The Boulevard Restaurant & Gourmet Deli (Palm Beach Gardens)

Posted on January 20th, 2010 · American Breakfast Delicatessen Palm Beach Gardens


***** The Boulevard Restaurant & Gourmet Deli, 10961 North Military Trail, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410 (561) 776-8700.

You can thank me later for this one…

The Boulevard is a 7 days a week 6:30am-3pm table, booth and counter seating “diner” which for a lack of a better word is GREAT. If you eat-like-I-eat…you will absolutely love this joint. Breakfast is served all-day and the menu is loaded with all kinds of appetizers, salads, burgers, sandwiches, entrees. For menu/prices/photos check The Boulevard’s website

The Boulevard is a throw-back to the diners which dotted the American landscape in the 1950s-60s. This is a real neighborhood joint. In no particular order, a recent outing had me “sampling” potato pancakes, western omelette, challah french toast, off the frame turkey on rye, chocolate chip pancakes, pastrami & chopped liver on a toasted everything bagel. The old diner atmosphere–The decor–The diner food…I loved the whole shooting match.

Don’t miss this one.

Like I said before, The Boulevard is open 7 days a week 6:30am-3pm.

7 Comments to “The Boulevard Restaurant & Gourmet Deli (Palm Beach Gardens)”

  1. dd says...

    A greasy spoon diner after my own heart. I do breakfast at least twice a month and love the food.

  2. robin says...

    It was just closed down by inspectors for roach and other violations…saw it on news channel 5 today…. 2/4/2010

  3. tom b. says...

    robin, you’re nuts, i had breakfast there this morning.
    tom b.

  4. BOB R. says...

    Just got off the phone with Boulevard and it is open. This blogger robin must be a crackpot.

  5. elle'n says...

    I’m from Brooklyn, too. We know deli! (And i also have a soft spot for GREAT breakfasts.) Had TWO great meals @ The Boulevard this week while visiting area.

  6. Larry Cole says...

    Just found this joint! Best breakfast ever. Wife had the Greek Omelet, and I had the 2 eggs (must have be 3 1/2), 2 large pancakes and the best linked sausage. We’re going back for the meatloaf for lunch. Remember they are only open till 2:00 PM.

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