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Howard’s Market (Boca Raton)


***** Howard’s Market, 6060 Southwest 18th Street, Boca Raton, Florida 33433 (561) 392-2422.

Way-back-when in 2009– I told you guys about “gourmet markets” like The Boys Farmers Market (Delray Beach 5/16/09), Doris Italian Market (Boca Raton 5/21/09) and Joseph’s Classic (Boca Raton 6/22/09)…these are joints are where you shop when you want fruits, vegetables, baked goods, prepared foods…better than the stuff that Publix is pushing. Mind you, they aren’t full supermarkets…but they do serve a very valuable purpose when you are craving fresh tangerine-grapefruit-orange juice, or semi-homemade chicken cacciatore on the bone.

Anyway…Howard’s Market is a “gourmet market”…very similar to the others listed. This joint has been around for something like 25 years…is 10,000 square feet and has the full-boat of cheeses, wines, cakes, seafood, meat, prepared foods. Reasonable prices!

You can check Howard’s website for details.

Howard’s is open Monday-Friday 7am-10pm, Saturday 8am-9pm, Sunday 8am-8pm.

18 Comments to “Howard’s Market (Boca Raton)”

  1. Linda T. says...

    jeff, very familar with Howards Market as I live in Boca Pointe which is right next door. I moved to Boca in 1991 and use to go to Howards. Enjoyed the food when it was 3,500 sq foot store, I know that it expanded and is almost 3x the size now. Back in 1992 or 93 don’t really recall I stopped going there as the owner Howard was one of the nastiest ruidest people to both his help and customers. I’m not going to tell you what he once said to one of my friends, but our Boca Jewish population wouldn’t be too thrilled. Back then I went to The Boys and Doris and my needs were handled. I now go to The Boys and Josephs and once and awhile Doris. All of them know how to handle people.
    Dont know if Howard is still running Howard, if he is, I’m sure the old dog hasnt learned new tricks, so I’d suggest staying away.

    One lady’s opinion that’s all.

  2. no match for joseph’s.

  3. BA says...

    Howard was one of the nastiest people going. Haven’t been in that store for years. Never donated to local schools or charities. Bad news guy!

  4. RD says...

    jeff eats: got an interesting story for you.

    when i moved to boca in 1992 Hoawrds’s and a place called king’s were the only gourmet mkts in boca raton. kings was far superior product wise to howard’s but howard’s did have fresh juices and decent enough food. the problem that i fould with howard’s was its owner who was as others above have mentioned was extremely rude and not very customer oriented. a few years later howard’s son opened a gourmet market on Jog near Yamato. beautiful looking store and very good food. from opening day i thought that the location stunk and low and behold the business in a few months failed. i would bet the kid lost about $750,000 if not more. by the way the son was a pleasant guy, but i guess what goes around comes around and he paid for his father’s behavior.

    kings closed. joseph’s opened. doris opened so howards has new competition.

    i for one wont go into howards all because of the father.

  5. A Neighbor says...

    I own a business a short distance from Howard’s. Not going to say where, but from my store you can see Howard’s from my front window. I have been shopping there for over 20 years. Always found the food to be fresh and very well prepared. Suffice it to say that Howard wasn’t the most engaging of people. He was a gambler who was always running to Vegas to play and just maybe this habit had him on a constant edge. His employees were always wonderful. If you want really good prepared food to take home you can’t go wrong going to Howard’s.

  6. KR says...

    Howard’s is okay.
    The new kid in town is Joseph’s which is on Military Trail.
    Joseph’s runs circles around Howard’s.
    Give Joseph’s a try.

  7. RK says...

    Jeff, I read today that Howard recently passed away. So that updates the story here.
    Like others years ago I stopped shopping at Howard’s. Why? Years ago my daughter attended Del Prado Elementary School which is right in the neighborhood. The PTo was fund raising and when I went into Howard’s for a gift certificate Howard turned me down. He told me and I quote “I don’t give to anybody.”
    How this business lasted with a guy like that running it is beyond me.

    • sharon klein says...

      he’s gone so that’s that. but i stopped shopping there years ago because the guy was a jerk.

  8. LEBO GIDDIE says...

    I used work for Horwards Market about 8 years ago when i was still in college, he was very kind to so was his sons and I was very sad to learn about his passing anyway we all have our opinions and i believe his sons get to read your comments and shall improve their service

  9. Jane says...

    I’m really shocked to read the above comments about Howard. Since moving to Boca in 1992 my husband and I have been loyal customers of Howards. Aside from the great food and convenience…our loyalty was because of Howard, his sons and staff. Let me tell you a little story about this kind man… one day my elderly father walked to the store and then became confused and “forgot” how to get home . Howard put him in his car and drove my dad around until dad “remembered” where our condo was. I could never thank him enough for his kindness. He cared so much about his customers. He was also great with children. I know how much we miss Howard and also know all my neighbors and friends feel the same way.

    • Jane,
      Howard was a born loser. Take this for what it is worth. Years ago I walked into the store and asked Howard where I could find gefilte fish. His exact words to me “We don’t carry Jew food.” That was the last time I ever set foot in that store.

  10. frank w says...

    Howards is one of the few places around that carries Thuman’s cold cuts which I find better than the ever present Boars Head. Never met Howard but I find all the people friendly. Do not believe the “Jew food” comment. Anyone making a comment like that in Boca would have to be insane.

  11. margo says...

    I will always miss Howard. He was always kind to me


  12. Merryl Jane says...

    Howard’s has the freshest meats and seafood in all of Florida…their new meat mgr/butcher, Josh, is a gem and fabulous addition to the “team.”… extremely courteous, hands on and probably the finest butcher in town. Prepared foods are scruptious..Highly recommend Howard’s to everyone

  13. Bella says...

    I worked at Howards for a few years while I was in college… Very sorry he passed away. I knew Howard SR. very well, and he was very nice to his customers, and he paid his staff very well. Yes, he did have another side to him… that mostly employee’s saw. but that man basicly slept at that store… he would be there at 530am-11pm. He was dedicated. I do not belive the part where he would not help local schools. He had free breakfast for all police men and woman all the time. And he always let people put their ads up on the windows. Once an elderly very jewish lady backed into the store… he could have sued her but, instead just asked for the repairs for the damage. Barry the oldest son was the real problem. He bought a business (Howard SR took out a loan on Howards market) and Barry ran it into the ground.

  14. Linda says...

    The main reason I shop at Howard’s is for their top quality meats and their butcher, Josh is outstanding; my requested orders are always to perfection. I enjoy his polite, friendly assistance.

  15. Cindi says...

    My husband and I love Howard’s. The prepared foods are such a convenience and very delicious. Quite the variety. I’m thrilled with the meats and the fish is the freshest you can find for miles around.
    I really think that people who haven’t gone there in years should try Howard’s again. I think it’s a great market.

  16. mel howard says...

    Howards Market is poorly run and their employees could care less about helping a new customer. Their counter men were rude and actually seemed to not want to help a new customer. They should close the store and have someone else with all new employees start over.

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