Jet Runway Cafe (Fort Lauderdale)

Posted on March 3rd, 2010 · American Breakfast Fort Lauderdale


***** Jet Runway Cafe, 5540 Northwest 21st Terrace, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309 (954) 958-9900.

I am now going to do you a solid and tell you about “breakfast-lunch” joint, Jet Runway Cafe. I am willing to bet, that you would never hear about or for that matter find this joint without old Jeff Eats’ help.

Jet Runway Cafe is located right next to Fort Lauderdale’s Executive Airport. You can watch airplanes/helicopters takeoff and land while you eat breakfast or lunch. Take a look at Jet’s website for menu/prices…you will also find photos of this joint and directions on how to get to it.

Jet Runway Cafe is not…I repeat NOT some “mom & pop” neighborhood diner. Let’s call it a semi-upscale breakfast-lunch joint, but your shorts/tee shirt ensemble will work just fine.

During the past 2 weeks, I did both a breakfast and lunch. The food is terrific…my sampling included– western omelet ($8.95), almond crusted french toast ($8.25), cheeseburger ($9.50), meatloaf ($11.95), crab cake sandwich ($10.50).

On the pricing front, not exactly bargain basement stuff, but nothing too terrible. Service was very pleasant and efficient.

Like I said before, not– a “mom & pop” joint…the place is really cool in that it is basically an upscale diner with an airport runway as background decor.

You got to check this one out.

Jet Runway Cafe is open Monday-Friday 7:30am-3pm and Saturday-Sunday 7:30am-2pm.

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  1. Leo P. says...

    Hey Jeff Eats, just read about Jet. Me and a group of buddies are going to give it a try this coming Sunday for breakfast. Thanks for the heads up it really looks like a great restaurant. Will let you know our take.

  2. Mike K. says...

    These guys should open one of these by the Ex. Airport in Boca. It would do very well there. Had breakfast today and it’s a wonderful restaurant with a great view.

  3. Jeff Eats, I check your site every day. You really do come up with some very interesting picks.
    I have lived in Coral Springs for years and had never heard about Executive Airport or for that matter Jet.
    Yesterday, my wife and I ate breakfast and we really enjoyed ourselves. Nice view, good service and some top notch omelets. A bit pricey but that was okay.
    We highly recommend Jet. Something very different for a change.

  4. Leo P. says...

    Hey Jeff Eats, as promised a group of us guys checked Jet out this morning for breakfast. we got there about 9am and the place only had three other tables busy. we left an hour later and only two tables were busy. the place is in a waaaay out of the way area. if you weren’t looking for it, you’d never find it.
    the food is pretty good. the decor nice. good service. with tip for some omlets and pancakes the bill was $13 a person. not bad but not cheap for a real simple breakfast.
    we tried it but won’t be back. there are a lot of better places around that at cheaper.
    cute concept but not for us.

  5. Mike L says...

    Leo P.,you should try it for lunch sometime. Ask for me and I will take care of you. If I’m not there leave your name and I will send you a certificate for free lunch.

  6. A winner!!!
    Jeff, how you came up with this one is absolutely mind blowing. This “joint” is almost impossible to find unless you are expressly looking for it.
    Loved its burgers and fries. Great views.

  7. BS says...

    Had a western omelte. The filling was ice cold. What they did was make a plain egg omelte and then fold it over inserting the filling. Not good. Won’t be back.

  8. rg says...

    Don’t understand why they built such a fancy looking restaurant in such a God forsaken spot. Only people who work at airport or are coming and going from there will bother to stop in. I tried it because of this review. It was different. I thought that it was a cute idea and that food was good. Nothing to run around screaming about, but good.

  9. ll says...

    food c
    service b
    prices c

  10. Sean says...

    I am searching through these reviews of the Jet Runway Cafe I have eaten there twice so far and will deffinately be returning for thirds. The fact that this secluded spot is tucked away makes it an almost special thing in it’s self, the atmospere boasts a modern decor with a runway where plains take off and land right outside the window as you dine, The food is Great offering a variety of Classics. I had The BBQ pulled pork sliders with Sweet potatoe fries Crisp hot and delicious.

  11. kevin says...

    I ceratinly agree that this establishment is not your MOM and POP type of eatery. Food was excellent the French Fries especially. are not overlooked Some thought is put into fod preaparation.

  12. Mike L says...

    We appreciate all the great feedback. For those that didn’t think the experience wasn’t what they expected, please come back and try again, as we would love to see you and say hello.
    In addition we will be adding a new menu insert which will be starting April 28th, in the meantime we will be having new menu specials daily until then.
    We thank you all for stopping by, Mike.

  13. chewy says...

    ok food, but nothing great.

  14. Ray says...

    ate there yesterday the view was awsome the burgers were filling the waitress a little slow and ditsy but all in all had a great time will go back for sure

  15. Leo P says...

    Have eaten breakfast there a couple of times. Pretty good.

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