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Uncle Louie G (West Palm Beach)

Posted on February 5th, 2010 · Desserts Fast Food West Palm Beach

***** Uncle Louie G, 330 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 (561) 429-6925.

Let’s see…assuming that our recent cold-spell is over—–I got a really good “ices-ice cream” joint that you might want to checkout…Uncle Louie G in West Palm Beach.

Uncle Louie G is a “small chain”– with something like 30 stores in NY-NJ-CT-NC-MD…I think that the Clematis Street joint is its first Florida location…it’s been open for about 3 months… Order at-Pickup at Counter.

Absolutely delicious ices and ice cream…Recently “sampled” pistachio ices/vanilla chip ices/lemon ices…cookies n cream ice cream/strawberry ice cream/coconut ice cream…I wish that this joint was closer to my house, because I would be a regular.

Check Uncle Louie G’s website www.unclelouiegee for flavors/locations.

Uncle Louie G is open Sunday-Wednesday 11:30am-8pm, Thursday-Saturday 11:30am-11:30pm.

5 Comments to “Uncle Louie G (West Palm Beach)”

  1. Ronnie G. says...

    ices were delish.

  2. DINO says...


  3. gs says...

    a new place just opened in boca raton called orange leaf. it is a self serve yogurt store where you fill up your own cup. they have like 15 flavors. a bit expensive with a small cup going for close to 4 bucks. great idea but crap location on jog road. i have seen these in other states. big one is yogurtland chain. we’ll see if this idea works.

  4. RR says...

    I got some news for you.
    Mootz’s Ices which has a store on 441 in Boca in the Boca Greens Center is opening a new store on Jog Road in the same center where Anthony’s and Bonefish are in Boca.
    Mootz’s has great flavors.

  5. A. N. says...

    Uncle Louie G’s is by far the best Italian Ices in South Florida. The blow Moootz’s and Rita’s out of the water!

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