Rustic Diner (Boynton Beach)

Posted on November 19th, 2009 · American Boynton Beach Breakfast

***** Rustic Diner, 706 Boynton Beach Boulevard, Boynton Beach, Florida 33426 (561) 944-7268.

A few of you guys recently emailed telling me that had I had to try the Rustic Diner in Boynton Beach…so, your wish is my command.

The Rustic Diner has been open for something like 3 weeks…it is located on Boynton Beach Boulevard just west of I-95 in a non-descript strip center…its next door neighbor is a checking-cashing joint.

In a prior life, the location was the home to a mom & pop Italian red-sauce joint, Mama Jennie’s. Give or take a new paint job and a few paintings, I’m gonna bet that the Rustic’s owners didn’t do much cosmetic surgery on the decor.

Now let’s talk particulars…

The Rustic Diner seats 80…booths and tables. The menu is extremely reasonably priced and is loaded with breakfast stuff (and I do mean loaded)… the joint also has a nice selection of soups, salads, wraps, sandwiches, burgers, meat-seafood-chicken “daily specials” entrees. Just so you know, breakfast is served all-day and the joint is planning to offer a dinner-menu in the near future.

Now for my taste-test…I sampled a western omelette which “came out” of the kitchen exactly as ordered, slightly well done…it was delicious. I also gave the philly cheese steak sub a shot…like the western, right on the money…being a glutton for punishment (all for you guys), I also nibbled a cheeseburger, chicken caesar wrap, a side of french fries and an order of onion rings…let’s just say, that the Rustic Diner sure knows how to make these diner staples…from what I understand one of the guys manning the kitchen use to be the “cook” at the now defunct Lakeside Diner which was a pretty good joint in its own right.

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…very few people know about this joint. Like I said before, it has only been around for 3 weeks or so and has done no advertising whatsoever. This is strictly a “mom & pop” operation, with the owners putting their personal touch on everything going on in the dining room… and everything coming out of the kitchen.

I love joints like this…If you want a really good breakfast-lunch in an un-assuming down to earth neighborhood diner… you gotta give Rustic Diner a shot.

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  1. li says...

    glad you tried Rustic.
    i have eaten breakfast there a couple of times and food is really good.
    nice people own the restaurant.
    you are right it isnt in the best spot and very few people know that it exists.
    i really hope word spreads about Rustic because it has very good food.
    only time will tell.

  2. Jonathan says...

    I will definitely have to try this place out.

    Jeff, I couldn’t find an email address to send you a message so I’ll go ahead and post it here.

    Would you happen to know where to get Giordano’s style stuffed Pizza around South Florida? It’s such great pizza but so hard to find an equivalent down here. The closest one is in Tampa and that’s just too much of a drive for a pizza. Although, I’m rather tempted to. 🙂

    Another question….

    What’s your favorite pizza in SF? I would say mine is Steve’s Pizza but I’m looking for others.

    Thanks in advance!!

  3. JeffEats says...

    Jonathan: Just had a chance to read your post.

    Sorry…can’t help you with Giordano’s question…not familar with that situation.

    On best pizza…check my 6/29/09 “17 Best Regular Pizza Joints In South Florida” and 5/22/09 “9 Best Coal Oven Pizza Joints In South Florida” writeups.

    Thanks for reading…

  4. Jonathan says...

    Thanks! I just checked out both lists. I spot a few ones that I like there.

    About the Giordano’s.

    Is it because you’ve never heard of the place? They’re extremely famous in Chicago. Although they are a chain, I am a big fan of their pizza. They have a few in Tampa and Orlando but none down here so I was looking for alternatives so that I can satisfy my stuffed pizza cravings. If you want to see what a stuffed pizza looks like:

    Does the photo remind you of any restaurant that might offer something like that? 🙂

    Thanks and keep up the good work with the great blog.

  5. JeffEats says...

    Jonathan: Just had a chance to read your post.

    Check my writeup 9/21/08 for Original Big Tomato.

    Thanks for reading…

  6. sean says...

    Hi Jeff,
    upon reading your review on Rustic Diner, which I found on google,I took the family in on Sunday, We found it to be one of our new favorites,much better than the others we have eaten at, so just wanted to say thank you for the heads up on the place, and as above said, I hope the word gets out about it, they seem like very nice people

  7. Karyn says...

    What is your favorite bagel in DelRay/Boca/Pompano?
    Esp Boca?

  8. JeffEats says...

    Karyn: Just had a chance to read your comment.

    Delray, Boca and Pompano have a load of good bagel joints.

    If I had to pick one for BAGELS, I’d go with Bagel City South in Boca Raton.

    Thanks for reading…

  9. Karyn says...

    Have you tried Cafe La Buca? It was written up in the sun Sentinel a few weeks ago.I went and while the food was unreal (I’m Italian so I know how gramma’s food was)great–but the bill and prices were extremely difficult to decipher. “Here try some of this,try some of that.” Thought it was on the house the way Marco was talking. Ended up paying for everything…although we didn’t order. Next time I’ll be sure to find out what it is we are buying.
    BYOB is fun and there is no un corking fee. Marco said, “if I was gonna rob you for a cork, lemme at least wear a mask!”

  10. JeffEats says...

    Karyn: Just had a chance to read your comment.

    No…I haven’t tried Cafe La Buca. Sounds interesting. I also read the Sun Sentinel review. I have put the joint on my “to try” list. One thing, not to thrilled that you had to pay for stuff that you thought was on the house.

    Thanks for reading…

  11. Bill from Delray Beach says...

    Finally got around to having breakfast at the Rustic after my morning gym workout at the Boynton Y. As you said – the food is right on! I managed to eliminate any good that the workout had done me by downing a breakfast burrito – a huge egg with sausage in a wrap with very good home fries. My guest enjoyed the chocolate chip pancakes with 2 eggs over easy and said that her breakfast was also first rate. We were told that the syrup served with the pancakes was homemade by the chef. This could become our regular stop for breakfast… just means that I’ll have to add some time to each workout, but it’s worth every calorie.
    As for Karyn’s question regarding the best bagels in the neighborhood, I’d have to vote for Brooklyn Water Bagel Company’s bagels – huge, always fresh and they will scoop the stuffing out and toast it to make the most wonderful breakfast sandwiches!

  12. erik says...

    Hi Jeff,
    just wanted to invite you over to our new location to have some breakfast, we moved to
    7028 charleston shores blvd
    lake worth fl,33467

    please feel free to call us at 561-244-7263 for direcs or any info you need, look foward to seeing you again

    Rustic Diner

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