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Posted on November 17th, 2009 · Music/Events/Other

***** Brian Bergdoll *****

Got something a little different to tell you about…Brian Bergdoll, a John Travolta–Mick Jagger impersonator. I saw this guy in action at the Woodfield Country Club on November 14th-15th…and I got to tell you, I have never seen a more dead-on impersonator than Brian. You’d swear that John Travolta and Mick Jagger were singing and dancing right in front of you. What amazed me, is the level of energy that this guy has…he was on non-stop on Saturday the 14th from 7:30pm-12:30pm and then again on Sunday the 15th from noon-3pm.

Brian’s website is

Just so you know, although Brian is based out of New York City.. he performs at parties,clubs and corporate functions all over the United States. I also understand that Brian’s rates are extremely reasonable.

So…if you want something special for an event…you now know about Brian Bergdoll.

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  1. MK says...

    hey jeff, my wife and i were also at WCC this past weekend. absolutely great Season Opening Party on Saturday and Sunday. i think that they had close to 1050 on Saturday Night and 1400 on Sunday Afternoon. you are 100% correct that Brian was great. my wife and i were amazed at how he dances, speaks and vocalizes just like John Travolta. as you know on Saturday he was Tony Manero white disco suit and all and on Sunday he was Danny Zuco from Grease black biker jacket. he is a great singer and dancer. what also was great was when he jumped on the stage on Sunday with The New Invaders and did a dead on version of Brown Sugar imitating Mick Jagger. he had all of Mick’s moves and sound.

    Relatives of ours in LI have a Bar Mitzvah planned for April and we have already recommended that they get Brian for the party.

  2. w.a. says...

    saw Brian at Coconut Creek Casino last week with a bee gee’s tribute act stayin alive. great band and brian’s dancing as travolta was great. this guy has some amazing moves.

  3. LD says...

    We have homes in both Boca and LI. We saw Brian at the Woodfield Country Club in November 2009 and he was absolutely great. His Travolta dancing and singing is sensational. We recommended him to friends for a LI birthday party and he was also sensational there. We highly recommend Brian.

  4. Ed Zimmer says...

    Saw him and loved him. Amazing Travolta tribute artist.

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