La Stella’s up this way…a “no-liquor” $142 bill for 4 people was not a good deal. If the owner gets real-waiters, has garlic bread when you sit down, throws in soup or salad–and a pasta side with entrees, gets rid of those “peppers”—Jeff Eats will be back for a second go-round.

La Stella’s is open Tuesday-Saturday 5pm-10pm and Sunday 5pm-9pm.

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  1. Disappointed To Say The Least says...

    Jamie Barlow over promises and under delivers but she is quick to give you attitude. Certainly should brush up on her people skills as she was extremely rude and obnoxiouis. Management is rude and staff is unorganized. Had a bad experience with a large party that we decided to have at La Stella’s Restaurant and for $50 a head – it certainly wasn’t worth it – the space is small and our guests were cramped with the seating arrangements. Food was okay, our Server was wonderful and that was the only good experience we had. A word of caution, check your bill for sneaky add on charges and price increases – not good management policy for patrons. Dining out these days should be an enjoyable and pleasant experience, not at this restaurant! We certainly will not be back and have spread the word to our friends. Good Luck – they will need it.

    • Miss Linda says...

      Like you my husband and I and another couple had a bad experience at la Stella. The restaurant is very small and the table next to us was practically in our laps. The food was fair but no bargain. Jamie roams the space like I don’t know what but when my girlfriend complained about her dish you would have thought that she had shot Jamie. Her attitude results in our never ever wanting to go back. There are so many good Italian restaurants in the area that there is no reason whatsoever to there.
      You fellow readers have now been warned.

    • Cashwell says...

      Jamie is the most rude, unorganized, unethical person I’ve ever worked for.her service is awful because she cheats people oy of their money. Writes personal checks instead of payroll. Tells you one price for so many hours and doesn’t deliver. She’s had me work 4 extra hours with less pay then originally agreed too. She was missing the whole part 30 minutes late with the food. Didn’t adhear to her agreement with the client at all. I felt awful they even paid her. She’s TERRIBLE

  2. Jimmy Petrone says...

    How’s this joint’s bread?

  3. ellen g says...

    jeff, ate there last night. veal marsala was delicious.
    give it another try.

  4. mike the Greek says...

    Just came back From La Stella , the food was good , they gave us a small spongey type bread. The meatball app. was good and the Mussels in red sauce was excellent. We had the veal chop , grouper and eggplant parm entrees. The food was good but the they should offer you a pasta or vegetable included. They were offered at 10-15 dollars for a side. The place is small and they pack you in like sardines. I dont think I would go back unless they offered a groupon. I d give the food an 8.5, the room a four( too small) and the service was a seven. There were no bus pepole to clear tables or refill water. The owner stood outside the kitchen door scoping the room, she should have introduced herself.

  5. Jamie Barlow says...

    From: Jamie Barlow
    Subject: LaStella’s Restaurant & Catering

    Message Body:
    Can you please advise us on how we can become a listing on Jeff eats? We are a
    small, privately owned, Italian restaurant. All of our food is homemade and
    delicious! Please join us for lunch or dinner any time!
    Thank you,
    LaStella’s Restaurant & Catering
    159 E Palmetto Park Rd
    Boca Raton, FL 33432

    • JeffEats says...

      Jamie Barlow:

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      Absolutely amazed that you don’t remember Jeff Eats’ 2010 review of your restaurant and the negative posts by you and your employees.

      I guess Jeff Eats’ memory is a whole lot better than yours.

      Thanks for reading…

      • TURNER says...

        Jeff, the nerve of some people. now all readers know that the original Jeff Eats’ version was 1000% legit and the restaurant’s version was bogus.

    • SidRidesABike says...

      Jamie, You stupid or what?

  6. MARILYN says...

    I have to say I am shocked at the previous posts. I have eaten at LaStella’s several times with family & friends visiting. I always recommend it & have never been disappointed. Homemade food and the service is like family. Please consider trying it and forming your own opinion.

  7. Harry w says...

    Enjoyed the food and service last night.

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