Mauro’s Pizza (Hollywood)

Posted on January 13th, 2010 · Hollywood Italian Pizza


***** Mauro’s Pizza, 1904 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, Florida 33020 (954) 929-4001.

I attended Erasmus Hall School from 1963-1966. Every day after school (or almost every day…as I get older, things get foggier), I stopped at Angelo’s Pizza at the corner of Cortelyou Road and Flatbush Avenue for a couple of slices and a large Coke…back then a slice ran 15 cents and the Coke was 6 cents…anyway—if memory serves me correctly, terrific–crispy crusted pizza with a delicious sweet sauce and plenty of oil dripping out of the slice when pointed down.

Mauro’s Pizza in Hollywood makes terrific–crispy crusted pizza with a delicious sweet sauce and plenty of oil dripping out of the slice when pointed down. The slice is gonna run you about $2.50.

Very little seating, so plan on standing outside or eating in your car…the joint is open Monday-Wednesday noon-3am, Thursday-Friday noon-4am, Saturday noon-4:30am and Sunday 4pm-3am.

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  1. The Chowfather says...

    Glad you made it over there. I highly respect your pizza opinion. I think Mauro’s is right up there with the best NY style slice in South Florida.

  2. sharen says...

    Mauro’s is the best and the slices are huge! Best thing ever, sit on the benches on Hollywood Blvd with a slice and watch the world go by

  3. s. robinson says...

    jeff, great find. have been getting slices at Mauro’s for years. like you say, nothing fancy here, just great pizza. by the way, i also remember those $.15 slices. being a brooklyn boy i use to be a regular at pizza den on flatbush ave near the junction. phenomenal square pizza and the whole pie was a buck. where did those days go?

  4. jenna says...

    Used to live in Hollywood. That pizza is so good. Thin and crispy and what a big slice too. There is just a counter inside and a couple of tables outside but they are open very late. Right on Hollywood Blvd. and lots to watch when you sit outside. Just a little store front but boy they make the best. Not a family place to eat though.

  5. jenna says...

    This pizza used to be good. Went there yesterday … not good. Doughy, chewey and the sauce awful. $16.00 for a pizza.. have to sit outside by the garbage cans. The pizza guy came to fix a garbage can that tipped over and had the same plastic glove on that he made our pizza with… disgusting. Used to be great but think it was sold a couple of times and you can tell the difference. Also sidewalk and tables just dirty.

  6. Joey A. says...

    Had a couple slices the other day. Terrific pizza.

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