Flakowitz of Boynton (Boynton Beach)

Posted on November 19th, 2009 · American Boynton Beach Breakfast Delicatessen Desserts


***** Flakowitz of Boynton, 7410 West Boynton Beach Boulevard, Boynton Beach, Florida 33437 (561) 742-4144.

Let’s see…back on May 8, 2009 I did a writeup on a “New York Style” bagel-deli joint named, Flakowitz of East Boca. Check that review at your leisure. Basically, I said good for breakfast, not so good for lunch and dinner. Anyway…I’m not sure of the politics or business here, but from what I gather, over the years/and currently, there are and continue to be a number of Flakowitz joints in South Florida that were/are owned by different people. So…Flakowitz of Boynton is not affiliated with any other Flakowitz.

That said…this review is about FLAKOWITZ of BOYNTON. You can check the joint’s website at for menu/prices.

Flakowitz of Boynton is one of the best “bagel-deli” joints that I have eaten in South Florida. Very good bagles. Delicious appetizing. Very good deli meats. Large portions. Very reasonable prices.

If your game is “bagel-deli” joints…Flakowitz is for you. I recently did breakfast and dinner…like I said, very good bagels (did an “everything” and “poppy”) and a delicious–western. Tried the corned beef, pastrami, brisket, tuna salad and stuffed cabbage…top-notch for a bagel-deli. Also, really enjoyed the matzoh ball soup and roast chicken.

Flakowitz is open 7 days a week 7am-7:45pm.

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  1. li says...

    Jeff, not as good as 3G’s but better than most. 1000% better than Too Jays and Poppie’s.

  2. carol wandner says...

    From: carol wandner
    Subject: Flkowitz in Boynton Beach problem

    Message Body:
    Held up by an ill spouse I joined the table with my three gal pals at 11:50 AM on a Friday. They refused to let me order anything as I had not sat down with the rest of the party. THe guy at the desk claimed he was the owner and that was their rule; if I wanted I could sit alone at a small table if one was available but they would not bring me even a drink of water at my own table. I told him my Dad Bernie Richman had the College Inn in Syracuse for 45 years and the secret to his succes was the customer was always right. This, after I have catered several holiday meals with them as well as several after the funeral meals. To say that probably three thousand dollars over five years. No way to treat a customer. Food I guess is ok; they are busy as they give a coupon for a free lunch…….like your blog; could we be mishpocha?

  3. Ehud Avni says...

    Good cakes, pies, pastries, & reasonably priced. Haven’t tried anything else yet. Very dilute association with the original Flaokwoitz in Jericho, NY on Long Island.

  4. LA says...

    Ate breakfast there today.
    Had 2 scrambled eggs 2, sausages , 2 pieces of French toast, bagel with cream cheese, coffee all for $7.49. Food was good as was the service.

    • Had the exact same breakfast today. Good food good price.

  5. Sid L. Turner says...

    Breakfast specials are priced right.

  6. ZEKE says...

    Their bakery is the best around.

  7. Beth says...

    Does Flakowitz make their own corned beef and pastrami?

    • Henry32 says...

      Not sure but I doubt it.
      You want home made pastrami and corned beef then go to Zinger’s in Boca Raton.

  8. LPN says...

    Ate breakfast there today. Ok but nothing special. French toast was way too sweet.

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